NovaLight hovered in the air, her long purple hair flowing down her back as the breeze gently swayed it from side to side. The only indication that she was there was the slight purple glow from the jewel embedded in the almost orange coloured skin of her forehead, twinkling in the darkness of the night.

She looked down at the mansion, a few lights illuminating the upper rooms, but otherwise a peaceful place by all accounts.

She frowned and sighed, coming from another world she still didn’t quite understand all of the intricacies of human behaviour, but even she knew the evil that lurked within the halls of this place.  It had a name that curdled the blood of even the strongest heroes these days, Dr. Taylor.

She hadn’t planned on coming here tonight, or for that matter the night before or the many other times she’d found herself hovering over the mansion in the last month or so, but something had been drawing her here, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

She started to turn in mid-air to leave when a slight purple flash caught her eye, she recognized it immediately as the twin jewel of her own that her evil sister, NovaDark, wore on her forehead.

She scowled and headed straight down to where the flash had come from, finding her sister standing there, waiting by the pool with a grin on her face.

“Ah, dear sister, you decided to join the party I see.”

“What are you doing here Kendrah?  You’ve been banned from Earth and all the protected planets!”

“Ah yes, but tonight I’ve been invited my dear.”

“Invited, by that evil Dr. Taylor I bet!  You won’t get away with whatever your planning.  I’m placing you under arrest!”

Her sisters face frowned and then she reached down and touched a device on her wrist, creating a force shield of some kind around herself.

She wasted no time, focusing her mind, she summoned the power of her gem and a purple bolt of energy leaped from her forehead towards Kendrah.

To her surprise, it never hit its target, instead, veering off to the side and striking the umbrella that was almost half way between them.

The cloth of the umbrella vaporized as the powerful energy raced down the pool, but even more surprising was that the flow of energy continued well after it should have stopped.

Sandrah focused her mind on stopping the flow of energy and felt a slight decrease in it for a moment before the strain made her lose her concentration.

“Oh, having a little problem there sister?” Kendrah chuckled as she took a step towards her.

“Wha… what have you… done?” she managed to get out as the flow of energy seemed to increase more and more by the second.

“Well, you see Dr. Taylor invited me here, well, to get you to make a mistake.  And you have, haven’t you?  So eager to defeat me, you never even wondered what I’d need a force field for?”

She had to admit, it hadn’t crossed her mind, but now it did seem on.  Like her, the twin gem in her forehead rendered her virtually invulnerable, what good would a force field be?

“Well, it’s not to protect me against you, that’s for sure.  No, that device that’s draining the energy from your gem would suck out all of my own power as well given the chance.”

Sandrah dropped to her knees as her energy continued to drain from her gem, she could feel it getting to a critical point as her sister looked down and smiled cruelly at her.

“Don’t worry, Dr. Taylor tells me he can transfer all that energy into my gem and make me stronger than ever.  And I’m sure he’ll find some use for the empty husk that’s left behind.”

Sandrah felt the last of the energy being pulled from her, she tried to hang on to it as tightly as she could but in a sudden burst it slipped from her and flowed through her gem and out of her body.

As it did, her body glowed for an instant and then she slumped over as the gem fell from her forehead and shattered in to a thousand shards on the hard stone that surrounded the pool.

Sandrah awoke some time later, her body felt lethargic and heavy, but she could still feel the bonds that held her down.

She pulled at them to no effect and then heard a voice to her side.

“Awake I seen.  Good.  NovaDark said she had no use for you once I’d transfered your energy into her gem, but I think I have a spot for you my dear.” Dr. Taylor said as he lowered the programming helmet down over her head.

“It is a shame about your skin though.  An unfortunate side effect of draining the gem I’m afraid, it seems to have bleached that beautiful orange right out of you.  It would have been a big draw on the cam site.”

She struggled to fight the machine, but she knew it was a lost cause, so many others had succumbed to it, it was only a matter of time before she did to.

NaughtySlut knelt down, her finger on her painted red lips, her other hand hovering just over her pussy as the red light of the camera blinked.

She slipped one finger between both sets of lips and stroked them in and out several times before standing back up.

She reached around behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it slide down her arms and on to the floor as she leaned against the wall and played with her nipples.

After a few minutes, a small purple light flashed below the camera and she dropped to her knees and crawled to a second camera mounted just below the first, this one with a dildo strapped to the bottom of it and the purple light to the top of it.

She smiled at the camera, touched the small gem glued to her forehead and giggled before wrapping her lips around the dildo and taking it all the way in to her throat.  She pushed it all the way down until her gem touched the purple light and then her eyes rolled back in to her head as a wave of pleasure rolled over her.

She stroked in time with the flashing light as it blinked quicker and quicker until it finally stayed on and her orgasm crashed over her.

She fell back and laid out on the floor as the lights on both camera’s went dark and she smiled as she finished another show for her adoring audience.