She pulled down the suspenders and wrapped them around her hands as she posed for him.  What she’d wanted to do was throw the thick book at his head, but like always her body didn’t obey.

Instead she stood there with a stupid grin on her face as she pushed her chest out and waited for the next command.

She didn’t deserve this, she was smart, driven and had had a promising future in front of her!

Ok, so she’d been a brat all her life, I mean, could you blame her?  Daddy’s little girl that got everything she wanted.  Cheerleader in high school that dated the QB.  She’d learned early on how to use her looks to get what she wanted and that day had been no different.

Well except that when she tried to wiggle her way out of the damage she’d caused to the guys car, all because she was busy putting on makeup as she drove, she’d found him to be *very* convincing.

Before she knew it she was back at his place, strapped in to a chair with him babbling about how the portable unit didn’t have the power he needed to make the permanent changes he wanted.

Then, suddenly, she was back by her car, the man no where to be found.

She’d brushed it off at the time, but by the next week, she knew something was different.

She’d dumped her boyfriend, spending a lot of time at the mall buying outfits she’d never wear and her she’d even stopped studying at night.

Well at least stopped studying for her college courses, instead she’d found herself watching more and more porn each night.

That’s when she knew she needed help, so she’d gone to see her best friend.  But somehow, instead of asking for help, she’d ended up in a big fight with her and told her she never wanted to see her again.

Then she’d gone home to her parents, by the time she stomped out of the house, she’d tossed their credit cards in their face and tossed her phone against the wall.

By the end of the month, she was no longer going to class, was dressing like a complete slut and spending her entire day split between the gym and masturbating to porn.

She got kicked out of the dorm shortly after that when she’d grabbed her roommates breasts and suggested she would love to motorboat them.

She stood on the street, her suitcase to her side filled with trashy outfits, a single cardboard box in her arms with the only other possessions she owned in the whole wide world.

That’s when the address had popped in to her head, she didn’t know why at the time, but she knew she had to get there.

She’d wandered around the streets for a bit until she’d been able to flag down a taxi and half an hour later she’d stepped out of it and stood in front of the impressive home.

That was the last time she’d step foot outside of the house and she longed to leave once more, not that you could tell from the vapid expression on her face.

“Turn around and bend over.” he commanded and her body obeyed.  She turned around, bending over and showing off her ass, which she knew was completely exposed as the tiny skirt rode up and over it.

It exposed her bare pussy of course, she could feel the moisture from it wanting to run down her thigh but her attention was completely on the book that was just inches from her face.

She looked at the words and scrunched her forehead, she knew what they were, she recognized the book from a few days ago, but for the life of her she couldn’t read them.  He’d taken away her literacy with just a few words, nothing more, just a simple statement of face, “Bimbo’s like you can’t read.”

And it had been true ever since.

She felt his hand on her bare ass and her whole body shivered in pleasure like it did every time he touched her.

“Silly little bimbo, just keep trying to read that and I’m sure you’ll lose more IQ points each time you do.” he said and slapped her ass lightly.

“Thank you Master!” she said in response to the slap before she had even really recovered from the wave of pleasure that reverberated throughout her body from it.

“Maybe I’ll just leave you there for an hour or so, by the time I get back there shouldn’t be anything left in that pretty little head of yours at all.” he said as he walked out of the room.

She tried to read the book title again and failed, she knew she could read, she just had to focus more, try harder.  Each time she did, just as he said it would, a little more of her IQ floated away.

When he returned, he told her to stand back up and turn towards him, the vapid expression still on her face.  But now he could clearly see there was nothing behind those eyes, nothing but an eager little sex doll, ready to serve.