Tina closed the door to her bedroom behind her as the flash from Gerry’s cell phone went off, “Like, Gerry, I’m totally not ready yet!” she exclaimed as she reached up and pulled at the fabric of her dress that had exposed her bra, giving him a little pout as she did so.

For his part, Gerry smiled, stepped in close to her, wrapper his arm around her waist and pulled her in tight.

“I don’t know babe, you look ready to go to me.  In more ways than one!” he said with a wolfish grin and she giggled in response.

She knew exactly what he meant of course, and she was ready to go anytime with him, but that wasn’t what she had meant and he knew it.

She felt his hands squeeze her ass cheeks and she  let out a low moan, “Gerry… oh… like please… we’ll be totally… ughm… late.”, she managed to get out between squeezes.

“Hmmm… well I guess your right.  Wouldn’t be good to be late for such an important event.  Ok, get finished up and I’ll see you downstairs” he replied as he stepped back and gave her ass a swat as she tottered down the hall in her high heels.

She reached the bathroom and double checked her makeup, then re-arranged her dress a bit before looking down at the counter and seeing the pair of glasses.

They were simple, thin rimmed ones and she reached down and picked them up, they weren’t hers, but still something in the back of her head told her they were.

She turned them over in her hands a few times and a distant memory peculated up through the pink mist of pleasure that resided in her head and she saw herself standing in front of the mirror, wearing the glasses, her hair up in a bun, a business adorning her body.

She wrinkled her forehead and steadied herself against the counter with her hands as more memories pushed the mist aside and surfaced from beneath it; going to university, getting her law degree, joining a firm, taking the case against the large chemical company, meeting Gerry as the opposing console, her disgust at his clumsy attempt to hit on her, the discovery meeting where the room filled with the pink smoke and then…

She shook her head, no, she couldn’t think about what happened next!  She didn’t know why, but something told it wouldn’t be good!

She looked up and slipped the glasses on, her image going blurry from the double correction of her contacts and the lenses, her eyes tried to refocus but the effect brought up another memory or her in a chair, some kind of VR goggles be placed on her head and her vision going fuzzy.

She tried not to think of it, but it was too late, those first images of large breasted women, wearing tight, skimpy clothing crossed her mind.  The  words that came next echoed in her head, “Being pretty is important.  Being smart is overrated.  Being obedient is important.  Being respected is overrated.”

Her lips moved silently as she mouthed the words, he mantra’s coming easily as the pink mist billowed once more in to her mind.

Tina pulled the glasses from her nose and set them back down, a smile across her face as she giggled at her image in the mirror.

“Like, being pretty is so totally important!” she said to her own reflection and a small wave of pleasure ran through her.

“Come on Tina, your the one who didn’t want to be late.”  Gerry called from downstairs.

Tina quickly finished up and headed down to meet Gerry and they headed out to his car, the warm sunlight of the early morning shinning down on them.

After all, it wouldn’t do for her to be late to her new job as Gerry’s personal assistant after he’d been kind enough to hire her when she was fired from her old job for gross negligence, not that she really understood what that meant.

She giggled and smiled as they drove down the highway, it didn’t really matter, she was just happy that Gerry had allowed her to move in to his spare room, after all she didn’t have a job at the time.  And the best part was all she had to do was be his happy little sex doll, which was something she was more than willing to do no matter what.