Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Gemma hated these private flights, she always seemed to get the party flights or some other such horror story that end in someone getting slapped.  But they paid well and she could fend for herself, so she took them anyway.

She stood by the planes lowered stair case and put the best smile on she could, her starched uniform didn’t have a thread out of place and her hair was done up in a tight bun.  When the limo pulled up to the plane she mentally prepared herself for the worst as the leggy driver in the short skirt and tight top stepped out of the drivers door.

She watched the woman stride around the front of the car, her towering heels pounding the concrete of the runway until she came to a stop and opened the limo door.

To her surprise, a single man stepped out of the limo.  There was a darkness around him that seemed impossible in the bright sunlight of morning, but he almost seemed to push the light around him away.

Her smile turned from a fake, practiced expression to a genuine one.  She took a few steps forward to meet him part way to the plane, “Hello, may I take your bag?” she asked but before he could answer she grabbed the case from his hand and turned toward the plane, taking a few steps forward.

Suddenly something drilled in to the back of her head, something like she had never felt before and she stopped mid stride.  She felt her body start to shift under her clothes as the strange feeling washed over her entire body.

She could feel the few extra pounds she carried move around her body, moving up to her breasts and down to her bottom.  Then she felt her clothing start to evaporate from her body.  The pins holding her bun in place vanished and her hair fell down over her shoulders, her blouse, jacket and pants vanishing from her body.

Her boring underwear shifted and reformed in to tight black lingerie that covered little of her body.  Then her flat shoes pushed her up as her simple black socks flowed up her legs and shimmered in to stockings and attaching to her new lingerie.

Finally her skin tickled for a few moments as her pale complexion darkened in to a sun kissed tan.

Then she felt the strange feeling in the back of her head intensify as it pushed deep in to her mind, pushing out old thoughts and bringing in new ones.  As it pulled back out she felt an orgasm wash over her.

Gem took a step forward and placed the passengers case on the runway, then raised a foot on to the first step of the plane and turned back towards him, throwing her best smile his way as she played with a strand of her hair.

“Excuse me Sir, but your flight is ready.” she said.

A tingle ran through her, she was so lucky to have caught a sexy one this time, she loved these private flights, they were always a party and she got such great stories from them to tell the other girls.

She felt a cold hand press on to her ass cheek and a moan escaped her lips, “Oh, Sir, that feels so good!  Please Sir, give it a good hard slap for me.”

She felt the hand rise from her ass and then come down, the smack sending waves of pleasure through her.

She took her foot off of the stairs and bent completely over, placing her hands on the stairs instead, sticking her ass up as high as she could with her feet held firmly together.

Another smack landed, “Oh god yes!  Sir!  Please Sir, another!”

She came after the third smack landed and her mind spun with pleasure, the only though that seemed to hold for any length of time was how eager she was to show her passenger just how much of a party girl she was.