Oh god, why couldn’t she stop playing with herself?  She leaned back in to the corner by the patio door and closed her eyes as the pleasure washed over her.

She’d moved in to the upper floor of the house just six months ago, it had been a bargain to say the least for the area the house was in and it was close enough to work that she didn’t have to spend hours each day in traffic.

The only thing wrong with it was the guy that lived in the basement.  Well, he really wasn’t a problem, he kept to himself and really the only time she saw him was when he used the pool in the backyard, like he was today.

Her fingers picked up their pace as her leg extended out and her ass came to rest on the carpeted floor.  Could he see her leg right now?  Was he wondering what she was doing?

She gasped as the thought of him watching excited her beyond any reasonable level.  Her free hand rose up and squeezed her large breast, the cold steel of the ring on her finger causing her nipple to harden.  The ring was only there to ward off advances from men, though it sometimes backfired on her, it was easier than turning down every guy that might hit on her.

She squeezed her breast again and another wave of pleasure came over her, when she had moved in he’d only been a C cup, but so much had changed about her she hardly gave it any thought any more.

Her drab old clothes had been replaced with skimpy colourful outfits, her short hair had grown and she’d put in extensions, those last few pounds that she had never been able to lose faded away at the gym, her simply makeup stand had been filled with products that she’d never heard of before.

She pushed her fingers in deeper and harder as he breath became more and more ragged, but release simply would not come.

She heard the patio door open and she opened her eyes, looking up in to his face, as smile across it as her own desperation was clear across hers.

“Oh god… please…” she managed to get out between gasps and that was when she saw he had been skinny dipping again, his dick hung between his legs and her eyes were drawn to it.

“Please?  Well that’s very nice of you, please what though?”

“P… p… please, I n… nu… need to cuuuuummmmm!”

“Do you now?  How long has it been?”

Her mind flashed back to the last time she’d masturbated successfully, it had been just before her surgery, almost 3 months ago.  Afterwards her body had been so sensitive that she thought she would cum with just a simple touch, but each time as she got close, her orgasm seemed to get farther and farther away.

“Th… th… three months!”

“That must be very frustrating.  So what will you do to finally cum?”

“An… any… anything!”

“Anything you say… will you quit your job?”


“Will you suck and fuck anyone I tell you to?”

“Oh god yes!”

“Will you become another one of my whores?  Work night and day for me and give me everything just for the chance that I might let you cum again?”

“Yes!  Yes!  I’ll be your whore!  Tell me who to fuck!  I’ll give you everything!”

She felt the tip of his dick push up against her lips and she wrapped them around it, taking him in to her mouth as her head was pushed and pinned against the corner of the walls.

He pushed deep in to her throat and her fingers stopped playing with her pussy, they no longer needed to as the pleasure coming from her mouth was far beyond anything her fingers could provide.

He slide in and out as he body was awash in pleasure like she had never experienced before.  Then she tasted his cum flow down her throat and she spasmed as a massive orgasm rocked her.

She didn’t know how long she had sat there, a stupid grin of contentment on her face, a stream of cum running down her chin and dripping on to her tits but she didn’t care, she’d finally cum and that was all that mattered.

She couldn’t wait to fell his dick in her pussy, or maybe he’d fuck her ass next time.  She couldn’t imagine what that would feel like and all she had to do in the mean time was whore herself out for him.

Jim watched what was left of Sonia get to her feet on the monitor, the vapid grin still on her face as she wobbled to the bathroom and after several minutes of staring at the cum on her tits, clean herself up.

He swivelled his chair over to the machinery to his left and checked the readings before finally shutting it down, it was no longer needed, at least until the next tenant moved in.

He had several houses around the city that he rented out cheaply, at least to the right tenants, for a short term.  He’d move Sonia in to one of the downtown condo units he had and within a few months he was sure she’d have it paid off for him.

Sonia was his 14th tenant that was now working for him and he had several more well on their way, at this rate he was going to have to hire some help to keep up with all of the work.

Jim flicked through several applicants for his next tenant, a pretty blonde had caught his attention and he picked up his cell phone and dialed the number.