“Hi Lana, how are you doing?” I asked as she walked in to my office in her heels, her cleavage bursting through her tight white top.

“Great Bruce, how about yourself?” she responded and sat down in one of the chairs in front of my desk.

“Pretty good, is it time for our meeting already?”

“It sure is!  You know me, always right on time!”

I chuckled and smiled, “Yep, you sure are.”

It hadn’t always been that way of course.  She’d started as my sales rep for my primary supplier almost six months ago, replacing a long term sales rep that I’d had, well, for longer than I cared to admit.

My company wasn’t that big, or famous, but we did a steady business and I enjoyed it, which is why I kept doing it.  I didn’t need the money, not with my talents, but it was good to keep myself busy.  You know the old saying, idle hands are the devils playground?  Well that went double for me.

When Lana had first come to my office, she’d pretty much written my business off from the moment she saw her account records.  Not enough sales to make it worth her time in her opinion and she she showed up late to every meeting we had, was terse and dismissive of the issue I brought forward until I’d finally had enough.

I could have just called her manager, but honestly she was pretty enough to make me less inclined to let her off so easily.  I do have a certain weak spot for beautiful women who try and take advantage of their looks to get ahead and so instead I reached in to her mind to dig a little deeper.

Did I forget to mention my ability to alter minds?  Well, now you know so just get over it.

At the top of her mind was how she was going to get in to the CEO’s bed while she was still fucking the VP of Sales.  I guess that could be a problem when the CEO was the father of the VP, but Lana seemed to have put that little tidbit out of her mind and instead was focusing on the promotion she’d get.

Digging a around a bit more I quickly found the little corner of her mind where she kept her thoughts about her customers.  Little was a good description and what little time she spent thinking of them was all negative.

This was the exact kind of woman that fell right in the middle of my soft spot and so I went to work on her.  Refocusing her drive to succeed to be a drive to please.  Redirecting her selfishness to a direct need to give of herself to others.  Reworking her willingness to walk all over others to mind the will of others around her.

By the time I’d finished with her she was a new woman, even if she didn’t quite realize it yet.

I’d released her and she’d stammered about for a moment before finally collecting her thoughts and excusing herself from the meeting.

She’d come back the next month, right on time for our meeting and had been the epitome of social graces.  Then she’d dropped to her knees and crawled under my desk to give me her first blowjob “at work”.

Of course even now, as she sat on the edge of my desk, adjusting her glasses, she still thought she was a sales rep for my supplier, selling their wears to me and the other customers she’d looked down on before.

She’d quit the very next day without consciously registering it after my little romp through her mind.  She’d spent that first month working out and learning a whole new set of sales skills and then came to call on me first.

Though certainly not last, she’d visited each and every one of her previous customers and, as sales people do, sold her wears to them as well.

Of course she was now selling her own body to them, but that only made her an even better sales woman as she continuously worked to improve her product and by the repeat business she was receiving I’d say she was doing quite well for herself.

She reached down and picked up her brief case, opening it and presenting it’s contents to me.

“So, what can I interest you in?” she asked.

I looked over the contents; a ball gag, a small cat-o-nine tails, a set of handcuffs, an anal plug and some nipple clamps.  I reached out and picked up the handcuffs.

“Oh, very good choice Sir.  In front of behind?”

“Behind.” I replied simply and she turned around and extended her hands behind herself after closing the case and setting it down once more.

I cuffed her left hand first and the the right one and she let out a little moan, “Oh yea, I love the feel of cold hard steel on my skin.” she said and wiggled her ass a big.

I pushed her down on to the desk and pulled her skirt down over her stockings and heels, she rose one foot at a time so that I could remove it and then she spread her legs, exposing her naked pussy.

I grabbed both of her ass cheeks and squeezed as a slight gasp came from her and then, dropped my own pants and fucked her over my desk, she squealed in pleasure as I slide in and out of her tight pussy until I pulled back and let my stream of cum spray up and over her ass, on to her back, staining the pure white top she had worn.

I gave her ass a good hard slap, watching it jiggle as my cum ran down it to her legs, “Alright, you got me again Lana, I’m buying what your selling again this month.”

“Mmmm… Thanks Bruce, I know I can always count on you to be my best customer.”

“Yep, well our meeting is over so you’d better get going.”

She smiled up at me and turned slightly, shaking her hands, “Could you maybe… help out a bit.”

I smiled a chuckled a bit, “Sorry, I’ve got work to do.” I replied and pulled out my phone, tapping on the video camera and pressing record.

I watched he squirm around a bit until she finally managed to stagger upright and get to her brief case and retrieve the keys.  She worked at getting the cuffs undone and as she did so she screwed her face in to a fret and stuck her tongue out one side of her mouth as her eyes looked up and flicked from side to side.

She finally managed to undo them and she jumped up and down in a little triumphant dance, sending her tits bouncing every which way before she finally grabbed a wetnap from the brief case and cleaned up the cum from her bum.  Her face turned to a frown when she realized I’d hit her top as well, but without hesitation she took it off and pulled out a cleaning stick from the case as well and scrubbed furiously at the stain.

Finally she redressed herself and wiggle her way out of my office and I pressed stop on my phone.

I have to admit, will all my power I can get any woman I want and Lana, while a good lay, is by no means the best.  In fact after the first few months I’d considered sending her on her way to find new clients, but sometimes the changes I make have unintended consequences.

In Lana’s case, it was the little things; the strange faces she made when something was difficult, her dedication to a spotless white shirt, the way she bounced up and down when she accomplished something simple.

These were things I could never “write” in to her, they were things that she herself surfaced in the new person she had become and it brought a smile to my face every time I saw them in her.  Something no simple sex act had brought me in a very long time.

So I’ll be keeping her around for a while, perhaps one day I’ll grow tired of her and send her on her way.  Until then I’ll look forward to her next sales meeting and I know she’ll be right on time as always.