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Casandra snapped the selfie just after she got off the elevator and double checked her makeup and hair, which was still perfect so she ran her hands down her dress to make sure no wrinkles were left from the ride over.

She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, steadying herself and both cursing and thanking her friend Stacey for getting her into this.

She’d lost her job just a month ago and was already broke.  It wasn’t like working at the bar had paid all that well that she could save up, but when she’d gotten a little too drunk on her shift, they’d fired her.  And the bar scene was small enough that she’d quickly been black listed from any other place where she might have gotten a gig as well.

She’d tried, but when she got desperate she’d finally asked Stacey how she managed to get by, when she had no apparent job that Cassandra could see.

She’d been shocked at first, she didn’t think Stacey had been that kind of girl, but Stacey had said it wasn’t like standing on a street corner any more, the Internet had made it much better.  Clients were pre-screened, transportation was provided, the company Stacey worked for even provided medical benefits.

It took her a few days to wrap her head around it, Stacey being a prostitute and all, but her vanishing bank account and no prospects for a job eventually won out and she applied at Stacey’s company.

Cassandra had been even more surprised at how extensive the background check was, and the medical exam, the photo shoot, the profile for the web site and the training.  Not *that* kind of training, but instead on how to stay safe and what to do if she felt uncomfortable in any way.

They’d installed the training software on her phone so she could review it any time she wanted and she had to admit she’d gone over it many times more out of nerves than anything else.

And so this was her first client, the company had said he was a VIP member and provided a short profile on him.  He was wealthy, like many of the clients, a bit older, divorced and mainly looking for the affections of a beautiful young woman for a few hours every few weeks.

Cassandra put her phone away and walked down the hallway, finding the correct condo unit and rapping her knuckles on the door, a moment late her answered and she gave him a nervous smile, “Hi, I’m Cassandra.” she replied before realizing she should have used a fake name.

He returned her smile and she would almost swear she could feel the warmth coming off of it, causing her to relax just a bit.

“Henry.” he replied simply, extending his hand.  She placed her own in it and he guided her in to the condo as butterflies continued to swarm in her stomach.

He made smalltalk for a while and when his hand moved from he knee to under her dress and started to stroke her inner thigh, she leaned over and started to nibble his ear.

It didn’t take long to move in to the bedroom, her dress long since left on the couch along with any hesitation in her part.  He was gentle and soft, guiding her along in ways that only experience could teach a man and by the time he was sliding in and out of her pussy, she had realized she was genuinely enjoying it.

But it was more than just physical pleasure, she couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but there was something else as well.

She felt him stiffen more inside of her and speed up his pace, she let out a low, guttural moan as he took her doggy style and threw her head back, sending her hair flying.  She caught sight of herself in  the full length mirror he had to the side of his bed and she watched him, a look of pure pleasure on his face.  But that wasn’t what her eyes were drawn to, instead it was her own look of desire that captured her attention, her eyes locked on to her own reflection as he stroked in and out of her.

Finally he pulled her back and held her in place, she saw his face relax and knew he had cum, but to her surprise, her own face twisted in to an orgasmic grin as her own orgasm crested.