Lady Freedom turned part way around, the tiny thong riding between her tight ass cheeks a she gripped the cable tightly.  Under normal circumstances she’d have ripped it from it’s mounts and used it as a whip against the man standing just feet from her, ToyBox.

But this was far from ordinary, she’d tracked him down to his hideout and entered without being seen, or at least she thought she had.  She’d been caught off guard by his automatons, robot soldiers that attacked without fear, even as she tore through them.

She’d destroyed a dozen or more when she’d felt something grab the back of her neck and a slight pin prick at the base of her skull.  By the time she’d grabbed it and smashed it on the floor, she could already feel the effects of whatever it was and moments later her body stopped responding to her.

She watched helplessly as two of the automatons picked her up and took her in to the a room where ToyBox was waiting, a wide grin on his face.

“Welcome, welcome, welcome Lady Freedom!  Welcome to my humble abode, I have such wondrous new toys to share with you.  Toys like you’ve never seen before!” he said, waving his hands in the air and then like some kind of cheap magician, produced a length of silver chain from thin air.

He half chuckled, half giggled as he approached her and wrapped it around her neck, the cold metal sending goosebumps all over her skin.

He ran his hand over the top of her black leather jacket, over her breasts and down her stomach and finally down her leather pants to her boots.

Then she felt a slight tingle around her neck as a nearby control panel let out a single beep.

“Ah, all connected!  Very good, very good indeed!  It’s just about play time!” he said gleefully as he almost skipped over to the control panel and started typing in commands.

Moments later, to her shock, her uniform started to dissolve, first her mask and then the rest, leaving bare skin behind.  Well almost bare skin, there was a tiny top and even tinnier bottoms that still covered her and for some reason her black leather gloves were untouched.

Her body was exposed for him to inspect, she was a hero after all and had a body to match.  Hard, athletic, but somehow soft and curvy at the same time.

But ToyBox just continued to type on the console as she felt something work it’s way in to her mind.

“Don’t worry Lady Freedom, I treat all my toys very well and your going to no exception!” she’d heard him say as her mind started to spin out of control.

And then she was standing in front of him, with every ounce of her being she tried to lunge at him and take him down, but instead she stayed perfectly still as he explained what he had done to her.

The injection were nanites, tiny robots that had entered her body and taken away control of it from her.  They weren’t very smart on their own, only able to execute a single instruction at a time, which is what the necklace was for.  It was an antenna for receiving new commands, primarily from the master console but also from a more limited hand held tablet.

He had then used the tablet to walk her out of the hideout to the roof, where she now stood, cable in hand, villain in front of her and two towering automatons behind him.

“A1, if you would please start recording.” ToyBox said and the light on the top of one of the automatons started to flash.

“And for your part Lady Freedom…” ToyBox continued as he pressed a button on the tablet.

She immediately felt her lips curl up in to a smile as she rotated around, gripping the cable with her other gloved hand and leaning back, pushing her breasts out and flipper her hair back.  The rotating around once more, bending over so her head was close to the cable and pushed her ass out and wiggled it.

She moved and danced around for several minutes until her hands found the clasp on the back of her bra and let it drop to the ground.  Her thong was next until she stood nude on the roof of the villains lair, except for a silver chain around her neck, her gloves and a pair of high heels.

She watch him tap the tablet again and she felt her body lower itself to the ground, spread her legs and one gloved hand run over her pussy while the other reached up and grabbed a breast.

Within minutes she was moaning and pumping her pussy.  She gasped as her gloved fingers grabbed hold of her nipple and pulled hard on it, extending it well out from her body before it slip from the leather and sprung back to her body.

Her body bucked her hips, sending her fingers deeper and deeper as her orgasm grew until it finally crested and her voice cried out in release.

She looked up at the automaton and watched the light stop blinking as ToyBox tapped on the tablet again, her body stood up, redressed and followed along behind him as the led her through his hideout to the entrance she had come in through.

There, her positioned her just as if she’d stepped through the door and she felt her uniform start to reform around her body until she was fully clothed again.

“Oh Lady Freedom, that one was very good!  This next one won’t be so easy, these custom requests from your fans are getting more and more intricate!  I’m not sure the nanites can move that much mass to your chest without you falling over face first, but I’m sure you’ll put 100% in to it though!  You wouldn’t want to disappoint your fans after all!” he said as he tapped a button and removed the silver chain from around her neck as her mind went blank.

Lady Freedom moved quietly through her arch enemies’ lair, ToyBox.  She’d finally managed to track him down and sneak in to his hideout without being seen.

As she turned the corner a battalion of automatons, she leaped in to action, taking out several with a single blow.  Suddenly she felt something small latch on to the back of her neck and a pin prick at the base of her skull.