Detective Julianna Morrison looked over the reports for the twentieth time that night as they were spread all over her kitchen table.  She’d been a detective for only six months, but she knew that there was something that linked all of the reports, even if she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

Frustratingly, there were all vague to say the least.  One reported feeling “used”, another a strange taste in her mouth, another sore knees and the list went on.  The duty office in each case had done his job and taken down the “details”, such as they were, but then had filed them away to collect dust.

She’d been looking through the old files, trying to find something to make a name for herself in the department when she’d stumbled upon them.

She’d taken them home a month ago and ever since had spent hours and hours going over them.

She pushed her chair back and rubbed her temples, her long dark hair was usually kept in a bun, but she’d let it drop around her shoulders as she hunched over the table about half way through tonights session.

She was about to call it a night when she decided to look through the pictures again, dozens and dozens of them from people who had attended each even that one of the “incidents” had been reported at.  She scanned through them when something caught her eye… or more precisely, someone.

She didn’t recognize him from any of the files, but as she rummaged through the images, she found him showing up several times.  Twice might have been a coincidence, three time suspicious, but six times required a visit from her the next day.

“As you can see Detective, I have a quiet little studio here, nothing the police should be concerned about certainly.”

“And these events that I listed… what were you doing there?”

“I am a photographer Detective, I get paid to go to events and… you know… take photographs.” he said calmly.

She cocked an eye, there was something off about his demeanor but she couldn’t quite figure out what, “None the less, do you mind if I take a look around?”

“Not at all.” her replied, waving his hand around the room.

She started at one end and methodically worked her way around until she came to a storage closet and opened the door.  Inside was a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories.

She stepped in and worked her way through until she came to an old foot locker, she opened it and found inside several hats.  She picked one a deep red one with several feathers on it and twirled it in her hands.

“I see you found my collection, I don’t get much call for hat’s these days, but it’s always good to keep a few on hand.  Just in case.  That one would look very good on you I think.”

Her fingers tingled for just a moment and she cocked her head to the side slightly, without realizing it, her hands placed the hat on her head and she suddenly knew exactly what had happened to all those women in the reports.

Her body no longer responded to her commands, she tried to force her hands to her gun, but they refused to move.

“Follow me detective…” he said and started back towards the studio, her body matched him step for step as she struggled to regain control.

Julianna sat on the couch, reclined, her long legs bare, her breasts pushed up in to a painful bra and the latex material covering the rest of her body.

She’d watched in silence as her hands had applied the heavy makeup that now adorned her face, even as she screamed inwardly as she finished and trotted out to the studio.

“Very good Detective, now hold that pose.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“Now give me a big bright smile.”

Her body complied, her brilliant white teeth sparkled against the bright red lipstick.

Flash, flash, flash.

“Now give me a nice surprised look with your pinky at the corner of your mouth.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“Now keep that expression and move your right leg off the couch so we can see that sexy black latex running all the way down between your legs.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“And give that pussy a little slap through the latex… give me a dirty, sexy look as you do.”

Flash, flash, flash.

She watched him grab the camera from the tripod and start walking over to her, “Keep rubbing that pussy Detective.”

Flash, flash, flash.

He stopped just to the side of the couch, “Now look up at me, give me a needly look.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“That’s right, take it between you lips.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“Smile Detective, show me how much you like getting your man.”

Flash, flash, flash.

He pulled out just at the last moment, spraying his cum over her face and the tops of her breasts as her fingers finally succeeded at bringing her to orgasm as well.

Detective Julianna Morrison blinked as she looked around the hallway outside of the photographers studio.  She’d tried to remember he conversation she must have just had with him, but it was fuzzy, the only thing she clearly remembered was that it was defiantly a dead end.

She took a step forward and winched, rubbing just under her breast as a sharp pain emanated from it.  ‘Must have pulled a muscle or something’ she thought to herself and headed toward the elevator, not giving it another thought.

It was over a week later when the photo’s appeared in the local gossip paper, the headline “This sexy detective always gets her man!” and she found herself off of the police force and working for a shady security company where she had no time for frivolous detective work.