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The two men carried Kimberly out of the study and through the house until they came to the entrance to the basement and carefully worked their way down the stairs.

Once in the basement, they approached what appeared to be a mechanical room and took her inside, there the furnace and water heater took up most of the space, expect for a large cabinet.  One of the men held her as the other ran his finger along the top of the cabinet until a feint “click” could be heard and he pulled it away from the wall.

The dark room behind it lit up as the man flicked a switch and they took her inside as they closed the cabinet behind them.

They made short work of her dress, stripping her naked and re-dressing her in a tight black latex outfit before the hefted her up to the opposite side of the room where a large metal X frame stood.

They strapped her in, then when finished, left the way they came so that she was all alone, unable to move.

It was hard to tell how long had passed when the cabinet opened again and this time Johnathan enter the room, but she had started to feel the paralytic wear off and she’d been tugging at the bonds that held her for a few minutes at least.

Her struggle brought a smile to his face, “I’m impressed Kimberly, most people would still be completely helpless, but you are every bit as impressive as they said you were.”

Her heart stopped for a moment as she realized she’d been sold out somehow, betrayed by someone on the force that knew what she was doing.  Her mind raced as she thought of Tom.

“Oh, don’t worry about your partner, I’ve had a few of my friends go and great him, to make sure he’s well taken care of.” he said, almost reading her mind.

“Now than, before you come completely around, let me tell you a few things.  First off, this room is completely sound proof, so yell as much as you like.  Second, you of course are completely right about me.  I’ve been quietly consolidating all of the criminal activity of the city under my control and soon, no one will be left standing in my way.”

She let out a gurgle as she tried to yell at him, if only she had her ear-piece still on, Tom would have been able to record his confession.  She tried to thrash against the belts holder her but it only resulted in a minor sway of her body.

“Of course I can’t have a high and mighty Agent like yourself ruin it, so I’ve taken steps to quash the investigation.  Even as we speak your long term sick leave paperwork is being approved by your superiors and eventually no one will blink at your resignation.” he said as he walked over to the desk that was to her left, several power cables ran to machines on it.

He tapped at a keyboard and then picked up several items from the desk before walking back over to her.

He knelt down and unzipped the outfit from the top of her pussy all the way around the her rear, then after looping it up, pushed one of the dildos from the table in to her pussy.

“You see, the criminal underworld was still stuck in the last century and I’ve been dragging it in to the future kicking and screaming.  Take you for example.  In the past you would have been dealt with at the end of a pistol, such a waste if you ask me.”

He lubed up another dildo and she felt it push in to her ass, then he zipped up the outfit once more and stood up.

“I dislike wasting things, I’m an environmentalist at heart; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  That’s my motto.”

He placed a third dildo between her lips and pushed it deep in to throat before wrapping a mask completely around her head, blocking all of her sight and muffling her hearing.

Suddenly light filled her vision as she heard his voice coming clearly from speakers that were embedded in the mask.  At the same time all of the other noise suddenly disappeared.

“So, I’m going to reduce your intelligence, reuse your body and recycle your mind and this equipment is going to do that for me.” he said as images suddenly started to appear along with sounds.

They were disgusting, images of women on their knees, sounds of them begging to be used.  She tried to block it out, but even if she closed her eyes the sounds berated her.

But no mere sounds and images would break her, she was too strong for that.

Then she felt a coolness on her ass as the zipper opened slightly and another prick stung, followed by a warm feeling that started to spread throughout her body.

“Don’t worry, that’s not another paralytic, no, those straps will keep you in place now.  No that was a little something my connections in the drug business came up with, it’s going to open up your mind so wide that anything that you take in will permeate every bit of you.”

She tried to struggle once more as the warmth worked it’s way up her spine towards her head, but he was right, the straps held her firmly in place even with her strength quickly returned to her.

When it hit her mind she tried to gasp but the dildo in her mouth blocked her as her eyes went wide and an image of a woman kneeling in front of a man, her head bowed as words echoed through her mind, “A good girl knows her place is at a man’s feet.”

A sudden buzz came to life in her pussy and she realized they were not dildos but instead vibrators and she moaned at the pleasure even though she didn’t want to.

If she’d been able to hear anything outside of the noise canceling headphones contained in the mask, she would have heard the cabinet open and close as Johnathan left, leaving her to soak in the messages being pumped in to her mind through the sounds and images the machines were feeding her.