There were a few in the cold war bimbo programs that pressed for more… assertive… bimbos.  They argued that, while more traditional, passive, bimbos were obviously in high demand there were better options available to them.

This German example was an experiment in making the bimbos more engaged in the missions and more active in acquiring the information they were sent out to retrieve.

Initial testing proved very positive, with test subjects giving up their secrets faster and more willingly then with the standard models of bimbos.

Unfortunately an unforeseen side effect halted the program almost as soon as production had started, it turned out that once a number of these models were produced, they turned on their creators and soon the entire facility was consumed in a massive orgy and resulting in several deaths due to the… stress… of the experience.

While production was shut down and no further plans to produce these models was ever considered again, the remaining units did find a niche amongst the senior officers who preferred a… firmer hand in their mistresses.