Tamara looked over at the camera as the flash went off and a little trickle of pleasure ran down her spine to her pussy, how had this become her life?

She turned slightly, giving the camera a better view of her inflated breasts as another photo was taken.

Four months ago she’d been attending university, working towards her engineering degree, focused on her studies and her career, nothing else.

Now she was posing, half naked, for a photo shoot that would soon be posted up on some porn site she’d never heard of before.

Even worse was the fact that this mornings shoot was almost done and this afternoon she’d be completely naked for the second shoot, as well as having a variety of “toys” to play with.

She turned back the other way, this time sticking her ass out and then turned her head back around, throwing a “come hither” look over her shoulder as she placed a hand on her firm ass.

The placement of her hand brought back a memory of the first time she’d met Charlie, the cause of all her problems since that day.

He’d come up behind her in the library and pressed his hand firmly on her ass through her baggy pants and whispered in to her ear, “I knew it, that’s one nice firm ass you have there.”

Her first instinct was to whip around and slap him, but something was flowing through his hand, into her ass and right to her pussy.  Instead of slapping him, she let out a soft moan as he steered her through the public part of the library, back through the stacks of book, till they reached a secluded area, never taking his hand off of her.

He turned her around and put his hand on to her face, the same feeling flowed through it and she’d push her cheek in to his hand, gasping as her eyes fluttered and her knees almost came out from under her.

“What’s your name?” he’d asked.

“Tamara…” she replied in a soft voice.

He’d leaned in and kissed her, it was electric and she would have lost her balance if he hadn’t wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in tightly against himself.

She’d almost orgasmed right then and there, she’d never experienced anything like it.  When he pulled back she instinctively tried to lean forward to continue the kiss.

“That’s all for now Tamara, you’ve got a beautiful face, but you’ve got some work to do on that body.”

Her mind reeled in mixed emotions, how dare he put her down like that but also what did he mean, how could she fix it?

He pulled out a business card from his pocket, a single telephone number on it.

“If you want to see me again, start getting yourself in shape and text me in six weeks.”

He’d left her there, mouth gaping wide open, holding the card in her hand as she couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Of course she wasn’t going to see him again, he was a jerk!  He insulted her and man handled her!  

But… but… but it had felt so good!  And… and… he did want to see her again… if she did what he want, didn’t he?

She’d stood there for almost an hour before finally leaving, her mind still bouncing back and forth between the conflicting feelings she was having.

Finally she’d decided she’d have to sleep on it, but that was a mistake, her dreams were filled with passion, Charlie caressing her skin, kissing her all over, squeezing her breasts, sliding himself into her, orgasm after orgasm as she screamed out in pleasure!

By the time she’d woken up, drenched in sweet, her sheets soaked with her own juices, she knew she would see him again.  She’d gone to the university gym after class and had started to work out.

By the time the six weeks were up, she’d dropped the freshman 10 she’d gained and a couple more to boot.  She’d picked up her phone and sent a simple text message, “Hi, it’s Tamara, can I see you again?”.  She’d attached a photo of herself in her workout clothes to make sure he knew she’d followed his command.

He’d responded a few minutes later, “Looking good Tamara, put on something sexy and meet me at Graduate Class.”

A shiver ran down her spine, Graduate Class was the local strip club, could she really go there?

The answer had come from the tingle in her pussy that ran back up her spine and she went to look for something to wear.

She’d entered the club, feeling way out of place, but had asked the bouncer for Charlie and had been directed to the back of the club where a few VIP booths were.

Charlie was sitting in it, chatting with a buxom blonde, touching her arm as the woman was nearly humping his leg.  He looked up and saw her, her tight yellow top exposing her midriff above her blue miniskirt and her 4″ heels.

“Hello Tamara, looking good.  Tammy, can you give me a few minutes?”

Tammy pouted but stood up, as she did Charlie gave her ass a slap and she giggled as she tottered out of the booth on her towering heels.  Charlie extended his hand and she’d stepped forward eagerly taking it.

The feeling returned immediately and before she knew what was happening, Charlie had twirled her around and plopped her down on his lap.  Her whole body shook as the pleasure coursed through her, so much of their bodies in contact sent her mind spinning out of control with thoughts and desires she’d never considered before.

“Tamara, I must say you’ve done a good job in just six weeks.”

“T… than… thank you.” she managed to stutter out between ragged breaths.

His hands came around her waist and then up over her small breasts, squeezing them gently as she gasped and arched her back.

“But these… these are just too damn small, I mean they should be at least as large as Tammy’s shouldn’t they?”

The image of Tammy’s inflated tits sticking out from her body came to her mind, “Yes!  Yes, at least!” she cried out as he continued to play with her body, tweaking a nipple and sending her whole body in to a spasm.

“You know, I picked you out of the library because you had such a great look to you.  Not that you could really tell with how drab you dressed, but I had a gut feeling about you.” he said as his hand snaked down her torso and slipped under her skirt, his fingers running over her smooth pussy.

“Oh god.. yes… don’t stop… please!” she manged to get out between her quickening breaths.

“You want me to keep going?” he said, rubbing her outer lips in a circular pattern.

“Yes!  Please!  I… I… need it!”

“You need it?  Well in that case, what will you do to get it?”

Her mind swirled in need and passion, confusion came across her face, why wasn’t he giving her what she needed?

“I… I… what do you want?  I’ll do… anything.”

“Anything is good.” he replied, slipping a single finger between her lips and she gasped out in pleasure.


“That’s good, because I have a new business and I’m looking for some girls who are willing to do do anything to provide my customers the service they desire.  Are you that kind of girl Tamara?”

“Fuck yes!  I’ll do anything!”

He slide another finger in to her pussy and the first orgasm crashed over her, her mind swirling as he pumped his fingers in and out of her.

“That’s right Tamara, your going to be my eager big titted slut, willing to do anything my customers want, all in the hopes that one day I’ll use your body again.”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck yes I’ll be your big titted slut!  I’ll do anything for your customers!”

A massive orgasm rocked her as he curled his fingers up and found her g-spot.

He’d rolled her over on to the seat beside him and wiped his fingers on her top before standing up and calling Tammy back over to the booth.

“Tammy, Tamara here has had a bit too much excitement for the night, can you make sure she gets home alright?”

“Like, of course Charlie!  Anything for you!”  Tammy said and bounced over to Tamara, helping her to her feet as they walked out of the VIP.

“Oh, Tamara, once you get those tits fixed, let me know and you can start working for me.  Who knows, next time I might even fuck you.”

Tamara’s knees gave out from under her as the words shook her to her core.  Tammy tried to keep her upright, but failed, nearly sending them both to the ground.

After that night, things had changed, her focus was on finding the right surgeon and her exercises.  Her grades fell, her friends drifted away and by the time she was under the knife, there was little of her old life left.

She’d worked hard on her recovery and as soon as she’d been cleared for normal activity, she’d sent Charlie another text, this time of her new big fake tits.

He’d texted her back, with a new address and told her to be there for 7am.

And so she had, an hour later she’d changed in to the skimpy black lingerie, done her makeup and started the photo shoot.

The photographer took his last photo and called the shoot a wrap, announcing they would be going in to another room for the next one.  She had a few minutes to get “changed”, which meant stripping naked, before they started back up and she took the opportunity to touch up her makeup.

Then, she walked in to the bedroom, laid down on the bed and picked up the first dildo on the nightstand.  She licked it as the camera flashed and the video camera blinked.  She pressed it between her tits, slide it down her body and finally over her pussy.

Just as she pushed in between her lower lips, she caught sight of Charlie and immediately started to work the dildo harder and harder.  Her body shivered in pleasure just knowing he was there.  She came hard as the cameras continued to record her.

“Hey Tamara, what are you and what will you do for my customers?”  Charlie called out from behind the cameras.

Tamara looked right at him, and directly in to the cameras as she smiled, “I’m a big titted slut and I’ll do anything for the customers!”, she replied, pleasure running down her spine to her pussy.

Charlie stepped out from behind the cameras and touched her face, “That’s my good girl.”, another small orgasm coming over her.

Now she remembered how this had become her life, it was because she’d do anything to feel Charlie’s touch again.  Even become his big tittled slut that whored herself out to his customers.