“Hello Officer, was I going too fast?” I asked as innocently as possible as I looked down the barrel of her firearm.

“I said get out of the car now!  Hands on the hood!  I won’t ask again!” she spoke confidently and forcefully as I raised my hands and slowly opened the door to my Ferrari.

“Really Officer, the gun isn’t necessary, I’m no threat.” I tried to reassure her as I stepped out.

“You were weaving through traffic at almost 180 kph!” she called out as she grabbed me by the back of my shirt and pushed me against my car.

If I was honestest, it was a little bit excessive.  But it’s not like anyone was hurt, or for that matter could have been hurt, if they had I just would have fixed reality to make sure it hadn’t happened.

Of course the “friendly” police officer that I flew by had no way of knowing that and between the gun, which was still pointed at my head, and her general bad mood, I guess I couldn’t really blame her either.

Normally I would have just altered reality so she had never seen me, or been at a donut shop, or something else, but today I was bored.  After all, that’s why I was doing 180 and weaving through traffic in the first place, a distraction from the boredom.

I turned my head just a bit to the left and caught sight of the Officer in my divers side window, ignoring the gun, she was kind of cute in a muscular “I can break you in half kind of way”.

Tall with short dark hair, muscular arms and legs and a trim torso that was evident even under the bullet proof jacket.

Of course the knee that was coming right up between my legs was a different matter and I froze her in place mid-kick.

I turned around and looked at the struggle taking place on her face as she tried to understand what was going on, “Now, now Officer… Fuller, that’s no way to treat your public now is it?”

I smiled and pushed into her mind to see what was eating at Officer Fuller, Susan Fuller, and quickly found it at the top of her mind.  There had been a series of complaints against her, excessive force and belligerent behaviour to the public which had come to a head earlier in the day at a hearing.

But deeper down, at the root of the problems, was a deep seeded insecurity about her appearance.  A jealousy of her younger sister, Stephanie, who seemed to exude sexuality and confidence without even trying.

I smiled wickedly at Susan, “My dear Officer Fuller, why it’s your lucky day!  I can help you with all your problems, now holster that weapon and stand at attention!”

Before she knew what had happened her body dropped her leg and her firearm was holstered as her back straightened and she stood at attention before me.

I focused on her for a moment and the panic in her eyes was obvious as her body and clothing started to shift.  Her bullet proof vest quickly faded away as her police issue pants pulled up her legs and disappeared.  Her shirt and jacket became shiny and form fitting as her muscular frame started to soften and shrink.

She had stood 5’10” in her boots, but as her entire body shrunk by 12 inches, her shoes shifted and became towering 8″ platform stilettos.  Where as before she looked down on me, she now looked up to me.  It was then that her face started to change, her hair growing long, reaching almost all the way down to her ass.  Her stern face become fuller and softer as makeup formed over it.

“That’s better, now let’s mould a mind that matches that new body of yours.”

I could see her eyes pleading with me to stop, but it was already too late, all those insecurities had vanished from her past.

She had never been jealous of her sister, her sister had been jealous of her!  She had known early on that she was beautiful and had used it to her advantage, dressing in short skirts and tight tops, she showed off her body for all to see.

It had only been natural to get in to stripping when she turned 18 and dropped out of high school.  Having guys pay her to get naked had been such a turn on that she’d hardly been able to control herself in the VIP.

Of course after a few years of working a that strip club she’d saved up enough money to start her own business, Porn Patrol.

She managed to turn her head to the side and looked at her police cruiser as it shifted and was replaced by a Mustang GT, painted black and white with “Porn Patrol” painted on the side of the door.

She hired herself out to bachelor parties and bring a few of the other strippers she knew to provide the private entertainment.  Of course with the increased privacy of private events she’d found no need to restrain herself and it wasn’t very often she didn’t end up sucking and fucking the groom in front of his friends.  Of course she didn’t discriminate either, she’d been hired by several bachelorette parties too and she had learned that pussy tasted almost as good as cock and she was just as willing to take a strap on as to use one.

I watched the struggle fade from her eyes and then she turned and walked back to her car.  She took her hat off and set it on her car hood, then raising a leg up beside her hat, looked back at me and smiled.

“Excuse me sir… I seem to be lost, could you give me a hand?” she said in a sexy low voice.

“I think I might be able to.” I said as I strolled over to her, “And what’s your name?”

“Oh, I’m Suzi Fill-Her.”

“That’s a strange last name.”

“Yeah, I changed it, cause the only thought I want guys to have about me is that they should Fill-Her up with their big hard cocks!”

“Is that so.  I guess that means you don’t need directions so much as a cock in your pussy then?”  I asked her as I grabbed her other ass cheek and squeezed both.

“Oh god yes!  That’s exactly what it means!” she cried out as she laid down on the hood of her car, putting her leg donw on the ground, spreading her legs and pushing her ass up in to the air.

I hooked my finger around the tiny thong that covered her modesty and exposed her dripping wet snatch.

I unzipped my own pants and pushed myself in between her wet folds, rocking back and forth as she cried out in ecstasy as I fucked her on the side of the road on top of her cruiser.

She came hard when I finished inside of her, I guess it was a good thing she had found out at an early age that she was sterile, no need to worry about getting pregnant.

“Thanks Officer Fill-Her.  Maybe if I see you on the road again I’ll pull you over and fill you up again.” I said as I looked down at her, a docile satisfied smile across her face.

“Uh huh… sure… anytime…” she replied dreamily as I walked back to my car and drove off.

It was a nice little distraction and from Suzi’s mind I could that her sister was indeed a little hottie.  And with Suzi’s new reality set, I was sure her sister would be joining her in the business in no time.

I was looking forward to those two on their knees, fighting over who could get my cock further down their throats.  I’m sure that Suzi will gladly help push her sister as far down my shaft as she can and hold her there as long as I want, after all, what are big sister for if not to help out their siblings?