Tamara sat on the sofa, unable to move, unaware of how she had gotten there and tried not to panic.

She knew something was different about her body, but her eyes would not look down, they only stared straight ahead and refused to even blink.

Then, suddenly, she felt a weight lift from her body and a little motion returned to her.  She slowly swiveled her head down and looked at the thin fabric of the top she was wearing.  She’d never seen it before, it was certainly nothing she had bought, but to be honest, it wasn’t what captured her attention.

No, her attention was focused on the two large orbs sticking out from her body, stretching the thin fabric.  She lifted her hands up to them and felt them.  They were real, or at least they really existed as she could feel the outline of the seam around the implant that was stuffed under her skin.

That’s when she noticed her hands, the golden brown of her skin was out of place of her usual pale white complexion.  A few strands of hair fell in to her vision and at least it was normal, if a little more luscious than she remembered.

She leaned forward a bit and managed ran her hands over her tight midsection and then down to her large posterior, neither of which she had ever had before.

She stood up and walked over to the mirror and blinked several times in disbelief.  There was something of the old her there, a hint of who she was, but it was like looking at a version of her from another world.

She turned and headed out of the bedroom, going downstairs and in to the kitchen where she found her husband, “Dave… what’s going on?” she managed to get out.

Dave turned around, startled at her appearance in the kitchen, “Tamara, what are you doing down here?”, he responded, almost spitting his coffee out as he set his mug down.

“What am I doing here?  Why do I look like this?  WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON DAVE!” she screamed as she held her hands up to her sides and waved them at her breasts.

“Fuck… hang on…” he said and pushed a newspaper to one side and on to the ground, finding what he was looking for, a black remote control with his cell phone on top of it.

“Shit, it must have hit the power button…” he said and grabbed the remote and pointed it at her.

“What are you…” she managed to get out before he pressed the button and her world twirled around and crashed down on her.

Dave watched his wife’s eye’s roll back in to her head and her body stiffen for a moment before her shoulders slumped and her held fell forward.

A moment later her posture changed once more, she clasped her hands behind her back and seemed to shrink just a bit as she lifted her head half way up.

He paused a moment to ensure she wasn’t going to say anything and then asked, “How are you feeling Zimena?”

“Bueno Senior.”

“Good, good.  Well, since your down here anyway, why don’t you give me a blowjob before you start your chores for the day.”

“Si Senior, gracias senior.”

Dave watched his wife drop to her knees and crawl over to him, unzipping his pants and take his dick in to her mouth.

Tamara had never been particularly good at blowjobs or cleaning the house, Zimena though was an expert at both and he soon came down her throat and watched her body shiver in pleasure as the orgasm washed over her.