Shelly looked at her monitor and clicked on the next caller, “Hi, I’m Shelly, how can I assist you today?” she said in a cheery voice.

It was the a good gig, working from home and doing tech support for a big software company, even if sometimes the customers were hard to work with.

Well, technically she didn’t work for the software company, but a third party company that handled all the customer support calls.  At first she had been a little suspicious, it almost sounded too good to be true, high pay, pick your own hours, work from home, etc.  The perks kept piling up, though she had to admit the initial interview and screening was far more detailed that she would have though for what was basically an entry level position.

But they’d explained that their client was only looking for the best support representatives and that they were providing all the perks to make sure they retained the best of the best.

And it was working too!  She’d been with them for three months so far and saw no reason to leave.

Ok, perhaps that wasn’t 100% true, after all she was working a lot of hours these days.  Not that that was the companies fault, god no, she wanted to work all those extra hours, the company was great!

She wiggled her ass in her chair to get comfortable and it squeaked as the latex of her uniform rubbed against the leather of the seat cushion.

That was another perk of the job, the amazing uniform she had to wear.  At first she hadn’t understood why she had to wear a uniform for tech support, but the company explained that it was standard and since they were never wrong, she’d just shrugged her shoulders and put it on.

The customers voiced came over her headset, “Hi, I seem to be having problems with my device, can you help?”

“Of course I can help, what seems to be the problem?” she chirped and smiled just like the nice lady in the training video had shown how to.

Those training video’s had been really boring at the start, but she had had to complete them all, twice, before she could take any calls so she’d kept watching them.  After the first couple had completed, she’d found herself far more engrossed in them then she had thought possible and they just seemed to get more and more interesting the longer she watched them.

She wouldn’t have admitted it to anyone at the company, but she often went back and watched them again and again, just to make sure she had all her lessons down pat.

“Well, I can’t get the stupid thing turned on.”

“Oh, no problem sir, have you found the switch at the base?”


“Just click it and it should start up right away!”

“I tried that but nothing seems to happen.  Maybe you can demonstrate it for me?” the customer said and a video chat request popped up on her screen.

She moved her mouse over and clicked accept, the camera mounted on the top of her screen coming to life, but no video of the customer was displayed.

“There we go, can you see me now?” she asked, sitting up straight, pushing her tits out and wiggling them a bit.

“Oh yes, that’s perfect.”

“Ok,” she said and leaned over, picking up the SmartDildo from the side of her desk, “now the power switch is right here.” she continued, holding the dildo up to the side of her face and placing a finger on the power switch at the base of it.

She depressed it once and it started to vibrate, the sound sending waves of pleasure through her body straight to her pussy like it did each time she turned one of the companies sex toys on.

“I see, but does it really know to shut off when in her mouth?”

“Of course! Here, watch…” she said as she turned the SmartDildo around and placed her lips on the tip of it.  Instantly the vibrations stopped, though her pussy buzzed even more at the contact.

She moaned and closed her eyes as she pushed the SmartDildo between her lips and to the back of her throat, letting it sit there for a moment before pulling it back out.

Just as it was about to leave her lips, the client spoke up again, “And how do you get it started again?”

“Oh, that’s easy, just touch it to another body part.” she replied, pulling down the opening of her uniform to expose her tits, she laid the SmartDildo between them and it started humming again, sending more wave of pleasure through her.

“Mmmmmm…… God that feels good…” she said without worrying about what the client might think.

“I see, and the Intelligent Vibration option, how does that work?”

Still with the SmartDildo between her tits, she pushed her chair back and leaned back in it, swinging her legs up on to the desk on each side of her keyboard, her black platform shoes contrasting with the white surface of the desk.  With her legs spread wide, the client could clearly see the whole in her uniform where her perfectly shaven pussy was.

She slide the SmartDildo down her body and pushed it up against her tight opening, the buzzing suddenly getting loader as a small cry of pleasure escaped her lips.

“You see… oh… how it changes… mmmm… speed as I push…. ahhhhh… in to my pussy?  And… oh god, oh god… pull it out?”

“I’m not sure, I think I need a more thorough demonstration…”

“Of course… ah… sir… I’ll be… ohhhh… happy to…” she responded as she pushed the SmartDildo back in to her pussy and then pulled it out again.

In and out it went as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

“Pease sir… oh fuck… are you seeing this?… mmmm… Tell me I’m… ahhhh… doing a good job… yes… of fucking my sweet little cunny…. ohhhhh… for yoooouuuuu!!!!!” she cried out as the orgasm raced through her body, her back arching in the chair as her eyes rolled back in to her head.

She recovered a moment later, the camera on the top of her monitor no longer lit up but on her screen the customer had left a review of her support:

“5 Stars, best product demonstration I’ve seen yet!”

Shelly smiled and pulled her top up over her nipples once more before grabbing a wetnap and cleaning up her juices from her chair.  She loved her job and as she looked at the call queue, nearly full as usual, she knew she would have a long enjoyable day ahead of her.