Tammy looked down at the box in front of her apartment door and scowled, it was basically destroyed.  Flaps hanging open, tears in several sides, a hole in the bottom and she’d expected the parcel several days ago, what was the postal service coming to these days?

She reached down, her plain brown hair falling in front of her face as she did so and picked the box up, being careful not to let it fall completely apart as she did so.

Opening her door and stepping in to her apartment, she placed the box on the kitchen table and opened it up, inside was the stuffed Pikachu she’d ordered as a gift for her niece, wrapped loosely in a clear plastic bag.

She turned it over and inspected it, checking for any actual damage but found none.  Apparently the plush toy could really take a beating as the post office had tried it’s darnedest to destroy the gift.

That’s when she noticed the slip of paper in the bottom of the box:

“Tammy, found this by the dumpster and found your name on the mailing address.  Roger.”

She half smiled, it was nice of Roger to have dropped it at her doorstep, but she didn’t really want to have to go and thank him, he’d hit on her several times and didn’t seem to be able to take no for an answer.

She’d thank him the next time she saw him, which seemed to be every day or so, far more than was by coincidence.

She flipped the stuffed toy over and found the switch on the back and then flipped it over again, pressing firmly on the open mouth, the low quality voice of Pikachu filled the room, “Pika!”

She smiled, memories from her youth watching the show flooded back and she had to admit she was glad it had survived it arduous journey.

She set the toy down and made quick work of the tattered box, stuffing it in to her recycling bin before making herself some dinner.

Tammy sat on the couch, watching a rerun of Pokemon, something she hadn’t done in a decade, with the stuffed Pikachu cradled in her arms.  A wide smile on her face as the characters of the show continued their ridiculous adventurers.

Pikachu’s voice echoed through her apartment from the TV and she pressed her stuffed toy, another catch phrase coming from it and a slight tingle running down her spine right to her pussy.

Her niece’s birthday had come and gone last week, but for some reasons she’d been unable to give up the stuffed toy, instead she’d given her niece a gift card which had seemed to go over better than a stuffed toy would have anyway.

There was just something about the sound of the stuffed toy’s recorded sounds that had captured Tammy’s attention and soon she had been pressing the stuffed toy each time she passed it by.

It wasn’t long until the yellow plushy was sitting on the couch with her each night and then taken to bed as well.

She heard the unmistakable sound of Pikachu’s voice come from the TV once more and she pushed the toy’s play button again as her free hand snaked down between her legs and started to rub her moist pussy through her plain white panties.

Tammy walked in to her apartment building and saw Roger coming out of the elevators, she’d managed to avoid him since he’d left the package in front of her door, but now she had no choice.

But to her surprise, the encounter didn’t bring any foreboding to her, instead she found herself smiling broadly and walking right up to him.

“Hi Roger!” the joyful sound of her own voice sounded out of place to her but it was backed up with real emotion as she laid a hand flat on his chest just over his heart, “I can’t thank you enough for resucing my Pikachu from the garbage, I just don’t know how it got there.”

“No problem Tammy, glad I could help.” he responded with his own smile., “Though I have to admit I thought you were a bit old for a stuffed Pikachu…”

She let out a little laugh, “Oh, it was for my niece!” she replied and Roger’s face went ashen white and his whole body went stiff as a board.

“Your… your… niece?” he managed to stammer out.

“Yea, but it brought back such fond memories I kept it… Does that make me a terrible Aunt?”

Roger seemed to instantly relax, “No… No.  I’m sure you got something else for your niece, right?”

“Oh yea, she loved it too.”

“Then I think you’ve been a good girl.”  The words came out of Roger’s mouth and a wave of pleasure ran down her spine, blossoming in to her pussy and she let out a low moan as she moved even closer to Roger.

“Tammy’s a good girl.” she whispered before she even knew the words had come out of her mouth and a small orgasm came over her.

Roger wrapped an arm around her shoulders and guided her in the elevator and up to his apartment, as soon as the door closed he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply.  She returned the passionate embrace with her own tongue pushing in to his mouth.

Minutes later, she was naked on his bed, Rogers hard dick sliding in and out of her pussy and waves of pleasure crashing over her body as orgasm after orgasm rocked her.

Tammy felt the synthetic fibers of the wig, it’s bright red colour not found in any natural hair and smiled.  The last few weeks had been a whirl wind of activity.

After that first day with Roger, she’d quickly found herself thinking more and more about him.  When she got dressed in the morning, what would Roger like to see her in?

When she dropped by after work, what would Roger like to do?

When she was with him, how would he like her to act?

For the first few times it had been hard to figure out, but then she’d learned the best way to know what he wanted was for him to simply tell her.

After that, things had been so much easier.

She secured the wig to her head and headed out to the living room of Roger’s apartment, her high heels clicking against the tile floor as she swung her hips side to side in her tight black set of matching bra and panties.

Roger was sitting watching TV and she stepped out in front of him, a wicked smile across her bright red lips as she sunk down and nuzzled between his legs.  She fished his hardening shaft easily from his pants and wrapped her lips around him as the sound of Pikachu came from the TV and Roger pressed the stuffed toy’s mouth sending yet another wave of pleasure through her.

Tammy stood in Roger’s living room, her shiny black latex accented by the red straps, panties and skirt as she held Pikachu in her latex covered fingers.

She heard the knob of the door twist and her pussy moistened instantly as Roger opened the door and stepped in to his apartment.

For her part, Tammy stood perfectly still as Roger approached her until he reached up and pressed the stuff toy’s mouth and the sounded echoed through the room, down her spine and reverberated in her pussy.

He raised a finger to her mouth and pushed it in between her lips and she sucked it in eagerly as just like the stuffed toy, Roger had activated her as well.