Haley stood by the window, the throbbing from the clamps on her nipples rippling through her body in waves of pleasure as she threw her head back yet again.

He’d only left a few minutes ago, but her body still craved his touch and her mind needed his words.

She’d only met him a few days ago, she’d been getting a coffee and he was behind her in line, she’d felt his hand come to rest on her bum and her first instinct had been to slap him in the face, but it had been quickly replaced with a sudden urge to push back against his hand, and so she had.

Haley knew he’d done something to her mind, something that she should have been furious about, but there was no anger to be found, only loving adoration.  After they’d both received their order he’d escorted her to a table where he asked her some questions.  She hardly thought about them, answering as if on auto pilot and instead most of her focused on him.  Her one hand played with her hair, the other reached out and touched his, her feet stroked up and down his leg as she smiled and pushed her chest out.

If anyone had been looking, they might have thought she was in heat.

They’d gone back to her office, closed the door and then he’d fucked her for the first time.  She cried out at the top of her lungs in pleasure, begging for him to go faster, deeper, longer.  She didn’t care what the rest of the office thought, it was only the pleasure that mattered.

When he left, she headed to the bathroom and to her surprise, no one had seemed to notice and so she had finished her day at work and headed home.

That first night alone, without him, had been hard.  She’d tossed and turned as dreams of him fucking her at work that day came and went.  By the time morning came, she was exhausted.

She’d called in to work sick and then called him.  He’d arrived a few hours later and she’d spent the day on her back, being fucked over and over, her body used without any consideration for her own pleasure and she loved every minute of it.

She hadn’t been to work since, in fact she’d quit just yesterday when he’d told her too.

He’d brought over the outfit she was wearing now last night, including the nipple clamps.  He’d used her in it, multiple times and then pushed her off of her own bed and on to the floor to sleep, she’d played with her clit for hours afterwards without cumming as he hadn’t given her permission.

Then, just before he left, he’d told her to put the outfit on and stand by the window and that is where she had stayed.

It wasn’t long before she heard the front door open and foot steps come up the stairs.  A man appeared in her bedroom doorway, her heart sank when she realized it wasn’t him, but something else clicked in her mind and a smile appeared on her lips.

He walked over to her and without saying a word planted a kiss on her lips, her tongue pushed out and in to his mouth in response and soon they were on the bed, his hands pulling at the clamps, his cock in her pussy, her mind lost in pleasure as her body was used once more.

When he was finished, he cleaned up and left, tossing a white envelope on the bed as he did so.

She laid still for just a moment, basking in the pleasure, before getting up and cleaning up after him and placing the envelope in her nightstand drawer.  Then, she returned to the window, waiting for her next client to arrive, all the while hoping it would be him to once more use her and command her.

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