I walked it to Jennifer holding the remote, her eyes closed as she breathed slowly, her massive tits rising and falling as she did so.

It was part of the remotes core features of course, if the target took hold of the remote without the user present they immediately froze in place.

I reached out and plucked the remote from her hand, pressing the play button made no difference and I noticed the led hadn’t lit up either.

I flipped the remote over and popped off the battery cover as I walked in to the kitchen and opened the drawer.  It was really the only downside to the remote, the thing just chewed through AA’s like no tomorrow.

I opened a new package and inserted them in to the remote, as soon as I did I heard Jennifer’s knees it the floor as she cried out in passion.  I walked back in to the living room to find her on her knees, her pants pulled down and her fingers furiously pumping in and out of her pussy.

I hit the pause button and she stopped mid stroke.

“Well, I guess if I’m going to pay for all these batteries I’d better get my money from them.” I said to no one in particular and started to make additional changes.

First her heir lightened even more, flowing down her back.  Then her waist constricted and her ass became more defined.  Finally her entire body seemed to shimmer as I dropped a dozen or so years from her age and I hit play once more.

“Ah! Ah! Oh my god my pussy is so wet!” she cried out as her fingers once more worked in and out of her.

I stepped up beside her and petted the side of her face and she looked up at me with adoring eyes.

“Please, Jenni needs it bad!  Fuck Jenni’s pussy!”

I pushed my thumb between her lips and she suckled it eagerly as she closed her eyes and pumped it in and out of her mouth.

I reached down and slapped her massive tit to watch them jiggle and she moaned as she jiggled her tits from side to side.

Then I pulled my thumb from her mouth and pushed her face first down on to the floor, she immediately pushed her ass up in to the air as I walked around behind her and took each ass cheek in to one of my hands and squeezed.

“Uh hun, squeeze Jenni’s ass hard baby!” she said as she rotated her hips, causing her ass to gyrate as well.

I looked at the perfect shape of it, round, firm, and gave it a good hard slap on each side.

“Yes! Yes!  Slap it again!” she called out.

I obliged and wondered why I had waited so long to make more changes, but I knew the answer.  I was still holding on to the idea that she was my wife, the woman who I’d loved and married 20 years ago.  Not the bitch that was threatening to divorce me, to take everything I had and run off with her young lover that was nearly half her age.

I’d made only a few changes to start with, obviously her tits, but more subtle changes too.  Dropping the idea of the divorce, and her boy toy as well.  But all in all I’d taken her back the time when we’d both been in love.

But I’d been out with the boys tonight, they’d regaled me with stories of all the changes they’d made since they’d received their remotes and something clicked for me.

Why was I holding back?  Why shouldn’t I have a slutty little sex pot to call my own?  Why shouldn’t I change Jennifer in to Jenni, my perfect little sex kitten?

After a few more drinks, I screwed up my conviction and headed home to find her standing there.  It had made my resolve even stronger, the bitch had gone straight for the remote as soon as the batteries had died.  She had probably thought she could undo the changes and then use it on me.

I dropped my pants and plunged in to her waiting pussy, “Oh god yes!  Fuck Jenni’s tight little cunny!  Jenni needs a cock in her all the time!”, she cried out as I pushed her hard in to the floor and watched her tits squeeze out each side of her like pancakes.

She reached back and grabbed her own ass as I pounded her, putting all of her weight on to her own tits as they slide back and forth across the floor with each of my strokes.  

I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back and to the side, she did her best to look over her shoulder at me, her lips twisted in a smile as pleasure coursed through her.

She let go of one of her ass cheeks and grabbed her tit, pulling it up and pinching at the nipple, “Yes baby, Jenni needs your cock!  Jenni’s a horny slut that needs to be fucked!  Fuck Jenni!  Fuck Jenni!  Fffffuuuucckkkk Jjjjjjeeeeennnniiiii!” she cried out as I unloaded inside of her and her orgasm exploded with me.

After a moment I pulled out and tapped my dick on to the perfect ass I had just created, the last droplets of my cum spraying across it as I stood up.

I looked down at what was left of my wife… no, what was splayed out on the floor, cum dripping from her pussy as a contented smiled adorned her lips was no longer my wife.  No, I looked down at my own personal sex kitten and smiled as I grabbed the remote and selected her lips, pressing the up arrow several times as I watched them inflate on her face.

She’d sucked my thumb to start but it had been… unimpressive.  I was sure the next time would be much better with the two plump pillows that now adorned her face.

After all, what use was a sex kitten if she couldn’t even given a decent blow job?