Abby looked over her Aunt, the mass of blonde hair, puffy lips and massive tits all stuffed in to the tight dress and smiled, her plan had finally come to fruition.

A few hours ago, if you’d put Abby beside her Aunt Betty, it would have been hard to tell the two apart.  Her grandparents, Betty’s parents, had had Dorothy, Abby’s mother when they were first married.  Then, almost two decades later, Betty had come as a surprise.

By that time Dorothy had been dating and a few years later Abby had arrived.

In the end it had meant that there were just under six years of age difference between Abby and Betty but that they could also almost be twins.

Of course there was very little else the same between the two women.  Dorothy had fallen in love with a plumber and settled in to a middle class life after having Abby.

Betty on the other hand had found a rich, older husband to marry.  It had only been two years ago that he’d been killed while flying his private jet, leaving Betty as the sole heir to his fortune.

Even before his untimely death, Betty had been good to Abby, paying for the best schools, but Abby wasn’t happy with what she saw as breadcrumbs and so had come up with the perfect plan.

One of Abby’s friends, Henry, was going to the posh boarding school on a scholarship and they’d bonded pretty quickly.  He was a few years older, having flunked a grade… twice, but that didn’t bother her.  He’d wanted it to be more than just friends of course, but she wasn’t interested in him that way, but she didn’t mind being friends with benefits.  Especially with how well hung Henry was.

Aunt Betty had dropped by one day at the school, to see how Abby was doing and Betty had meet Henry and Abby could see the attraction her Aunt had for him right away.  She’d touched his arm, played with her hair and sent out pretty much every signal she could.

And that was when the plan had formed in her mind, and Henry was the key to it all.

She knew he had access to the pill, it wasn’t easy to get, but Henry had contacts and got one for her, well at least after she’d given him a blowjob.

Convincing Henry to hit on her Aunt had been harder of course, he was still kind of hung up on her and a little intimidated by her Aunt to boot.  But after she laid out the plan for him, even his limited intellect could understand it.

All Henry had to to was sudece her Aunt, get her in bed and put a ring on it.  It wasn’t going to be that hard really, Betty wasn’t the brightest bulb in the pack to start with.  Having never had to work at anything and marrying her rich husband young, she’d never really gotten a lot of street smarts.

So when Henry showed interest, pursued her, made her feel like a queen, she’d fallen for him quickly.

Just two months ago they’d tied the knot, Henry had dropped out of school, he was 20 years old after all, to play the devoted husband.  He’d even signed the prenup without complaint.

For her part Abby had been flouncing around the school in short skirts and talking like a bimbo for months.  To her friends she’d been talking about what it would be like to take a pill.  They’d been horrified at the suggestion of course, but she just smiled and giggled as she floated over to the closest group of guys and started to flirt once more.

Now, at the end of the semester, Abby had executed the second part of her plan.  She’d dropped by her Aunt’s house a few hours ago for a visit, spiked her Aunt’s drink with the pill Henry had gotten for her and she’d watched Betty gulp down the last few drops of it before her body started to change.

Her lips and breasts blossomed, her hair rand over her shoulders and down her back, her waist cinched as her skin took on an even more youthful appearance.

Then Abby watched her eyes roll back in her head as the pill reached her mind.  Abby leaned in spoke in to her Aunt’s ear, “You’re just a horny little slut named Abby.  I’m your Aunt Betty, which you love and obey.  You’ll do anything your Aunt Betty and Uncle Henry ask.”

I watched as her body shook and the orgasm rocked her.

When she came too Henry and I stood over her, a smile on her lips a she giggled.  “Like Uncle Henry, Aunt Betty, I’m sooooo horny!“ she cooed and Henry took her in to the bedroom and fucked his “wife” several times.

After that Abby had dressed her, swapped their id’s and was now just about to drop her back at her dorm room where Abby was sure she would quickly find the boy’s dorm rooms and work her way through them over the next few weeks.

“Ok Abby, time to go.”

“Like, ok Auntie B!” she enthused as she bounced out the door and in to the car.

“Abby”, or as she was now known to everyone else, Betty, sat in the headmasters office.  Her “niece” sat in the chair beside her, cum still stuck in her hair and staining her dress.

Just as she had expected, Abby had worked her way through the school, even making it to the teaching staff.

To her surprise though, Abby had gotten straight A’s from her classes, though she knew it was due to her skills with her lips more than her mind.

“As you know, Abby as been doing very… well?… in class over the last few weeks, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to expel her.  For the good of the institution.  I’m sure you understand…”

“Oh, of course.  I’ve already spoken to her mother, they can’t afford to keep her at home so they’ve agreed to let me take her in.  For her own good, of course.”

“Of course.  Well, thank you for coming in today and taking care of this.”

“Not a problem.  Now come along Abby.” she said as she stood up and held out a hand.

Abby stood up and took the extended appendage, “Like, ok Auntie B!” she replied and trailed along behind her as she struggled to keep up, her 6″ heels clicking against the tile floor as she struggled to keep her bouncing breasts inside of the tight red dress she had worn that day.

They reached the waiting limo and got in to the back where Henry was waiting.

“So?  Any issues?”

“Nope, the headmaster didn’t recognize me, all he wanted was the problem taken care of.  And with so many families taking in relatives that have been effected by the pill, he didn’t even question it.”

Henry smiled as Abby pouted across the limo, “Oh, whats wrong Abby?” he asked.

“Like, I’m sooooo horny!  It’s been… hours? since the last cock I sucked!”

“God Abby, then get down on your knees and suck Henry off!”

“Like oh my god thank you Auntie B!” Abby squealed as she dove for Henry’s crotch.

Betty smiled as she watched her Aunt riding Henry’s cock in the master bedroom, she’d been living with them for two weeks and she did a good job of keeping Henry busy.

A small frown crossed her lips as she thought of her parents, it still stung her that they’d so easily given up on “her” when she’d gone “full bimbo” from the pill.  But she guessed it was to be expected, she’d spent months distancing herself from them.  But still… they could have…

She shook her head and cleared the thought from her mind just as her Aunt screamed out with her orgasm as Henry came.  Henry was insatiable, even with her Aunt fucking him twice a day, he still had the energy left over to fuck her as well.

It was ok though, Henry knew where they stood and he seemed satisfied with her bimbo Aunt being at his beck and call.

She walked down stairs and in to the kitchen to get a snack.  A few minutes later Henry and Abby followed, Henry was wearing a housecoat but Abby was still naked and grinning from ear to ear.

Henry went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine, “Want one?” he asked of her.

“Sure, why not?” she responded.

He unwrapped the top of the bottle and popped the cork as he grabbed three glasses and set the down on the island, filling each in turn.

He handed her the first one he filled, then gave the second to Abby before filling the last for himself.

“A toast.” he said, holding up his glass.

She smiled, “Too?”

“A perfect plan, my beautiful wife and a our horny, slutty niece!”

“I’ll drink to that.” she replied.

“Like, I’ll fuck to that! *giggle*” Abby said as she downed the entire glass.

Betty lifted the glass to her lips and sipped at the wine, it was a perfect plan after all, even though Henry didn’t know it yet.

She’d be implementing the third part of her plan soon enough, using the prenup to get Henry out of her life for good.  Though she doubted he’d mind all that much, she fully expected Abby to go with him as a concelation prize.

That’s when the tingle hit her tongue and she tipped the glass of wine back once more, taking a deeper sip of the sweet taste.  By the time she had downed the entire glass she knew what was happening.

“H… how… I saw… the bottle…” she stuttered as the changes started to wash over her.  Her lips filling out, her breasts expanding, her hair growing.  Her mind flashed back to the changes her Aunt had gone through and she could only imagine she was looking more and more like her now.

“True, but I laced you glass with a crushed up pill.  Don’t fight it, it’s too late now.  You really shouldn’t have turned me down, I really was in love with you.  At least I think I was, but now Abby has shown me how much better a full blow bimbo is than love.”

He said as she walked over to her, taking her face in his hands and looking in to her eyes as she felt the effect reach her mind.

“There you go Betty, your my horny little slut.  You and your twin sister Abby exist only to bring me pleasure.  You belong to me and obey my every command.”

Abby felt the pill burning it in to her mind as she looked over at her “sister” and orgasmed.

Betty giggled as Henry fucked her pussy, or tried to as her lips were firmly on her sisters pussy, licking it for all she was worth.

“Like oh my god sis!  Lick my pussy!”

Betty felt Henry speed up and soon he was cumming inside of her as she plunged her tongue as deeply as she could in to her sisters pussy and they both came as well.

Henry slapped her ass hard and it jiggled, then he reached up and gave Abby’s massive tits a good slap as well.

Henry had had to give each of the sisters another pill of course, Abby had been so confused until he had, calling her Auntie B all the time.

Henry had explained to both of them as their tits expanded even more, how they were twin sisters and had grown up together.  How they were inseparable.  How they’d found pleasure in each other’s bodies as they matured.  How he’d married Betty and of course Abby had joined them in their vowes, even if not in a legal sense.

They were both his devoted, horny, obedient sluts and nothing could change that.

Betty started to feel Henry’s cum run down her thigh and she quickly crawled over her sister until her pussy was at her lips and lowered herself down on to her face.

Abby licked up the dribbling cum as Betty moaned, right up until Henry came around in front of her and presented his cock to her.  She wrapped her over inflated lips around it and sucked the last few drops from it as she cleaned him with her mouth.

She felt him grab her hair and twist her head upward so she was looking right in to his eyes, “You know Betty you really did have a perfect plan, except for one little detail, me.  I didn’t fail those years at school because I’m stupid, I was just having too much fun fucking those snotty bitches after I took one of these.” he said as he held a small blue pill in his hand.

He popped it in his mouth and swallowed, a few seconds later she felt his cock stiffen in her mouth as he pushed her head forward, sending his cock deep in to her throat.

She didn’t know what the blue pill was, nor did she care, whatever it was it was giving her exactly what she wanted, Henry’s cock.  She shuttered as an orgasm washed over her.  Then another as her sisters tongue pushed in to her pussy.  Then another as Henry continued to fuck her throat.  Then another.  Then another.

The only plan she had was how to get Henry’s cock inside of her and right now that was working out just perfectly.