Linda leaned against the bar as another “reject” walked away, he was only the latest in a long list that night.  She didn’t know what she expected when she’d decided to come out to the mixer, it wasn’t really her thing, but as soon as she’d walked in and realized she was one of the few women there she’d know it had been a mistake.

She hadn’t had a single “business” conversation all night, most of the men were half drunk, well on their way to being fully drunk and business was the last thing on their mind.

These tech conferences were good ways to make connections, during the day, but always turned in to a bust at night.  She sighed and pushed off from the bar, it seemed like a good time to call it a night.

Just as she did, the flash of a camera dazzled her and she blinked several times.  Between blink she could see the photographer that had been taking photo’s of the attendee’s all night extend his hand out with something in it.

“Hey…” she said just as she felt something come to rest on her head and her body froze in place.

She saw the photographer smile and step in closer to her, wrapping an arm around her waist and guiding her towards the exit, her body no longer obeying her mind as she tried to cry out for help, to run away, to do anything.

Linda stood in front of the red backdrop, her body ridged, standing straight up, the hat still on her head but she was now dressed in a revealing black vinyl dress that showed off more skin than she would every have done of her own free will. 

She’d tried to remove the hat, her hands had even managed to touch it a few times, but no matter how hard she tried they refused to remove it.  Her body had followed the photographers instructions without fail and now she stood still, waiting for him to finish setting up.

He finally turned towards her and started snapping pictures of her.

Flash, flash, flash.

“Alright Linda, now part those lips a bit.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“And lean forward a bit.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“Look up and forward a bit more.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“Let those arms drop down, forward a bit more.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“Now just a bit more forward.”

Flash, flash, flash.

Linda felt the material rub against her nipples as they popped out from behind it, they were thick and hard as she was nearly bent half way forward.

The photographer pressed a button on the camera and the flash went off three more times, then a few seconds later, went off again on it’s own.

He step forward and came to a stop just to her side as she looked up at the ceiling, “Turn this way.” he said and her body obeyed.

Flash, flash, flash.

“Now open those lips.”

Flash, flash, flash.

Linda felt his dick touch her lower lip and slide in between her teeth as she stared up at him.  Her hands still hanging limply in front of her, she felt his hard shaft push back deep in to her mouth until it reached her throat and kept going.

“Good, now suck.  And blow.  Suck.  Blow.”

Flash, flash, flash.

Her body inhaled deeply, then exhaled as hard as it could as he slide between her lips.

Flash, flash, flash.

Finally she tasted his salty cum flow in to her mouth, “Swallow it all Linda.” the photographer said and her body gulped it down as the flash of the camera came to life once more.

Linda blinked and smacked her lips several times, a strange after taste on them as she stared at the door to her hotel room.

She looked down in confusion, hadn’t she just been at the mixer?  But her room key was in her hand and she had been about to leave?

Then… something.  She smacked her lips again and shook her head.

She must have had one to many drinks, time to get a good nights sleep, tomorrow would be a busy day on the convention floor.

She pushed the key card in to the slot and the door whirled and unlocked, she step in to her room and wondered if there was going to be another mixer tomorrow night.