Lillian stood on the red carpet of the hotel, her tight dress hugging her curves as she waited for the car to pick her up.  She’d arrived in town just a few hours ago, the cab dropping her off at the hotel and then she immediately got to work on getting ready for the client, he’d spent a lot of money to bring her here after all and she didn’t want to disappoint him.

She looked down at her dress and smoothed it out with her hands just as the limo pulled up, the drive got out and opened the door for her.  She could see his legs and as she bent down to get in his face came in to view.

Her eyes widened at the sight of him, it was Jim Conners.  He’d recently been promoted to CEO after… after… after she quit?

A sudden buzzing the back of her head send a wave of pleasure through her and she let out a giggle as she took his extended hand to help in to the car.

“Hello Lillian, nice to see you.” he said, a smirk crossing his lips as she sat down beside him.

“Hello Sir, very nice to meet you.” she said, he voice soft and meek.  It seemed wrong somehow though, like she’d talked to him many times in a firm, condescending voice, like she had been in control of the relationship.

Another buzz sent her pussy in to convulsions and another giggle escaped her lips.

“I see the lab boys have done a bang up job on you.” he said, confusion coming to her once more.

“Lab… lab… boys?” she managed to stutter out before the buzzing started once more.

She moaned out loud and closed her eyes as she felt his hand slide under her dress and squeeze her breast, then take her nipple between his fingers and give it a tweak.

“Yes, but don’t worry, I’m told the modifications have rendered you in to not much more than a walking, talking sex toy.  Isn’t that right Lillian?” he asked.

The words were out of her mouth before she could even register that he’d asked her a question, “Yes Sir, I love it when you play with me!” she managed to open here eyes wide, her mouth half open as she look him.

“You know they did a great job on your body too, I’d have hardly recognized you if I hadn’t been expecting it.”

An image flashed in her mind, a slightly pudgy woman with short black hair.  A slightly too large nose for her face and thin lips that seemed stern and uncaring.

“Mind you they’ve had you for over a month so I would expect no less really.” he said as he pulled he hand from her breast and she tried to follow it until she came up against him.

“Now then, tonight your name is Lai, Lai Ho.  Your going to be my arm candy for the night and if things go well, we’ll see about something more permanent.”

Lillian nodded and smiled, “Yes Sir, Lai Ho is your arm candy for the night.”, the words almost sounded robotic and she felt something shift in her mind.

The limo pulled up to a restaurant and he guided her in to one of the private room, where several men were waiting.  She smiled and giggled as the course came by, the men talking of important things that she simply let float right out of her head as soon as they came in.

Several of the men seemed to pay special attention to her a few times and she made sure to present herself as best as she could, sticking her chest out, smiling and giggling when they asked questions she didn’t understand.

Finally the dinner was over and they headed back to the hotel, where he escorted her up to her room.  Her head buzzed slightly as he guided her in to the room, for a moment it seemed like he shouldn’t be there but the buzzing cleared out any doubt.

The buzzing increased when he pulled her in close to him by the waist and kissed her, his tongue pushing between her lips in to her mouth.

It continued as he pulled her dress to the side, her breasts exposed, and pushed her down on to her knees.

It was a deafening sound, drowning out whatever else her mind might be trying to scream at her as he dropped his pants and she pressed her breasts together and started to slide his shaft between them.

She moaned and cooed as he proceeded to fuck her tits until he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, spraying his cum all over her face.

The buzzing crescendoed and her body was rocked by a massive orgasm and she let out a squeal of pure joy as each stream hit her face.

Jim looked down at his ex-CEO and smiled, she’d been a thorn in his side ever since she’d taken over from her father.  She just didn’t have the vision required to run the company.

But now, looking down at the vision she had become, a horny little sex kitten with cum spray across her face and a look of pure bliss in her eyes, he couldn’t help but be thankful for her time as CEO.

After all, if she hadn’t taken over the company he’d never have pushed the R&D team the way he did to finish the project and they wouldn’t have made the break through that they had.

And a very profitable break through it was going to be.  And it was all thanks to Lillian.

He smiled a bit more, “Thank you Lillian.” he said aloud and Lillian looked up at him and giggled slightly.

“No, thank you Sir.  It’s been a pleasure to serve you tonight, is there anything else I can do for you pleasure?”

He chuckled, “No not right now.” he replied before pausing for a moment in thought, “You know what, just stay right there.”

He grabbed his pants from the floor and pulled his phone out and then taking several pictures before starting the video camera recording.

“Why don’t you lick up all that cum from your face for me.”

“Yes sir, it will be my pleasure.” she replied as she licked as much of the cum from around her lips before using her fingers to scoop the rest of it in to her mouth.

He watched her do it and made a mental note to give the lab boys a raise, they’d earned it and he was sure that Lillian would continue to prove it every day from now on.