She could fall in to the trap, she knew better… but… but… oh god… “Aiiieeeee!” she cried out as she tugged on her nipples once more and felt a little piece of her mind run out of her pussy as she orgasmed again.

He’d left hours ago, leaving her laying there; naked, horny and desperate to cum.  But he’d told her what he’d done before he left, told her what was going to happen, what she was going to do to herself.

Recovering for the latest orgasm she could still hear his words, echoing in her mind.

“Every time you play with your nipples it’s going to feel better and better.

Every time you play with your nipples your going to get hornier and hornier.

Every time you play with your nipples your going to cum harder and harder.

Every time you cum your going to lose more and more of your mind.”

This was the… third?  Yes, third, orgasm she’d had since he’d left and she was already having trouble remembering her doctorate work. She had completed it… hadn’t she?

She pulled her head up slightly and looked down at her nipples, they were hard, pointing straight upward and to her horror, her fingers had already started playing with them again.

“Oh fuck…” she said as she threw her head back as the pleasure burst forth from her areola.

She pulled and tweaked them as the orgasm built and when it came it was better than the last one by far.

She managed to put her hands behind her back and pin them down as she tried to focus on her schooling.  She was a freshman at university and she couldn’t spend all her time masturbating.  After all there was homework to do and books to read, she couldn’t just lay there and play with herself all night or anything.

Though, she had to admit as her nipples hardened once more between her forefinger and thumb, she did love playing with her nipples soooooo much.

She let out a gasp as she squeezed them and she bucked her hips against the bed, god, just one more time wouldn’t hurt, could it…

Her orgasm crested and as she came down, a giggle escaped her lips.

She hugged herself and smiled, she couldn’t believe how good the orgasm was, she hadn’t experienced anything like it before.  The best orgasm she’d had until then had been when she’d been caught blowing the principle in high school only to realize half way through he’d accidental turned on the PA system and everyone could hear the slurping of her going down on him.  He’d been too pre-occupied to notice, but she’d heard the echo of it through his office door.

Tasting his cum run down her throat and knowing she was giving everyone in the school the most entertaining announcement every had pushed her over the edge and she’d cum too.

She’d been kicked out of course after that, never even getting her hight school diploma.  But that didn’t matter to her, not now that her fingers were on her nipples again, pulling them hard as she squealed in pleasure.

Coming down once more from her orgasm, a wide smile plastered across her face as she giggled incessantly, she wondered if that nice man would be back soon.  Then, maybe if she was lucky, he’d play with her nipples for a while if she asked, real nice.

Maybe she’d offer to give him a blowjob, or maybe he’d want to fuck her, either way she’d let him as long as he played with her nipples.  Because the one thing she was sure of, no matter how mind blowing the last few orgasms had been, she was sure that having someone else play with her nipples would bring an orgasm that would put all the rest to shame.