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Kimberly knelt down and zipped up the back of her shoe, her short skirt almost exposing the bottom of her ass cheeks to the warm summer air of the campus quad.

She clutched her phone, book, wallet and keys tightly in her left hand and stayed down for a moment to try and collect herself, why was she dressing like this now?

A few months ago, at the end of the last semester, she’d been a teaching assistant at the univeristy, dressing in conservitive outfits and, while not hiding her looks, certainly not showing them off.  Technically she still was she guessed, it wasn’t like she’d quite or anything, but what had changed to make her strut around campus like some kind of prepatory slut?

She didn’t really have to ask the question, she knew what had happened, or more percisely, who, but that wasn’t a very satisfactory answer.  She’d met David at the start of the summer, he was a first year student and she’d been assigned as a tutor to him for the summer.  Things had started out well enough, he’d tried to hit on her, she’d turned him down and then they’d settled into the work.

But David didn’t seem very interested in what the university was trying to teach him, he’d kept going on about his own theories and she’d pretty quickly tuned him out.  Then one day, to her surprise, he stopped talking out them.

Instead he’d brought up the assignment she’d given him at their last session on his computer and started to ask questions about it.  Strangly though she knew that he knew the answers to the questions he asked, but something drew her in to the conversation and before she knew it, hours had passed.

After that, things had started to change.  Slowly at first, should she put her hair up as usual or leave it down today?  Wear the flats or the slight heels?  Look uninterested at David or smile a bit?  Take the practical briefcase or just her wallet losely?

But then bigger choices seemed to start going in a different direction than she would have expected.  Keep her boring brown hair or get it coloured?  Wear the pants or the skirt?  Show some skin or a lot?  Flirt with David or just give him a blowjob under the study table?

Kimberly looked up just as she was about to stand once more and caught sight of David walking towards her, she smiled broadly and a slight tingle ran down her spine to her pussy as another decision popped in to her head; should she stand up and show off her outfit to David or stay down at his feet where she belonged?

She wasn’t sure which one was the right choice, but she was hopeful David would give her some kind of sign as to which he wanted and as he stood before her, he reached down and patted her head and spoke, “Good girl.  Kimmi is such a good girl.”

A small orgasm raced through her and she let out a small gasp, hardly noticing him weave his fingers through her hair and guiding her up before him, turning her around and wrapping his arm around her waist, placing his hand firmly on her ass.

She leaned in to him and let out a small giggle as he squeezed her ass, she still didn’t really know what had happened to change her, but she did know that she was glad that it had happened and could hardly wait to see what would change next.