“The devil made me do it!”

You’ve heard it before, someone *not* taking responsibility for their actions and instead blaming “the devil”.  I’m sorry to tell you, that’s not how it works.

Don’t go blaming me for your problems, I can’t “make” you do anything.

But perhaps I’m get ahead of myself, I really should introduce myself properly.  I’m Lucifer, king of hell, fallen angel, the second most powerful being in existence.  But fell free to call be Luc, I’m not big on titles really.

So, as you can see, when I say it doesn’t work that way, I do know what I’m talking about.  Making people do things isn’t my game, making you do something against your will doesn’t corrupt your soul and so does me no good.

No, making people do things, that’s God’s game and I want nothing to do with it.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, sure, that’s what you *say*, but your the king of lies, I can’t trust you!

And I repeat, not big on titles.  The whole ‘king of lies’ thing is blown way out of proportion, I don’t lie any more than the average human and to be honest, probably for the same reasons.

But when I make a deal for a soul, that’s a whole different story.  No lies, no deceits, no trickery of any kind on my part.  I want your soul and the only way to get it is to make an honest deal for it.

Perhaps you don’t believe me though, you’ve heard all those stories about people who made a deal with me and find themselves less then happy with the results.  Well there are two things you should know about that; first is that while the deal is honest, there is no guarantee that what you ask for is actually what you want.

The second thing is that I can’t *create* anything, once again, that’s not my game, only God can create, I have to work with what I have.  So if you want to be beautiful for instance, I have to work with what you have and shift, say your agility in to that long blonde hair you want.  Or your independence in to those big breasts you just need to have.

Those are the limits I have to work within and as you can imagine, my customers are sometimes not as happy as they thought they would be with the results.

Take Tatiana for example…

Tatiana swung her racket, connecting with the ball and sent it flying over the net past her opponent for what she knew was a point.

Unfortunately the ref called it out and she lost the server and the match shortly there after.

She stormed off of the court, losing another match to an inferior opponent once more due to the incompetence of the ref.  She hurled her racket at her locker and headed to the showers, the warm water running over the toned body as she tried to calm down.

A while later, she walked out of the shower, wrapped in a towel and stopped dead in her tracks as a man stood by her gym bag.

“Hey, you can’t be in here…” she started to say, but the man smiled and a cold chill ran down her spine as his lips curled in to an unearthly shape.

“Who… who… who are you…”

“Oh, you know who I am.  But you can call me Luc if you prefer.”

Tatiana took a step back, her fight or flight response on the verge of kicking in at the impossibly smooth sound of his voice.

“If you run away, you won’t get a second chance…” he said and something in her mind knew it was true.  She wasn’t sure what the chance was, but it was like an itch just behind her eye, something told her she should stay.

“What… do you want?” she asked, starting to find her usual confidence.

“No, the question is what do you want?  After all, you already know what I want.”

She squinted at him, trying to size him up but he was impossible to read.  She thought about it for a moment and decided she had nothing to lose.

“Ok, I want to win any match I’m playing in.”

“Of course you do.  And your willing to sell me your soul to achieve that?”

The question took her aback slightly, she knew it was coming, but hearing it out loud brought the reality of what they were talking about to the forefront.

Her confidence left her for a moment, then she straightened herself up and replied, “Yes.”

His smile turned to a grin and he extended his hand, she looked down at it with a quizzical look.

“You were expecting a blood oath or something?  No, don’t believe everything you hear, a simple hand shake is all I need.”

She tentatively extended her hand and took his in to it, she could feel the power course through his hand and in to hers, coursing up her arm and throughout her body.  Then just as suddenly he was gone and she stood naked in the change room, her towel having fallen to the floor at some point without her noticing.

Tatiana swung her racket and sent the ball flying over the net, landing inside but beyond the reach of her opponent as she won her first tournament.

Luc had been true to the deal and she’d won each and every match she had.  Oh she still had to work at them, it wasn’t some kind of magical charm that made it easy.  No instead she was faster, stronger and had quicker reflexes that she had before.

She shook the hand of her opponent and the ref and started towards the locker room, the heat that had been growing between her legs since she had won her first match had reached a level that could no longer be ignored.

In the shower she managed to masturbate to an orgasm without any of the others noticing before getting dressed and attending the awards ceremony later in the day.

Tatiana feverishly moved her fingers in and out of her pussy but just couldn’t bring herself to orgasm with them.  She’d been working at it for at least 10 minutes and she knew she’d soon have to give up or draw attention to herself in the shower.

Just like the last tournament, each win had increased the heat between her legs until it demanded attention after the last match.

She pulled her fingers out, unsatisfied and uneasy, but non the less finished her shower and headed to the locker room to get changed.

She spent the next few hours in a desperate state of need until she had finally managed to get back to her hotel room where she started again.

She knew her fingers would not satisfy her and with so few options, she found a small bottle of complementary shampoo was her best bet and soon enough her orgasm crested.

Tatiana pushed the handle of the racked in and out of her pussy, desperate to cum but to no avail.  She’d found each time she had won it was harder and harder to orgasm.  She’d gone from fingers, to shampoo, to a hair brush, to her racket handle.  Each had satisfied her for a few times, but now her racket had failed her and she didn’t have anything else in the room.

She looked around desperately but finally admitted what she had to do.  Getting dressed again, she headed down to the bar and started to flirt with several of the men that were there.

It didn’t take long to bring one back to her room, where she nearly jumped him and threw him down on to the bed.  Her fingers unbuckled his belt, dragged his pants and underwear off of him and she mounted him before he could say anything.

His shaft buried deep inside of her she cried out in pleasure as she rocked her hips back and forth until the first of her orgasms washed over her.

Tatiana stood in the studio that had been setup like a tennis court, her hair and makeup done to perfection for the photo shoot.  Her play had finally drawn the attention of the media and they were doing a cover story on her streak of wins over the last few months.

At first the photo shoot was pretty straight forward, a few stills and fake “action” shots for the story, then the photographer had suggested a few “real” volley’s between her and his assistant.

She hadn’t thought anything of it at first until she’d “won” the first set and the now all two familiar heat had started to build between her legs.

By the time the photographer had call an end to it, she knew she wouldn’t be able to make it back to the hotel room without some relief.

They’d pretty much finished the shoot when the photographers assistant had left them alone for a few minutes and as he was cleaning up she grabbed her watter bottle, pulled her top up over her breasts, taken a big swig that spilled out around her lips and down all over her chest.

“Oops!” she said, drawing the attention of the photographer to her exposed breasts before taking her top off completely and starting to walk over to him, swinging her hips with a smoldering look in her eyes.

“I seem to be all wet, could you help me clean that up?” she said, laying a hand on his shoulder.  He smiled and leaned in, licking the water from her upper chest and working his way down to her nipple before taking it in to his mouth and sucking on it.

He pushed her back towards the net and then down on to all fours, she stuck her ass up in the air as she heard his pants hit the floor and before long his dick push up against her pussy.

She cried out in need, begged him to fuck her, told him how big his dick was, how needy her cunt was, how good he fucked her and then she came as he finished off inside of her.

She hadn’t noticed the video camera setup off to the side, recording the entire photo shoot as well as her escapades on the court.

Tatiana threw the newspaper on to the floor and fumed, her tennis career was over!  The video had leaked out and she was humiliated!

She’d been banned from the professional circuit, ruining her dreams and ending any chance winning another match, let alone a tournament.

“Lucifer!  Fuck you Lucifer!” she called out and suddenly a familiar chill ran down her spine.

“Well, if you think that’s a good idea, alright, but isn’t fucking what got you in to this mess in the first place?”

She turned and glared at him, “This is your fault, you cheated me!”

“I did not cheat you, have you not won every match you have played?“

“How can I win a match if I’m not allowed to play?”

“That wasn’t part of the deal I’m afraid.”

“That’s not fair!  I want a new deal!”

“I’m afraid you don’t have anything to bargain with anymore.”

“But… but… I haven’t been able to… orgasm… since my last win!”

“Well, yes, that is unfortunate, but I fail to see how that is my problem.”

“Not your problem… but what did you do to me?”

“Well, you wanted to win so I had to give you the skills to do that.  But that did mean I had to take something else to create those skills.  In your case I took away your sexual pleasure, you didn’t seem to be using it at the time anyway.  Though it seems that now winning and sex are tied together for you.”

“Undo it!  I don’t need to win any more since I can’t get a match.  Undo it!”

“Well, it does seem a little unfair.  I’ll tell you what, I’ll make it so you can orgasm without winning, how does that sound?”

“Yes… please… I need to cum against.”

Lucifer held out his hand and she took it quickly and she felt the power once more, but this time he held on longer and she felt changes starting to happen throughout her body.

“What…” she started to say before her eyes went wide, her mouth opened wide and every thought fled her mind.

Lucifer watched her body shift, her breasts growing, her waist shrinking, her muscles softening until a sex goddess stood in front of him.  Then he watched her eyes roll back in her head for a moment before returning and a broad smile crossed her plump new lips.

Lucifer let go of her hand and a giggle escaped her lips.

“Like, hi ya Luc!”

“Hello Tatiana, how do you feel?”

“Oh my gawd… like I’m so horny Luc!  And totally call me Tati!”

“Well, ok, Tati.  Do you know what just happened?”

“Hummmm… like… no?”

“No, I guess you wouldn’t.  Well, I’ve made you in to a succubus of hell.  Your job is now to go out and fuck as many humans as possible, each time you’ll siphon off just a little bit of their sole and send it down to hell for me.”

“*giggle* Like I get to fuck a lot?”

“Yes you do.  And do you know the best part?

“No!  What is it!”

“Every time you have sex you’re going to have an orgasm and afterwards you’re going to get just a little bit hornier until the only thing you can do is fuck all day long.  Doesn’t that sound great?“

“You betcha it does Luc!  I totally can’t wait! *giggle*”

Lucifer watched Tati bounce out of the room and smiled before vanishing once more.