Megan turned to the mirror, smiled ecstatically and snapped the selfie, smiling at the impressive work she had accomplished over the last few months.

She’d come to the private gym looking to improve herself a bit after breaking up with her last boyfriend, she had to admit that she’d let herself go just a bit over the course of the relationship, but it wasn’t him, it was work.

Taking the promotion at work to VP had really slammed her personal time and on top of that she quickly found the other VP’s trying to stab her in the back as well.

Megan typed out a message, “I can’t believe the results!”, and sent it to her personal trainer, Jim.

When she’d joined the gym, she’d done so on the recommendation of a few others at work, but they all spoke highly of Jim, the personal trainer they used.

At first she’d scoffed at the idea of a personal trainer, she didn’t need some muscle head yelling at her, “Come on… 5 more… 4 more…” but Jim had been very different.

He was lean and in shape, sure, but his attitude was always to help her with what she wanted.  He never tried to goad her in to more than what she wanted and even helped her install the gym app on her phone.

The app turned out to be the best part of the gym really, it kept track of everything and offered helpful tips as well.  Jim had customized it for her and she’d quickly learned to depend on it.  The app even had a mix track to help her work out, it was kind of addictive she had to admit and even found herself listening to it whenever she had a few spare minutes.

Her phone bonged in the headset as the message from Jim came in, “Looking good Megan, looks like your ready for the next level, I’ll unlock it in the app for you.”

Megan raised an eyebrow and wondered what Jim’s message meant, but before she could text him back a notification came up on her phone from the gym app, “Congratulations!  Level 2 unlocked!”

She tapped the banner and the app opened, a strange pattern appeared on the screen and a sudden wave of pleasure washed over her.  She dropped to her knees as music started to play over her headphones and her hands started to roam over her body, pulling her shirt up and exposing her breasts, pulling her pants down, exposing her pussy.

She held the phone up with one hand, the app automatically starting the video recording as her other hand dove to her pussy and she started to masturbate.

She came hard a few minutes later and fell back on the gym floor as the music continued to play.

Dave watched the video of Megan masturbating and smiled.

“As you can see, she’s coming along well, a few weeks at level 2 will break down the last bits of resistance and then level 3 will rewrite her to your specifications.” Jim said.

Dave looked up from the phone Jim had handed him and returned it to Jim, “Yes, about level 3, how much control can it exert over her?”

“Pretty much anything you want, what did you have in mind?”

“Could it make her unable to resist me but still fight it in her own mind?”

“Of course, you’d be surprised how many of those requests I get.”

“Yes, I’m sure you do, especially at the price you charge.”

“But, I’m sure you’ll agree, well worth the cost.”

“Yes, no argument on that from me.”

Dave’s smile grew wider, Megan had become a real problem in the short time she’d been VP.  Encroaching on his projects and making him look bad, but once she resigned and had a few upgrades, he was sure she’d be no problem at all as his secretary and mistress.