Carmen Rose looked out over the city, sirens sounding in the distance as horns honked and the street lights lit up the night sky.  She’d been patrolling the city for over a decade now and she’d never seen in this bad.  Her colourful costume hugged her body and she smoothed out a wrinkle as she listened to her city falling deeper and deeper in to despair.

Usually, she’d already have a plan on how to handle the problem, or at least some inkling of where to start.  It wasn’t like she didn’t know who was responsible, or where they were, no, it was simply too great a challenge even for the vaunted Dark Rose to handle.

She curled her hands in to a fist, the cracking of knuckles and the binding of leather could be easily heard as she whispered his name under her breath so no else could hear, “Dr. Taylor…”

She looked to the east and saw a streak cross the sky, her enhanced vision giving her a clear look at Lady Justice rushing off to do whatever bidding her new master had given her.  Carmen, sunk back in to the shadow, not wanting to draw attention to herself else find one or more of Dr. Taylor’s minions.

Crime was running rampant, even the League couldn’t stop Dr. Taylor, not that they hadn’t tried.  They’d lost many of the members to him, each one increasing the ranks of Dr Taylor’s personal army.

She knew why, unlike virtually every other super villain out there, Dr. Taylor had brainwashed each and every one of his captured hero’s in to obedient minions, ensuring that they performed as a team even better than the hero could.

Wrapped in the darkness of the night, she watched Lady Justice recede in to the distance and when she was confident she was out of range, took a step forward.  To her surprise, the shadow she had taken refuge in, moved forward with her.

“Shit.” she spoke aloud and looked around, then jumped towards the edge of the building hoping to cross over it and descend in to the alleyway below.

The shadow stuck to her like a black oil slick and as she cross the edge of the building she felt herself grow lighter and instead of falling, floated over the edge.

Carmen’s arms and legs flapped in the night air as she tried to twist herself around to see who she knew was standing somewhere on the roof behind her.

“Awww… Come on Rose, take it easy and this will go sooooo much easier!”  Carmen heard the voice of her old teammate, Mystic Maiden, but knew it was now Missy Mai that held her tightly in a spell.

“Maiden, snap out of it!” she called as she was rotated in the air until she was vertical and facing the building once more.  Mystic Maiden stood there with a stupid grin on her face, her wand in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

She dialed a number and waited for it to answer.

“Hi Gunny!  Yea you’ll never guess who I ran in to!  Uh hun, nope… nope… nope… ok fine, Dark Rose!  Bring her back to the compound?  You got it Gunny!”

“Mystic Maiden, don’t do it!  Let me go!”

“Sorry Rose, got to follow orders, ya know?”

Carmen watched her twirl her want in the air and suddenly she could no longer move, then a second later, everything went dark.

“Ah, there we go, awake once more.” The voice said as Carmen blinked, the bright light shinning down on her.  She could tell she was laying on her back, strapped down on some kind of table.  She flexed her muscles and her enhanced strength pulled against the bonds to no avail.

“Let me go Dr. Taylor or you’ll be sorry!” she called out, knowing it must be him but still unable to quite focus on where his voice had come from.  She didn’t have to wait long as Dr. Taylor stepped in to view.

“Sorry you say?  Tell me Rose, do you even know what I’m doing these days?”

She scrunched her forehead, “Well, your… whatever your doing I’m going to stop it!” she replied with as much conviction as she could muster given the circumstances.

“Clearly not then.  Let me tell you, since it won’t matter soon enough.  You see I’ve reached a critical mass, if you will, of super powered minions.  There’s no one left to stand in my way and so instead of taking you out one by one as you decided to try and free your friends, I’ve decided to start being more… proactive… about it.

You’re the first, but won’t be the last, that I’ve captured in my new program and so perhaps that makes you special in some way but not in any way that will save you.

You’ll join every other hero in the city as my obedient servant until there are no heroes left.  Then, and only then, will the city be truly free of the scourge of you high and mighty hypocrites.”

As he finished his monologue, Dr. Taylor lowered the programming helmet over her head and she struggled as much as she could until the sights and sounds flooding her penetrated deep in to her mind and her body fell still.

Carmel Rose lifted the small weight in her hand, exerting all the strength she had to do so as she stood on her pedestal in the garden.

She let her arm drop back down and let out a deep breath, her tits heaving up and down as she curled her other arm and wight up once more.  Her eyes focused on the weight as it rose and then on her tits as it fell, she repeated the over and over again.

A voice she recognized from somewhere deep in the back of her mind floated across the garden and she looked up without stopping her routine as two men cross the garden and approached her.

“I see you found a suitable spot for her.”  Dr. Taylor said.

“Yes, the centerpiece of my garden, the perfect rose on display.” The Gardener said, sending a shiver of pleasure down her spin to her pussy at the praise from her owner.

In response, she took in a deep breath, pushing her tits out as far as she could and then curled both weights up and held them there until the staring was too much and she had to let them down once more.

“Your initial programming of her was… crude… but effective Dr. Taylor.  However I’ve spent the last few months, pruning, trimming, weeding out things that she no longer needs.  Tending to the garden of her mind… if you will.

Removed all that knowledge about her own strength, her own self importance, her own modesty, until there is just the Carmel rose at the center of my garden left.  Isn’t that right my dear blossom?”

Carmel’s eyes widened as she dropped the weights to the ground, she dropped to her knees on the pedestal, spreading her legs as wide as she could as her hands grabbed her outfit and pulled it aside, springing her tits from their confinement.

Her mouth opened wide and she tilted her head back slightly as her nipples hardened as she pulled her outfit even wider, sending the zipper down until her pussy was exposed and she blossomed for the two men, showing them all that she was in the fading light of the day.

“Very nice.” Dr. Taylor remarked.

“Yes, it’s quite the sight to seen my nemesis kneeling before me, weak and exposed like the delicate flower that she now is.” The Gardener replied as he walked over to her, reached down and twisted her nipple, sending a blossom of pleasure through her body and triggering an orgasm.

She collapsed on to the ground as the two men started to walk away.

“Now then, you didn’t come here just to see my little pet project, let take you to that special plant you’re looking for.  I think it’s over in the back corner if I recall correctly.

The two men walked off and Carmel slowly crawled back to the pedestal, picking up the weights and taking her place once more at the center of her owner’s garden.