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K knelt in David’s bedroom and waited.

It had been so long since she’d been there, not since before she’d started performing in videos.  At first, she’d done well enough, she’d found a niche and a group of die hard “fans” had followed her.  She had worked hard to cultivate them, taking their suggestions, fucking a few of them, well, ok more than a few of them.

She’d been doing well enough until one of her long time fans had offered to pay for a larger set of implants for her tits.  That had been the first “fan upgrade” she’d done, but it certainly wasn’t the last.  Over the next two years her fans had paid for three boob jobs, several lip fillers, two buttock enhancements and one had even paid her to *always* wear a collar.

Recently she’d become something of an internet sensation, her extreme plastic body drawing almost as much attention as her willingness to take a cock any and every which way.

Then, just as she was about to break in to the big time, David had shut down her site and called her back.  She’d arrived just an hour ago and without even thinking about it, walked up to the bedroom and knelt down on the floor in her favorite spot.

Her nipples were hard, her pussy was buzzing with excitement, she hadn’t realized she’d missed being in her spot as much as she had until she had dropped to her knees.

Her fingers wanted to slide in to her panties to play with her pussy, but just as before, they refused to do so.  David hadn’t given her permission to play with herself and so she didn’t.

Eventually, after what seemed liked hours, David enter the room and smiled at her.  A small orgasm washed over her as her world lit up with him in the same room as her once more.

“Well there’s my ‘little’ internet whore, how are you doing K?”

She pushed her tits out and wiggled them as she answered, “K is so horny Master!”

“Well, duh!” he said and chuckled a bit.

“You know, you almost caused me quite a bit of trouble.  I mean if you’d managed to draw too much attention to yourself someone might have started digging in to where all the money was going.”

She wrinkled her brow and tried to frown, but these days her puffed up lips did little but form the perfect place to put a cock, “Sorry Master, K didn’t want to cause you trouble!”

“Oh don’t worry about it, I caught it in time.  Of course that does mean I’ve had to retire you from public performance.”

K’s stomach dropped as she realized she would no longer be used for the only purpose she knew.

David saw the look on her face and walked over to her, patting her head.

“Awwweee, don’t be sad K, just because other aren’t going to get to see it doesn’t mean you’re not going to get used.”

K looked up at David, her face brightening as his touch sent waves of pleasure through her.  He ran his thumb over her lips and then pushed it between them and she sucked it in as far as he’d let her.

“Your going to stay right where you are and be my personal cock cleaner.  Doesn’t that sound good?”

K nodded her head as the pleasure of sucking his thumb overwhelmed her, but it was nothing in comparison to a moment later when he opened his robe and substituted his cock for it.

Her head pinned against the soft leather of the wall, he pushed deep in to her thought and started to forcefully fuck her face.  Her hands flew from her sides as she tried to maintain her balance at the onslaught of pleasure until she finally tasted him cum run down her thought and she nearly lost consciousness from the orgasm that followed as she slide down the wall and crumpled at his feet.

She managed to open her eyes just as he was walking out of the room and then pushed herself upright, once more kneeling in her spot, eagerly waiting for the next time she would get to clean her masters cock.

As always, David had made sure she was used for her purpose and she was grateful to serve him once more.