There were few things Janet hated more than the old boys club.  They had tried to block her at every turn through her career and now when she wanted to join the closest gym to her new job, there it was again.

They’d shown her the club rules, “men only”, but she knew that was B.S.

She’d be a partner at the law firm in a few years and knew the club couldn’t override the law, they couldn’t discriminate against her due to gender.

She’d written up all the paperwork and then gone back, tossing a stack of documents on the managers desk before threatening to sue them out of existence.

But to her surprise, he had seemed ready for her, taking her to a expanded part of the gym, the soft pastel colours on the wall gave her no doubt it was a women’s area.  It was divided from the men’s part by a thick curtain that ran the length of the room.

She’d almost complained about them, assuming women would want such “girly” colours seemed just a bit patronising, but she was distracted by the flickering lights.

He noticed her wince a bit as they did and spoke up, “Don’t mind the lights, the electrician says he’s sure he’ll have the problem tracked down in no time”.

She nodded and they went back to his office where he presented an updated set of club rules and a membership contract for her to sign.

She left a little disappointed at having won so easily, but still, it was a win.

Janet pushed hard on the elliptical machine as she looked around, the women’s area of the gym was still getting setup but even so she had yet to see another woman working out and she’d been coming three times a week for several weeks now.

As the lights continued to flicker she drove even harder on the machine until the buzzer finally sounded.

She was going to have to have a serious talk with the electrician, perhaps the threat of a law suit would motivate him to find the problem.

She put her towel to her face and wiped off the sweat from her brow before heading around the corner to the showers.

Janet walked in to the gym, the construction was finally complete but she frowned at the silver pole mounted in the center of the large area that she had assumed would be for yoga or some other group activity.

She’d have to talk to the manager about that after her workout.

She changed in to her workout clothes and started with some small free weights to start before hitting the bike for a while.

Throughout it those damn flickering lights made it hard to focus on what she was doing.

Well, the lights and the tingling in her pussy.  She’d never had a workout effect her that way before, but it had started a few weeks after she joined the club.  Her workouts had become more and more pleasurable and she soon found herself glad that no one else seemed to have joined.

After her workouts she’d spend a good half hour in the shower, masturbating herself to orgasm before heading home.

Tonight, as she walked out of the women’s area, the silver pole caught her eye, but instead of a frown, a small smile crossed her lips as she reached out and touched it.  A shiver of pleasure ran down her spine as her mind wandered to thinking about what it would be like to spin around it.

Janet turned her upper body around and looked in the mirror at how her new workout shorts made her ass look.

She’d never really focused on it before coming to this gym, but for some reason it seemed like she was spending more and more time doing squats and other exercises that focused on it.

Of course the tight pink shorts really hugged it and showed it off, which didn’t hurt either.

She wasn’t so sure about the little jean jacket, or for that matter the pink platform heels, but for some reason they just seemed to be the perfect workout clothes for some reason.

She reached out and grabbed the pole with both hands and then wrapped her legs around it, shimming up to the top of it before spinning around and sliding down once more.

She’d been watching a lot of on-line videos about “Pole Fitness” and had been surprised at how good it was for you.

She’d been working on some of the more advanced moves over the last few days, at some point she’d started coming to the gym every day after work, and she was really excited to see how they would look in the wall of mirrors.

Of course it would have been better if the lights had ever gotten fixed, but at some point they’d stopped bothering her and she’d just let it go.

Janet twirled around upside down as she unbuttoned her little jean jacket and tossed it to the side, freeing her breasts to sway as she rotated around the pole.

As she approached the floor she stopped rotating and wrapped her breasts around the pole and rubbed them up and down.

She loved the cool feeling of the pole between them and she felt a small wet spot forming on the front of her pink hot pants as her sopping wet pussy begged for attention.

The song playing from the speakers in the ceiling ended just as she sat on the floor and wiggled her chest from side to side, a wide smile on her face as she splayed her legs apart.

She didn’t remember exactly when the music had started playing from the speakers.  Was it two or three weeks ago?  It was much like the the lighting, which was dimmer and several different colours.  With the flickering it was almost like it was pulsing to the beat of the music.

It didn’t matter though, the next song started and her fingers pushed down under her pants as she pulled her knees up so her shoes were flat on the floor.

Moments later she hooked her fingers around the tops of her shorts and in one swift motion, brought her legs together and raised them up in to the air as she removed her shorts.

When the song ended she was panting, her fingers rubbing her pussy as she laid out on the floor by the pole.  With the end of the song, her fingers slowed and then stopped as she rolled over and stood up.

She picked up her shorts and jacket and headed back in to the change room.  It had become a real problem, her dripping wet pussy ruined nearly a dozen outfits a night at the gym and it was hard to keep enough clean clothes.

But she had come prepared and pulled out the small plaid miniskirt and the tight white top and put them on before heading back out to continue her workout.

Janet looked out over the men’s area of the gym from atop of the pole.  The divider had gone out for cleaning at the beginning of the week, but she didn’t mind.  The men that stared at her as she did her workout only made her pussy even wetter!

This was the third night she had worked out in full view of the men and afterwards her fingers in the shower were simply not enough.  Even the toys at home had failed to satisfy her in any meaningful way.

But a thought had popped in to her mind, something she was sure would satisfy her, and she was eager to try it out tonight.

As she finished the third song of her workout, naked and dry humping the pole, she looked across to the manager that was watching her and locked eyes with him.

She raised her hand and pointed at him, the curled her finger around and motioned him to come over to her.

He smiled and walked over to her, she grabbed his hand and sauntered in to the change room with him in tow, crossing one foot in front of the other to wiggle her hips as much as possible as she walked.

Minutes later his dick was plowing in to her pussy, wrapped in one of the condom from the box she had brought with her and she was crying out in joy as he fucked her on the bench in the change room.

She begged him to do it harder, faster.  To fuck her needy little pussy like the horny slut she was and he obliged her until he let loud grunt and her own orgasm crashed over her.

She laid on the bench as he dropped the used condom on the floor and walked out, a smile from ear to ear across her face.

She was satisfied like she hadn’t been all week, but she knew when she finished the next three songs of her workout her needy pussy would demand more.  Fortunately from the clapping from the other room she was pretty sure she’d have a line up of guys ready to make sure that wasn’t a problem.