Vanessa held the phone as the message scrolled across the screen, “Let me see!” whined Haley as her latex covered finger touched the top of the screen.

Vanessa pulled the phone away quickly, “Don’t touch that Kitten!  You know phones are for people.” she said in rebuke.

Haley pouted but let her hand drop down to her side once more, “That’s good Kitten, now back down on all fours like a good kitty.” Vanessa said in a sugary sweat tone as Haley dropped to her knees and then down on to her hands, rubbing her latex covered head up against the side of Vanessa’s leg and letting out a meow as she did so.

Vanessa smiled, Haley had come along so well since she’d taken her under her wing.  Kitten she corrected herself mentally, she need to think of her as Kitten if she expected her to act like Kitten after all.

A smile crossed Vanessa’s lips, just a few months ago she and Haley had been like any other couple.  Sure Vanessa had been more dominate and Haley more submissive, but their days and nights together had been, if not boring, something close to it.

And then one night, they’d met Tom.  He’d hit on both of them that night, separately of course, but once he found out they were a couple he seemed even more determined to get both of them in to his bed.  It hadn’t happened, but after chatting for a while, the discussion had turned to sex, more specifically, the sex that Vanessa and Haley had.

They’d both had a few drinks which had loosened up their lips perhaps more than it should have, but to both of their surprise, Tom had been far more forth coming that either of them.  Soon they were talking all about the kinky things he’d done with women he’d met over the years and he’d even pointed them to some ‘private’ sites to check out.  He’d given them his handle, TomCat42, for one that needed a reference to sign in to.

The next day, after recovering from a slight hangover, Vanessa had signed in downloaded the app for the site.  It was full of ideas and images that she had to admit seemed a little extreme, but there was some good stuff there so she didn’t delete it.

After a few days, she decided it was time for Haley to sign up as well and then she messaged Tom to let him know they were both on the site.  He’d messaged back and offered any help they may need, but she declined, for the time being at least.

Haley took to the site almost right away, spending a lot of time in the app, browsing the images and stories.  After a week or so, Vanessa had to admit that it was growing on her as well.  To her surprise, both Haley and her had started to gravitate to the same section of the site, the PetPlay boards.

Vanessa found the idea of holding the leash on a pet to really speak to her more dominate personality and Haley had quickly fallen for the idea of being lead around at the end of one.

They’d started to experiment with it at night and soon, their ho-hum sex life was filled with excitement.  It drove both of them to explore more and more of the app, as well as the idea of PetPlay.

Vanessa looked down as she felt Kitten’s nose snuggle between her legs and push up against her latex covered pussy.  She reached down to Kitten’s head and petted it, Kitten let out a purr and wiggled her bum, which in turn swayed the tail stuffed in her ass.

Vanessa had to admit that Haley had taken to becoming Kitten better than she ever thought she would.  Sure Haley had been a little bit submissive, but Kitten was a total sub.  Kitten *obeyed* any order that Vanessa gave her.  Even when she’d pushed the tail in to her ass for the first time, the only complaint she’d given was a soft meow followed by purring.

Haley spent all of her time at home in her black latex cat outfit these days, she even ate from bowls on the floor and only grudging stood up to use the bathroom.

Vanessa looked down at her cleavage pushed up in her latex outfit and smiled.  At first she’d thought of the latex Kitten wore as a sign of submission, but after a few weeks and some browsing of the message boards, she decided it could be a sign of domination as well and ordered her own outfit.

It had only been last week that she’d decided to wear the spare hood one night and found Kitten’s tongue even more pleasurable with it on.  Since then she’d worn it whenever she wore the rest of her outfit.

Vanessa saw a new message come in from Tom and after reading it reached down and snapped the leash on to Kitten’s collar.  Turning and taking a stride towards the living room, Kitten hurried along behind her as the click of her high heels echoed through the apartment.

She set her phone down by the front door and opened it, Tom was sanding there smiling.

“Hello Tom.” Vanessa said matter of factly.

“Hello Vanessa, this must be Kitten?” he replied as Kitten crawled forward and rubbed up against he legs, let out a low meow inter spaced with purring.

“Yes.  Please come in.” Vanessa said and tugged at Kitten’s leash, pulling her back in to the apartment.

Tom followed along and closed the door behind him until they were in the living room.

“I see Kitten has taken to it very well.” he said, bending down and petting Kitten’s head, then working his way down her spine to her tail, which he flipped to one side and rubbed her exposed pussy with a finger.

Kitten arched her back in response and purred loudly, pushing herself back on to Tom’s hand and then let out a meow when he pulled it away.

“Yes, Kitten has been in heat all week, poor thing.  I’ve let her edge a few times a day but she hasn’t been allowed to release.”

“Very good.  And how about you Cat, how are you coming along?”

Vanessa heard the word and something click inside of her head.  Her body tensed up, her chest pushed outward and her head lowered.

“Cat hasn’t cum either Sir, though Kitten has been trying her hardest.” she heard her voice say and she knew it was true, no matter how hard Kitten licked her pussy, Cat hadn’t cum since she’d told Kitten she was only to edge.

Vanessa’s head was spinning out of control, but Cat was calm and relaxed.  Vanessa tried to fight it, but it was a loosing battle as Cat’s pussy was buzzing with need and Vanessa gave in to it.

“That’s good Cat, now show me how far Kitten’s training has come.”

“Yes Sir.” Cat responded and led Kitten around the apartment on her leash.  After a few laps around Cat lead her in to the bedroom and up on to the bed.

Cat crawled on to the bed as well and leaned back against the headboard, spread her legs and pulled Kitten’s face down in to her pussy.

Kitten licked eagerly as Tom pushed her tail to one side, dropped his pants and pushed his cock in to Kitten’s waiting pussy.

Cat could almost feel Tom’s cock sliding all the way through Kitten in to her own pussy and words started to flow from her mouth.

“That’s a good kitten, lick Cat’s pussy.  Cat can’t cum till Kitten does.  Kitten can’t cum until Tom does.  Cat can’t cum until Tom does.  Kitten belongs to Cat.  Cat belongs to Tom.  Kitten and Cat cant’ cum until Tom does.  Kitten and Cat belong to Tom.  Kitten and Cat are Tom’s peeeettttttssssss!” she cried out as her first orgasm in weeks crashed over her and Kitten at the same time.

Cat slumped down to the side as the afterglow washed over her as she felt Tom push her to the side slightly.  Instinctively she moved down the bed and found Tom’s leg to curl up against and Kitten sound found her own spot between Cat’s legs, licking at her pussy as Tom petted Cat’s head and a purr came from her throat.

“You know I was really just looking to take one of you home that night to my bed, but I guess this is my bed too now.  And two pussies are way better than just one.”  Tom said allowed.

Cat and Kitten quivered in delight as their owner lay in the bed with his two pets.

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