Barbra smiled as the cameras flashed and she posed in front of the banner behind her.  She’d arrived in LA just a few weeks ago to follow in her sisters footsteps and try and make it big in Hollywood.

Of course she’d been surprised at Candice, no Candi as she liked to be called now, complete change in attitude.  If she was honest, she really wanted to give her a good smack every once in a while, but she was her sister and something deep down felt like it was all for the best.

Perhaps it was something to do with how much time she had been spending playing that silly game Candi had sent her.  She’d started playing it before she left home and the bus trip and just flown by with her nose buried in her phone.  Even now, her purse with the phone in it called to her from Mark’s car parked out back.

Mark, that man was another story all together.  He was running the company she had been sure her sister had founded, but Candi didn’t seem to be interested in anything but clothes and makeup these days.

Mark ran the company like a well well oiled machine, between the models who were in high demand and the office staff that was filled with women, he was the only guy in sight.

And what a sight he was.  Ok, maybe he wouldn’t have been her type back home, kind of geeky, not very fashion conscious, etc., but there was just something about him that made her pussy buzz every time she saw him!

He’d been really helpful too, she’d gone to several auditions but quickly realized she was nothing special in Hollywood.  She’d botched every single audition, either late due to playing that game on her phone, or just forgotten the lines mid way through.   When her meager savings had run out last week, he’d offered to set her up with some modeling jobs.

And here she was, doing her third gig for Mark, her sisters were already in back mingling with the crowd.

She finally turned and walked in to the VIP area, the flash of the cameras focusing on the next person on the runway.

She worked the room, smiling and laughing at the stupid jokes the men told, doing her best, but she kept catching her sisters out of the corner of her eye.  Their blonde hair, impressive bosoms and vapid smiles drew larger crowds to them than she could muster.

She felt a hand snake around her waist and she turned to find Mark standing beside her and her knees almost gave out from under her as her stomach muscles twitch and did somersaults.

“Hi!” she managed to squeak out.

“Hi yourself!  How are you making out?”

“*giggle* Ok, I guess…” she trailed off as she turned to see Sandi surrounded by men and a slight frown crossed her lips.

“Oh, don’t be sad, here.” he said and pulled out her phone.  She took it between her hands and started to play the game and all her worries faded away.

She hardly notice Mark guide her back away from the crowd and start whispering in to her ear.

“Don’t you want to be just like your sisters?  A big titted blonde bimbo that’s the center of attention?  Eager to please the men around her?” he said as he hand slide down and grabbed her ass.

She moaned as the colours of the game of the screen flashing in a pleasant pattern and a wave of pleasure washed over her, a small orgasm rocking her body.

“That’s right, you want someone to make all the decisions for you.  Someone you know.  Someone you trust.  Someone that makes your pussy wet.”

Another flash of the screen sent another orgasm through her, “Oh god yes Mark.” she let out in a soft purr and then felt the phone being lifted from her hands.

She let out a whimper as Mark turned off the screen, “Now get out there and mingle.” he said and slapper her ass through the latex of her dress.

“Oh!  Yes sir!” she said as she lurched forward and once more joined the crowd, smiling and laughing with all the men that paid any attention to her.

The next time she caught sight of one of her sisters, her only thought was if she asked Mark, would he tell her how big of implants she should get?