Lillian liked coming to the park after work, it was nice just to kick back and enjoy the warm weather on a park bench and listen to some music for a little while before heading home.

She’d gotten to know a few of the regulars, most were older retired couples that enjoyed feeding the birds or strolling through the greenery and she got along with them just fine, but Tom was a different story.

He was just a bit younger than her, out of high school but probably would still be in college, that is if he hadn’t dropped out of course.  Now he lived at home with his parents as he “tried to find himself” as he put it, but honestly, he gave her the creeps.

There was just something off about him, he was far too intelligent, too driven, too focused, to be just drifting through life and she suspected he was up to something.

So she’d stayed away from him, she’d learned it best just to keep out of sigh of those kinds of guys when she worked at the strip club.  It had put her through school, but she hadn’t been proud of it and now she was working full time at the law firm, she’d probably make partner in a few more years at the rate she was going and that was all she was focused on.

She had been sitting on her favorite bench one day a few months ago when suddenly her phone had crashed, she’d pulled it out of her purse and watched it reboot, the screen glitching several times before it finally settled down and her music started playing again.  She wasn’t a geek or anything so she just brushed it off as yet another failure of technology and continued listening.

It hadn’t happened again since, but soon after that a strange thought had entered her mind.  Instead of just sitting on the bench, wouldn’t it be better to go for a jog?

Back when she danced, she’d spent a good bit of her free time working out, running on a tread mill as she read her study material or listening to a lecture as she ran around the campus.  But since graduating and working full time, she’d let it slide and had put on a couple of extra pounds.  Nothing that anyone would notice, other than her of course, but the thought kept nagging at her day after day until she finally started running through the park in a track suit.

As the weeks went by new thoughts seemed to pop in to her head more and more often.  At first they’d seemed strange to her, out of place almost, but after a day or two they’d make more and more sense.

Swap the track suit for a sports bra and shorts?  Sure.

Spend some more time on her makeup?  Yeah, why not?

Actually go to the gym?  Might as well.

Masturbate more often?  Well it was fun after all.

Think of Tom while she masturbated?  Well he was kind of easy on the eyes.

Imagine herself on her knees as she obeyed his every command?  He was smart and powerful, it only made sense afterall.

So there she was, in the park on a Saturday afternoon, wearing a tight top that show off her midsection, a tight pair of jeans and a pair of high heels as she listened to her music playing from her phone.  Completely inappropriate attire for the park but the thought had popped in to her head last week to do it and she just couldn’t think of a reason not to.

Her phone beeped as a text message came in from, it was from Tom.  She scrunched her forehead slightly, she hadn’t given him her number had she?

She tapped on it and it opened, a little wave of pleasure washing over her for no reason, “Hey, send me a selfie!”

Without thinking about she held her phone up, snapped a picture and sent it to him.  His response came quickly, “Looking good sexy!”

Another wave of pleasure came over her as she responded, “Thx”.

She felt a hand come to rest on her shoulder and she turned to see Tom standing just behind her.  Her pussy moistened as she turned towards him, pushing her tits out and giving them a little shake, “Hi Tom!” she beamed.

“Hi Lillian, how’s my sexy little thing doing today?”

He knees almost gave out from beneath her as she gasped and the wave of pleasure nearly consumed her.

“I’m ok Tom, thanks for asking.  Uhm… is there *anything* I can do for you?” she responded, her voice husky as she put on her best bedroom eyes she could muster.

“Well, since you asked, I did want you to see my place.  If your interested?” he replied as he snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her toward him.

She let out a moaned as waves of pleasure exploded from where his hand touched her bare skin, “Oh god Tom yes!  I’m interested in anything you want to do!” she got out through gasps as he lead her through the park towards his condo.

Tom looked down in to Lillian’s eyes, they were wide open and dilated as he held her around the waist, but she was pushing her own body into his far harder than he was holding on to her.

He’d only been coming to the park to find some guinea pigs to try out his new software on.  It hadn’t gone very well at first, most of the old people in the park didn’t have smart phones, just dumb flip phones so he couldn’t run his software on them.

But then he’d seen Lillian sitting on the bench, listening to her music and he’d decided she would be a good first subject.  He’d chatter her up a few times, to get a baseline of information about her and then he’d hacked her phone.

Like most, her phone manufacturer was well behind on security patches and he’d used a well known venerability in her WiFi stack to get full control of her phone.  After that it was a simple process to install his software and let it do it’s work as she listened to her music.

His original intent was just to make a few minor changes, she clearly was trying to avoid him after their first few encounters and so he had thought to improve her opinion of him enough to engage in friendly banter.

But once he was in to her phone and found her text messages to her old stripper friends along with her old photo’s from the club, he was amazed at the body she had been concealing under her business clothes.

It was then he decided to go farther than his original intention and see exactly how far the software could take her.

There had been a few false starts, ideas that clearly never made it in to her mind, but once he had gotten the first one in, the rest followed easily.

Now she was hanging on to him for dear life, looking up to him like he was all that matter in her world.  And it was true.

She’d been ignoring work for weeks, had several reprimands and would no doubt be fired soon enough.  He’d already plant the idea of going back to stripping in her head, it would just be the natural course of things when her firm finally pulled the trigger on her.

He was looking forward to watching her swing around the brass pole on stage, performing for the crowd but secretly only wanting to show off for him.  Well, that and getting access to all the other strippers phones of course.

By the end of the year he’d had an army of strippers working for him and it was all thanks to Lillian putting herself through school.

He gave a little chuckle as he unlocked his condo’s door and guided Lillian in with a firm hand on her ass, closing the door behind them.

Maybe he’d let her be his lawyer, he’d probably need one once he had enough money to open his own club, she was a very good lawyer after all.

He spun her around and pulled her in, placing a kiss on her lips and probing her mouth with his tongue.  She wrapped her arms around him and pushed her tits in to his chest, rubbing them up against him as he grabbed her ass and squeezed it firmly.

He pulled back from her mouth, “Damn Lillian, your just too fucking hot to be a lawyer.  I’m going to make you the fucking star of my club when I get it.”

“Oh god yes!  Make me your star Tom!  Make me anything you want!” she cried out as she dropped to her knees, pulling at his pants until his cock sprung forth and she wrapped her lips around it.

He watched her face light up in joy as his shaft slide down her throat.  Her hands flew up to her top and pulled it down, exposing her rock hard nipples to the air.

It didn’t take long for her to coax a load from him and she lapped up every single drop as her own orgasm crashed over her as she collapsed back on to the floor.

A broad smile across her lips as her fingers worked their way down beneath her jeans and found her soaping wet pussy waiting for them.

He stepped over her and went to his computer, pulling up the program that controlled the software on her phone, he typed in a new command.

“Whoever said there is no sex in the VIP simply didn’t spend enough.”

He saved the changes and closed the program, looking back over at Lillian, still furiously masturbating on his carpet.

No, she was definitely too hot to waste on being a lawyer, she was going to be a star attraction at his club, he had no doubt about it now.