Donna answer the phone and heard the now familiar chirps and whistles that came across the line, a shiver of pleasure running through her body as each one sounded.

They ended and the his voice came through like the sun coming out from behind the clouds, “What are you wearing?”

“A tiny black string bikini Sir.” she responded.

“Show me.” he replied and she grabbed her cell phone, taking a selfie in the bathroom and sending it to him, all the while holding the white house phone in her other hand, unable to let it go.

“Good, now the client will be over shortly, remember to do everything he asks, go it?”

“Yes Sir!” she replied as she heard the chirps and whistles once more just before he hung up and she almost came right there.

Instead she ran back out to the living room and set the phone down on the receiver, missing the sound of his voice already.

She’d met him just a few weeks ago at the strip club where she worked, he was in from out of town and he’d spend a few hundred on her in the VIP lounge.  Throughout the dances she’d become hornier and hornier, which was odd for her as she usually didn’t find customers all that interesting.  But she’d finally been unable to resist and worked at his zipper until he dick had sprung forth and she’d wrapped her lips around it.

Up and down she went, never noticing he’d taken his phone out of his pocket and held up close to her ear, the chirps and whistles picking up pace as she did as well.

She came when she tasted his cum in her mouth and she greedily sucked every last drop from him as a barely heard voice spoke to her from the phone as the chirps and whistles slowly subsided.

When she was finally done, she looked up at him, a longing to serve clearly visible in her eyes as he stroked the side of her head.

After that, she’d headed home and the very next day had a landline installed and since then he’d called her and she’d heard those wonderful sounds again and again.

A knock on the door broke her from her thought and she headed to the front of her apartment.  She opened the door and smiled, shaking her tits from side to side, “Hi!  I’m Donna, I’m so happy to met you and so are my fiends!” she said, looking down at her own swaying tits.

The man smiled and stepped in side, taking her by the waist and grabbing her ass at the same time.

Don hung up the phone and smiled, he’d have to go back and visit Donna sometime, she’d taken to the program better than almost anyone else.

Too bad it didn’t work over a regular cell signal, it would have been much easier if it had.  But sometimes you just had to get hands on with the problem so to speak and Donna had been a fun assignment.

He didn’t know who had put the order in, and honestly he didn’t care, now that the job was complete he could move on to the next assignment.  He opened the folder and shook his head, another blonde, didn’t the customers have any imagination?