‘Oh God why did it feel sooooo good?’ she thought as she pulled at her nipple, her fingers caressing her outer pussy lips and a moan escaped her lips.

This wasn’t like her, she didn’t masturbate!  She was a virgin!  She was saving herself for marriage after all.

Jill’s fingers enter the folds of her pussy and she let out a small gasp as she twisted her nipple.

The knock on her apartment door shocked her out of her pleasurable retrieve and she jumped from the bed and rushed to answer it.

She opened the door and immediately regretted it, “What do you want Dave?” she said with a sneer.

For his part, Dave smiled widely at his half dressed neighbour that clearly smelled of sex, her nipples showing through the thin fabric of her top.

“I was just wondering if you were still having problems with your internet?”

She sighed, Dave was a creep, but he had fixed her internet last week so maybe she should cut him a break, “Yea, it was fine until this morning.  Can you take a look at it again?”

“Sure thing.” he said and walked in to her apartment, brushing up against her, his arm rubbing her nipples through the material of her top.  She tried to hold in a gasp as best she could, but the pleasure too much and a small one escaped her lips.  Fortunately he didn’t seem to noticed and headed right for her computer.

She closed the door and headed in to her bedroom to change, she had to go in to work soon at the diner and she couldn’t afford to be late.  By the time she came out, Dave was finished and heading to the door.

“All fixed Dave?”

“Yep, you should be good to go.”  The words hit her like a ton of bricks and her pussy buzzed.

“Th… thanks Dave.” she managed to get out without moaning as they both left and she headed to the elevator.

Dave sat at Jill’s computer and typed away on it, “You say it just stopped working again?”

“Yep.” she replied, she’d called him just a few minutes ago after she’d finished masturbating to some internet porn and then couldn’t get to her e-mail.

It had been almost a week exactly since the last time he’d “fixed” her computer and since then her little play times in the morning had expanded to several times a day.  But for some reason the thought of masturbating no longer worried her.  In fact she looked forward to it all the time now.

It wasn’t the only thing she’d changed her mind about either in the last week.  Dave, as usual, had stopped by the diner for dinner and she’d found herself chatting him up quite a bit.  They’d even exchanged phone numbers, which is how she’d had his number to call him about her computer.

The more time she’d spent talking to him, the more she’d found herself thinking about what kind of lover he would be.

It was ridiculous of course, she might be masturbating like a horny teenager, but she was still saving herself for marriage after all.

“Hi Dave, can I come it?” Jill asked as she stood in Dave’s doorway, her tight top and short skirt hugging every inch of her body.

“Sure Jill, come on in.”

Jill brushed up against Dave on purpose as she walked by him, her nipples hardened and her pussy buzzed with need.  Masturbating even three times a day no longer satisfied her need, she needed something more.

And she knew Dave could provide it.  They’d been talking the other day while he ate at the dinner and she’d let slip about her ‘problem’.  He’d been very understanding and that had made her even hornier than before.  She’d gone straight home after work and used her new dildo for an hour straight before she finally came.

Dave sat down on the couch and she joined him, sitting right next to him, her skin tingling everywhere she touched him.

She’d come over under the pretense of watching some movie he’d been going on about, but she hadn’t really paid that much attention to the details until he’d invited her over to watch it.

She’d hardly been able to contain herself and agreed to drop by after work, and so here she was, her real motive something else completely.

She’d had a hard time reconciling it in her own mind, she was saving herself for marriage after all, but a blowjob wasn’t really sex was it?

And if he wanted to play with her nipples and lick at her pussy for a while, that wasn’t sex either right?

In the end her need had outweighed her reluctance and she’d put on a cute little number she knew he’d liked and headed over.

The move started, but instead of looking at the TV, she snaked her hand down between his legs and started stroking his dick, “Dave… could I… could I… suck you for a while?  You could… play with my boobs if you wanted to?”

“Well, I guess so.”  Dave replied and she nearly jumped up from the couch and crouched down between his legs, attacking his belt and pants with her fingers.

Soon enough she’d taken him in to her mouth and wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her.

She sucked and sucked until he pulled her off and up on to the couch, laying her back and pulling her top up, suckling on her breasts.  Then he moved down to her pussy and she cried out in pleasure as she came hard.

She only recovered just in time to see him getting ready to mount her, “Dave… no… I can’t…” she stammered as her needy pussy wanted to say yes but her mind refused.

Dave just smiled, “Why no Jill?  Don’t you want it?”

“Oh God I want it so bad Dave, but… but I’m saving myself for marriage.”

“I understand.” he said and moved up her body until his dick was at her lips, she smiled and took it once more between her lips.

She lay there as he stroked in and out of her mouth, fucking her face as she played with her pussy until they both came.

Dave watched Jill playing with herself on his couch, she’d come along well and now that he knew what was blocking her, she’d be begging to fuck him soon enough.

He pulled up the control panel of the program he’d installed on her computer, his previous commands still in the queue:

– Masturbating feels good.
– Dave is a nice guy.
– The more you masturbate the hornier you are.
– You can trust Dave.
– Sex is good.
– You want to have sex with Dave.

He typed in a new command:

– Sex outside of marriage is natural and right.

He sent the command, by this time next week it would have done it’s job and he knew Jill would be begging him to fuck her the next time she came over to ‘Netflix and chill’.