“Come on, you can’t be serious!?” Carole said as she squinted over at the salesman.

“Oh, I’m absolutely serious Ma’am.  I guarantee total satisfaction with each and every purchase.”

Carole looked sceptically at him, ok, she had to admit he was a pretty good salesman, he’d managed to get in the door which most couldn’t do.  But the best salesman in the world?  How would you even quantify something like that?

“Ok, ok.  But you haven’t even told me *what* your selling.”

“Ah, yes, but that’s not really important is it?  I mean I’ve already sold you on the idea that you’re a nudist haven’t I?”

“Well… I mean… of course I’m a nudist.  You didn’t have to sell me on that!” she replied, dropper her hand from covering her breasts, reaching down and dropped her shorts to the deck and stepped out of them.

It wasn’t like that was anything new though, it’s why she didn’t usually let salesman in after all.  She might be able to stand clothes for a little bit while she answered the door, but she’d never be able to get all the way through a sales pitch with them on!

“You see, that’s how satisfied you are with the purchase, you’ve bought in to it completely.  Lock, stock and two smoking hot tities!”

“*giggle* Well, I guess so.  I mean it feels great to be showing off my body to you!”

“See, now I guess it’s time to get down to the real sales pitch.”

“Really?  So you’re going to finally tell me what your selling?”

“Yep.” he replied and gave a wirery smile.

“Come one, tell me!”

“Well, ok, but you’re really going to be excited about it.”

She jumped up and down a bit in place, her tits bouncing, “I’m already excited, tell me, tell me, tell me!”

“Well, ok.  Servitude.”

“Servitude?” she said, a small wave of pleasure washing over her as the word escaped her lips.

“Yes, total, utter, servitude.  I have the paperwork right here if you want to take a look?”

“Can I?  Yes.  Yes!  Let me see!”

“Sure, here you go.” he said and dropped some papers on the patio table.

She bent over at the waist and started to read them, reciting them out loud.

“I, Carole James Decker, henceforth referred to as the slut, agree to purchase the total servitude package.  The package will provide pleasure to the slut for obedience and submission to Frank Thomas Decker, henceforth refereed to as the Master.

The slut will perform all duties assigned to her by the Master.  The slut will derive pleasure from the Masters pleasure and provide for his every want and desire.

The slut accepts her place below the Master and will use her body in every way imaginable to bring pleasure to the Master.”

Carole picked up the pen and signed the line where her name was, well it was labeled “The slut”, but she new thats what she was and so she signed it.

As the pen finished it’s stroke an orgasm washed over her and she hardly noticed the man’s cock push up against her pussy.

She did feel it push in to her and she let her body fall down on to the table and moaned as pleasure washed over her again.

Soon she felt him pull out just as he stiffened even more, then she felt his dick slap against her ass cheeks and finally his cum spray up on to her back.  The next thing she felt was another orgasm wash over her as the best salesman in the world closed the deal and left her totally satisfied.