Diana always had the hardest time finding a gift for her boyfriend Kevin, he had a tendency to buy whatever he wanted and that left little for her to get him.  Of course she made sure he had a long list of gifts that she wanted and she expected him to follow it to the letter.

This year she’d given up and just picked him up a sweeter and a few other items from her favorite boutique, she knew he’d never wear any of them and so she fully intended to take it back and exchange it for a little something for herself.

She guessed that put her on Santa’s naughty list, but it was really his own fault anyway for being so hard to buy for!

Placing the last decoration on the tree, she looked at her watch, just a little after 5.  Kevan would be home in an hour or so, depending on the weather and then they’d open up their Christmas Eve presents.

She could hardly wait, but she headed in to the kitchen and checked on the leftovers from the dinner Kevan had made last night when he’d gotten home from work.  She’d gotten them ready and all she had to do was pop them in the oven for a few minutes and they’d be all set.

Diana held the shiny red material between her fingers and frowned, whatever it was it wasn’t on the list she’d given him, “Uhmmm… thanks dear… what is it?”

“Just a little something I thought we could have some fun with tonight… why don’t you go put it on?” he replied, his eyes were full of glee and she could guess what it was.  Some kind of sexy outfit that he’d expect her to prance around in.

She sighed inwardly but forced a smile across her lips, she didn’t understand why he kept trying it.  Valentine’s day, his birthday, heck he’d even tried it on Easter one year!

No matter how “sexy” it was, she just never felt comfortable in them.  Her flat chest and boyish figure just wasn’t suited to lingerie, she’d given up trying years ago and cut her hair short and kept to mostly neutral colours.

But she couldn’t fault him for trying she guessed.  She knew their sex life didn’t live up to his expectations, but she didn’t really need it more than once a month and even though he tried his best, she’d never orgasmed from anything other than her trusty vibrator and a nice glass of wine.

She headed in to the “spare” bedroom, which was really her walk in closet, and tossed the box on the bed as she closed the door and stripped her clothes off.  She looked in the full length mirror and sighed outwardly this time before picking up the… whatever it was… from the box and let it hang from her extended arms.  It was some kind of sexy Santa suit, with white fur (fortunately it was fake) around the ankles, writes and collar that wrapped up around the hoodie as well.

She slipped a one leg in and then the other, pulling it up over her hips and torso.  Then she slid her arms in and finally pulled the hood up over her head.  She looked in the mirror and frowned.

There was too much material around the hips and bust and hardly enough around the waist.  It didn’t fit at all and she had a hard time understanding why Kevan would have bought it, he knew her sizes, she’d told them to him often enough after all.

She was about to pull the hood back when a sudden eclectic tingle ran all over her body and she gasped in surprise.  Then a stronger electric current followed and she yelped and fell back on to the bed.

Another jolt followed and she fell backwards on to back as her limbs refused to obey her.  Then, to her surprise, a fourth jolt rocked her, but this time it wasn’t electrical, but pure pleasure that coursed through her body.

She wasn’t sure how long it lasted, it made her mind go fuzzy her vision blurry as it pulsated to higher and higher levels.

Kevan’s knock at the door brought her momentarily back to clarity, “Everything alright Diana?” he asked through the door without opening it.

She wanted to cry out for help, but her lips wouldn’t move and another pulse of pleasure ensure that if they had been able to the only thing that would have emerge from them was a moan.

“Alright, well I’m going to go to bed, see you in the morning.”

She had already lost focus by that time as another wave of pleasure came over her.  The up and down pulses went on and on until she thought she could take no more.  Then, just as she was about to loose consciousness, they receded slightly.  

An image flashed across her mind, no it wasn’t an image, not like a photograph, but instead it was like she was seeing the scene from her own eyes.  The was a penis right in front of her, but not quite, she couldn’t see all of it and then she realized why, part of it was in her mouth.

The pleasure pulsed again as suddenly the image started to move, more and more of the penis disappeared in to her mouth and she could feel it pushing back against her throat… how was that possible?!

She had no answer but the pleasure continued to course through her and soon she no longer cared and the pulsing pleasure overtook her once more.

How many hours had it been?  She didn’t know for sure but there was still no light coming through the window so it wasn’t morning yet.  But it had seemed like a lifetime already.

The images had progressed, to scenes of her spreading her leg and getting fucked, to her riding on top of a man and fucking him, to all manner of sex and the only consent between them was the pleasure coursing through her body.

It had driven her to the edge, many times, but pulled back at the last moment each time.  But now it had paused for some reason, but it didn’t last long as it started from the beginning once more.

She watched the cock slide between her lips and hit the back of her throat again, the pleasure pouring through her body, unaware that it was no longer being forced upon her.

Diana need to cum badly.  The second time threw had just finished and she was desperate for release, but just like last time, the cycle had never let her get all the way there and now it had paused.  She was sure it would start up again in a moment, she was looking forward to it in fact, but when it did, she was surprised that it was different.

This time the man was standing away from her and then she heard him speak for the first time, “Kneel.”

She “felt” herself sink to her knees and the pulse of pleasure return once more, stronger this time than in the previous loops.  So much so she almost came.

The instructions continued, “Get on all fours”, “Roll over and present your ass”, “Suck”, “Fuck”, each one sending pleasure threw her.

It looked through several times, each time she felt like she was closer and closer to orgasm, but it was always just out of reach.

Finally it was too much, her mind was overcome with pleasure and she passed out, sprawled out on the bed, soaked with sweet.

Deedee blinked and smiled as she stretched out on the bed, rolled over and stood up as the morning sun streamed in to the room.  She looked in to the mirror and saw her reflection, she was still wearing the amazing gift Kevan had given her last night, and it fit her perfectly.

Her large tits filled out the top, showing her amazing cleavage off.  Her trim waist was hugged perfectly by the shiny red material and her hips accentuated her hour glass figure.

She smiled as she teased out her long blonde curls and made sure they fell down to each side of here tits just right before heading out in to the living room and placing herself under the tree.

After all, it just wouldn’t due for Kevan’s present was under the tree when he came down to open it, now would it?

She giggled as the thought of her being nothing more than a present under the tree, an object that was bought and given away, sent her pussy buzzing with pleasure.

She knew he’d be down soon, he’d unwrap her, fuck her, use her and then maybe, just maybe, he’d tell her to cum.  She knew she would as soon as he told her too and then, then she’d be his.  Body and soul, bound to serve him forever and that was the only Christmas present she wanted now.