Helen inched her fingers closer and closer to the arm band, but they just never seemed to actually arrive at their destination.  One moment she was about to grasp it and the next her fingers were touching her lips before sliding between them.

If she tried approaching it from above, the results were worse as her fingers jumped right over the band and dove to her pussy.

She turned her head and looked across the deck at Tony, hate welling up inside of her as she glared at his from behind her sunglasses, as the ocean breeze wafted across her causing her nipples to harden.

“Are you trying to take it off again honey?” he called across the deck to her.

“Like, nugh ugh, I totally love it! *giggle*” her sing song voice called back as her whole face lit up in a smiled.

She hated it of course, and everything it made her do, but the band would never let her say it out loud.

Tony, for his part chucked as she turned her body towards him and shook her breasts from side to side and let out another giggle.

He tapped his lap and she stood up, swayed her hips from side to side as she sashayed over to him, her naked pussy feeling the breeze making its way between her legs.  When she arrived she sat down on his lap and leaned in giving him easy assess to her nipple that he took between his lips and suckled.

“Ooooo… baby! *giggle* I love it!” she cried out as she spread her legs and let his hand glide down her torso and start playing with her lower lips.

His free hand moved up her arm and across the band, sending a small orgasm through her, “Oh god yes!” she cried out.

Moments later he stood up, dumping her unceremoniously on to the sun cot and slapping her ass as he walked away, “I need a drink, why don’t you go put something sexy on so I can rip it off of you later.”

“Like, of course baby!” she replied and trotted off to the bedroom where her wardrobe was.

Taking stock of what was in the closet she found a skimpy red dress and a pair of matching 4″ heels that she put on and then checked herself in the mirror.

There her eyes land on the band once more and she seethed on the inside.

She was the one supposed to be taking advantage of Tony!  Not the other way around!

She’d met him in a club, he was drunk and pawing at collected women around him but she’d inserted herself right in to the mix, after all everyone knew who he was.  It was by sheer force of will that she pushed the others away and managed to get him out of the club and in to his limo, there he continued to maul at her until he’d passed out.

She’d only smiled and imaged what her life would be like once she’d wrapped him around her little finger.  Rich, handsome and eligible were the three of the four things she was looking for in a husband and the fourth, stupidity, he had in spades.

Or at least she had through at the time.  The limo had dropped them off at his condo and she’d manage to get him in to bed before stripping down and climbing in beside him.  Getting the condom on to him with a bit of hand cream in it was the hard part.

The next morning he’d just assumed he’d had sex with her and soon enough they were dating.

Weeks turned to months as she continued to play up to his ego, going along with his groping in public and preference to more cave man like acts in private.

Finally she thought she’d hit the jackpot when he’d presented the arm band to her, he’d played it up so much that she was sure he was going to ask her to marry him, but she had hidden the disappointment from her face when it was the arm band instead.

Though it had turned out better than she thought when he’d told her it was a family heirloom, handed down for generations from the first born to the first born.  They’d tracked it back at least a thousand years in the family and they were sure it was older than that.

She’d slipped it on and a tingle ran up her arm, across her shoulder and up her spine right to the base of her skull, “Ooohhhh…” she cooed as his fingers reached out and touched it.

As soon as he did the tingle became a bold of lightening, the thunderclap that followed rolled down her spine and nuzzled in to her pussy, sending an orgasm through her entire body.

“Thanks Helen, you know it doesn’t work unless you put it on yourself.” he said as he leaned in and kissed her, his tongue pushing in to her mouth as she reciprocated.

He pulled away and she blinked several times, “Like, what just happened?”, she gasped at the sound of her voice, her mid-pitched confidence gone, replaced with the sing song voice she now took for granted.

“It’s true that it’s a family heirloom, passed down through the ages, created by one of our ancestors, it reshapes whoever puts it on to the desires of the next person to touch it.”

“Oh my god!  That’s totally awesome!” her voice and cried out and it was the first time she had no control over it.  She’d wanted to hit him, or throw it at his, or something, but instead as her fingers worked up her arm to try and remove it, they jumped right to her lips and she giggled as she sucked on them.

She had known what his desires were, or at least she knew what they were on the surface, but exactly how deep they went had been a surprise.  

He didn’t just enjoy mauling a woman’s body like an object, he really thought of women as objects.

He didn’t just enjoy a woman showing off in public, he expected her too.

He didn’t just expect to have his wants and needs fulfilled, they were all that would matter to her.

And the arm band ensured she did exactly that.

They had been dating for months in secret, avoiding the press and she had been perfectly fine with that, there would be lots of time for the paparazzi later.  But now she realized it had been a calculated move on his part until he could unveil the new Helen to the world.

“I knew you’d be perfect that first morning when I woke up beside you, did you really think I couldn’t tell the difference between my own cum and some hand cream?  And you haven’t disappointed since then either, no matter how I treated you.” he said as he reached out and stroked the band on her arm, sending an orgasm through her body.

“Like oh my gaaawwwwd!!!!!!” she cried out as he pushed her down on to her knees and unzip his pants.  She wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked it hard.

Since then they’d gone public, Helen hanging off his side in skimpy outfits as he groped her.  There were several paparazzi that had caught her giving him a blow job at restaurants.  There was even one with her in a club, her tits exposed, her skirt hiked up, as she bounced up and down on Tony’s lap, as she clearly fucked him in plain sight of everyone in the place.

Of course when she’d been cornered while out shopping one day by the press and asked about her behaviour, the words Tony wanted to hear came from between her lips, “Like of course I totally did those things!  Tony is sooooooo hot I’d fuck him anytime, anywhere! *giggle*”

The look on the poor woman reporters face was so humiliating to her, but all she did was giggle before continuing on, “Oh my god, do you want to fuck Tony too?  Like that would be so awesome!  I could totally lick your pussy while Tony soooo fucked your ass! *giggle*”

The reporter had run away, leaving Helen to finish shopping before returning to Tony and telling him all about it.  He’d bent her over and fucked her hard afterwards, taking the band tightly in his grip and sending a mind blowing orgasm through her.

She finished checking herself in the mirror and and walked back up on deck, Tony was sitting back in his sun coat again and she wiggled her way over to him and sat down beside him.

“I’ve been thinking Helen, maybe I should take the arm band off, would you like that?”

“I… I…” she fought as hard as she could to say yes.

“I know, it’s so hard to say it, but I’ll just assume you really want to say yes.” he replied and reached up, clasping the arm band, sending orgasm after orgasm through her as she cried out in pleasure.

Then the pleasure was gone, her arm free of the band, her eyes wide as she stared at it in his hand for just a second before something in the pit of her stomach formed.

She pawed at her stomach with her hands as it started to spread, a deep dark emptiness consuming her from the inside out.  It reached her pussy and suddenly her fingers plunged in to her folders underneath her dress.  It reached her breasts and her nipples hardened to the point it was almost painful.  It reached her head and suddenly she was empty, nothing was left but a gnawing need to be filled.

She bent over and pressed her lips against Tony’s swimsuit, trying to suckle his cock through them until she finally managed to get her fingers free of her pussy and pull the down.  She managed to straddle him, guiding him in to her pussy as she wiggled herself all the way down on to him.

Suddenly her life had purpose, she was filled with a cock and the emptiness inside of her vanish as she rode him hard.  She moaned and giggled, cried out with pleasure with each bounce as she felt his cock spasm and she ground down hard on to him, swiveling her hips as she felt his cum burst forth in to her.

She continued to work him, trying to get every last drop in to herself as he pushed the band once more on to her arm.

Her mind snapped back, the emptiness and need gone as the familiar orgasms washed over her as he held on to the band for a few moments before letting it go.

“So tell me Helen, on or off, which would you prefer?”

“Like oh my gawd on!  I love wearing it!  I love it!  I love it!” she cried out as she dove down and kissed him passionately, pushing her breasts in to his chest while wiggling her ass with his softening dick still in her pussy.

It was the first time in months that she had been able to tell the truth about the band, she really did love wearing it, because the alternative was to be an empty cock sleeve and that was a far worse fate than being his slutty bimbo trophy girlfriend any day.