Candice stepped out of the change room and ran a finger nail through her platinum blonde hair to make sure it was in the perfect position.  She was definitely ready for the try out this time, she had to be didn’t she?

After all it had seemed like she’d been trying out for the university football team forever!

The first time she’d gone to the coach and said she wanted to try out he’d sent her away, didn’t even let her explain why she should be allowed to try out for the men’s team.  He’d just told her to go talk to the field hockey coach and that had been the end of it.

Of course she didn’t let it go, she came back every week trying to get a word in edgewise with him.  She’d finally threatened to sue the university if he didn’t at least listen to her proposal.

He’d relented and told her to come to his office after practice, which she had and laid out her reasoning perfectly as she pushed a wandering strand of brown hair away from her glasses.

In the end he’d nodded and sighed, “Look, to be honest your just not in good enough shape.” he’d said and a sudden wave of dizziness came over her.

It was true of course, she’d been in denial about it, so focused on getting a chance to plead her case that she hadn’t thought about what would happen next.  She looked down at herself, she had been lucky, the freshmen 20 had only been 10, but she could stand to get in better shape.

“Ok, well, if I get in better shape, what then?” she asked.

“Come back and see me and we’ll discuss it more.”

She’d left his office with a new goal and she spent the next several weeks going to the gym and getting in shape.  A month later she’d knocked on the coaches door again and he waved her in.

“Look, I’ve lost weight and gotten in great shape, check out my workout log.” she had said as she pulled up her shirt to show off her toned midsection.

“Very impressive, but you can’t wear glasses on the field.” he’d said, another wave of dizziness coming over her.

She’d left determined to go get laser eye surgery.  Of course that was expensive and so she’d had to take a part time job, which had really impacted her grades.  By the time she had the surgery complete, she was almost failing out of school.

But she’d gone back to the coaches office and shown him her doctors note about the surgery and smiled triumphantly.

“That’s all well and good, but we’ve got too many men with brown hair on the team.” he’d said, the dizziness coming over her again.

For a second she couldn’t understand what her hair colour had to do with playing on the team, but when the dizziness passed she knew that it didn’t matter, it was easy to fix and so she would.

A trip to the salon had taken care of her hair and she’d even had some extensions put in while she was there.  The next week when she arrived at the coaches office she was sure she was ready.

“Look, you’re getting better, but I really need a player with a bit more mass up top if you know what I mean.” he’d said, the dizziness taking her again as she stumbled out of his office.

She did know what he meant as she grabbed her small B cups, but that was really going to be expensive.  She’d have to pull more shifts at work and that would cut in to her study time even more.

She shook her head from side to side, it didn’t matter, if that’s what she had to do to get on the team, then that’s what she’d do.

It was almost too months before she returned to the coaches office, she’d long since dropped out of school, her grades plummeting when she started working every night.  The only good thing about dropping out was that she was able to take more shifts and add to her upper body mass sooner.

She’d worn a simple t-shirt and jeans when she’d gone to see the coach, the t-shirt was form fitting to make sure he could see how much mass she’d added.  Her new double D’s hardly needed a bra but she worn one because the doctor had told her too.

“Alright, alright, you’ve got the physic for the team, but do you have the mind for it?  I need a team player, someone who has team spirit, someone who will do anything for the team and follow my orders.” he’d said gruffly as his dismissed her with a wave of his hand.

She had hardly felt the dizziness, she was already planning out her next visit to the coach and couldn’t wait to show him how much spirit she had.

And so here she was, dressed in a team uniform as she walked to the coaches office.  She knocked on his door, leaning against the jam, thrusting a hip to one side and smiling as she pushed her upper body out to make sure he got a good look at the surgeon’s work.

To her surprise he wasn’t behind his desk, instead is was sitting on the couch reading his tablet.

“Ah, come on in Candy.  Close the door behind you.” he said and a shiver ran down her spine right to her pussy as he spoke her name.

She’d hated being called Candy all her life, but in one of the many meetings with the coach he’d called her by it and instead of spite, she was filled with pleasure as the word rolled off his lips.

Since then she’d insisted everyone call her Candy.

She pushed off from the door jam, stepped in side as her 6″ heels clicked against the tile and she closed the door behind her.

“So, are you ready for your try out Candy?” he asked.

She smiled, “Oh yes Sir!” she replied.

“All right, show me your moves.” he said as he tapped on his tablet and music started to play.

She smiled even wider as she spread her feet apart, standing right in front of him, her hands started to roam over her body as she gyrated her hips.

She turned around, making sure he got a view of every inch of her body, proving to him that she was ready to join the team.

The first song ended and she stepped forward, standing between his legs as the second song started.  She reached up and pulled her jersey from her body in one swift motion, letter him see the added mass of her tits sway from side to side.

She shook them for a moment before leaning over at the waist and pushing her tits right up to his face.  He reached up and grabbed them, squeezing them together as he buried his face between them.

“Oh god coach!  Did I add enough upper body mass?  Are they big enough?  I can go back and get them made bigger if you want!” she cried out as he pinched her nipples and an a small orgasm raced through her.

The third song started and she stood back upright, turned around once more, brought her legs closer together and hooked her thumbs around the top of her shorts before slowly pulling them down around her ankles.

She felt his fingers stroke her pussy lips and she let out a moan, “Please… please coach… tell me what to do… I’ll do anything… I’m a team player!” she said as he continued to stroker her pussy before sliding a finger between her wet folds.

She instinctively pushed back, sending his probing finger even deeper in to her until she felt his other hand against her ass, holding her in place as he pulled his finger from her.

“Stand up and turn around Candy.” he said and she obeyed instantly.

He had unbuckled his belt and opened his pants, his cock was standing at attention and she knew exactly what to do.  Stepping forward she straddled his lap and lowered herself on to him, taking him all the way in to her pussy as with one hand he held her hips and the other he raised to her mouth.  She could smell her own juices on his finger and she wrapped her lips around it tasting herself as she rocked her hips back and forth.

He moved his hand from her hip and reached up and squeezed her tit, grabbing the nipple and twisting it slightly as she rode him, moans coming from around his finger in her mouth.

Suddenly a thought popped in to her mind, she had passed the tryout!  The coach had put her on the field and was player her right now!

She quickened her pace, thrusting him deeper in to her, sucking his finger harder, putting her hands on his chest as she tossed her platinum blonde hair back over her head as he pulled his finger from her mouth and grabbed both her tits and squeezed them hard.

“Oh god yes coach!  Play me!  Pllllaaaaayyyyy mmmmmeeeeee!” she cried out as she felt his hot cum enter her pussy and a massive orgasm rocked her.

She collapsed on top of him, her head coming to rest beside his own as he stroked her hair and squeezed her ass as he whispered in to her ear.

“Congratulations Candy, your on the team.  I’ve got the perfect position for you to play, team mascot.  Of course since the university already has a mascot, you’ll have to be my private, personal mascot.  You won’t be able to tell anyone of course but you don’t mind do you Candy?”

“Of course not Coach… I’ll be the best mascot ever for you…” she muttered, still half out of it from the orgasm.

The Coach looked at the mass of platinum blonde hair that rested on his shoulder and smiled.  He couldn’t wait to show her off to the other coaches at the awards ceremony at the end of the year.

They had all had her type come to them; privileged, snotty, righteous, feminists that seemed to think reality should bend to their view of the world.  It didn’t of course, if any of the coaches had put the women out on the field they’d have been snapped in half by the other team.

He reached down and around until his fingers found Candy’s pussy and he stroked it, soft moans escaped her lips a she murmured softly, “Yes Coach… please play with me… Candy loves to be played with…”.

Fortunately, with the resources of nearly every university in the country at their disposal, a solution had been found.  He picked up the tablet and scanned the settings of the custom app, by itself it didn’t do anything but the main unit located under his desk produced a powerful signal that could override the normal behaviour of a person.

He’d used it on dozens of women like Candice in the last few years, but when she’d entered his office for the first time, he could see the potential in her.

Of course messing with a student beyond turning them away was a big no-no, but he knew he could get away with it if she wasn’t a student.  And it hadn’t taken much to distract her from her studies enough to get her expelled.

The other coaches would certainly have questions, a few might even figure it out on their own.  But he knew it wouldn’t take long for his little secret to spread and then at next years award ceremony he was sure there would be much more competition amongst the coaches for best team “mascot”.