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Tracy was cute, there was no two ways about it, but she didn’t stand out at my gym by any means.  She was one of those women that came two or three times a week to wear off their “cheat” days.  But she did catch my eye and so I’d called her in to my office, ostensibly to get feedback on the gym, but that was just pretense.

Instead, as she sat across from me, her hands clasped on her lap, her petite frame hardly taking up the chair and her shoulder length black hair a bit wild from her workout, I pulled the dildo from my desk drawer and presented it to her.

Her mouth opened in shock as I said “A gift from me to you.”, but before she knew what was happening her hand raised up and took the dildo from me.

Her lips formed the words “Thank you” without her realizing that she had said them.

Of course the dildo was no ordinary dildo, it was a triply cursed item.  A rare and powerful magical object, it had 2 compulsions curses and a third binding/blocking curse to boot.  Whoever had crafted it had been a bastard, a talented bastard, but a bastard none the less.

She’d just experienced the first of the compulsion curses, when the dildo was offered as a gift, the receiver had to accept it.

She’d be experiencing the second compulsion curse later on, once received the dildo had to be used.

She’d figure out the binding/blocking curse later of course, it blocked her ability to orgasm, binding it to whoever gifted the dildo, only the gifter could release the receivers orgasm.  With this particular curse, that release was bound to the verbal command of the gifter, but the curse could have been bound to anything.

How I came across such an unusual item is a whole different story, let’s just say the person who tried to gift it to me regrets that choice.  I had detected the curse as soon as I saw the item and my own defenses easily brushed it aside.

Perhaps I should have mentioned my own archane abilities, I’m a Warlock by trade, though the Council has sentenced me to 100 years without the use of my abilities for some trite breaking of their rules, they said nothing about cursed items though.

The Council was quite upset when they realized what I was doing when I purchased the gym, but even they had to admit there was nothing against it in their code.  And I did have to have something to entertain myself with after all, there was another 81 years left on my sentence.

And so, once in a while, I take on a little project.  In this case, Tracy.

The look of confusion on her face as she walked from my office, holding the dildo in her hand was priceless.

Tracy held the dildo in her hand in front of her locker and couldn’t believe John had given it to her, or for that matter that she’d accepted it, or to top it all off that she had thanked him for it!

She closed her locked and picked up her gym bag, walking to the exit of the locker room.  As she passed the garbage can, she held the dildo over it and tried to let it fall in to the receptacle, but for some reason her fingers wouldn’t let it go and instead she unzipped her bag and placed it inside before she left for the office.

She spend most of the day sneaking peaks at her gym bag from her monitor and by the time the end of the day came she nearly ran home with her bag in hand.

She entered her bedroom, tossed the bag on the bed, unzipped it and pulled the dildo out.  It’s cool plastic surface sent a shiver of pleasure up her arm and across her body as she started to pull at her clothing.

Minutes later, she was spread out on her bed, the dildo plunged deep in to her pussy as she masturbated.

From experience she knew it wouldn’t take long, the dildo had slid in easily to her folds and when she was this wet, it never took long for her orgasm to come.

A hour later she was frustrated and still working the dildo as she grabbed her small breast and rubbed her clit.  She did understand what was wrong and finally she had to give up.  She made some dinner, watched some TV, read a book, but when she went to bed the dildo was back in her pussy and she fell asleep some time later with it firmly between her legs.

The next few days were mostly the same, she even took the dildo with her to work, keeping it close.  By the third day, she’d was using it in the bathroom stall at lunch, trying desperately to cum.

She bit her lip as she worked the dildo in and out, whispering under her breath, “God… why can’t I cum?”

Suddenly an image flash in her mind, John handing her the dildo.  She felt herself get just a little closer and she speed up, but it was no use.

I kept an eye out for Tracy at the gym, but she actively avoided me for the first week.  I did make eye contact with her near the end of the first week and she blushed furiously as she hurried off to the locker room.

That was a good sign and just a few days later she’d knocked on my office door.

“Hi John…. uhm… I want to thank you for the gift.” she said as she closed the door behind her.

“Oh, no problem Tracy.  I hope your enjoying it.” I said as she let out a little whimper and sat down.

“I… I am.  But I was hoping you could… help me with something.”

“Sure, if I can.”

“Well, I’ve been enjoying it a lot… but not fully… if you know what I mean?” she said as she squirmed in her seat, obviously not comfortable with the subject.

“Oh, well how can I help?”

“I was hoping… you know… maybe… I’m not using it right?  Maybe… maybe you could… show me how to use it… properly?”

“Well Tracy, I guess I could, but your not really my type.  And I don’t think it would be appropriate to show you how to use a dildo unless, you know, we were in a relationship of some kind.”

I could see the wheels turning in her head as her lower lip quivered, “What… what is your… type?” she shivered as she asked the question.

“Oh, well, you know… a little more in shape.  You know Jennifer right?  More like her.”  I watched her head nod and a mixture of fear and need cross her face.

Tracy sat across from John as he said the words, “More like her.”, she did know Jennifer, everyone in the gym knew her.  She practically lived at the gym, had nearly 0% body fat, huge fake tits and flirted with everyone.

Tracy’s pussy was still buzzing, the sound of John’s voice had made it worse as soon as he had started to speak and she couldn’t hold out too much longer.

“So… if I was… more like her… ?”

“Sure, I guess I could show you how then.” he replied and she squeezed her legs together trying to muffle the buzzing.

“Ok, thanks.  I’ve got to go…” she said as she rose from the chair and nearly ran back to the locker room where the dildo was, just taking between her fingers helped but she knew satisfaction wouldn’t come without John.

She hurried to her office, where she masturbated for a while in the bathroom stall, it was a thrice daily routine these days, the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy as she focused on John’s image in her mind.

It was all she could do not to scream out his name, but she managed to keep it in and after a while the buzzing had subsided enough she could take the dildo out and put it back in her purse.

Then she returned to work and started shuffling her daily schedule around.

I smiled as Tracy left my office and over the next few weeks her work out schedule changed from 2 to 3 times a week, to five times a week and then finally to every day, even the weekends.

Thirty minutes became an hour and then finally an hour before work and after work.

It started to show quickly after that and I even saw her talking to Jennifer several times, then more often until they practically worked out every day together.

It was six weeks until Tracy knocked at my office door again and the difference was quite amazing.

Gone were the baggy sweats, replaced with tight fitting shorts and a top.  Her six pack exposed for everyone to see, she was even wearing makeup.

“Hi John, got a minute?” she asked.

“Sure Tracy, come on in” I said smiling as she closed the door behind her, then spun around and stopped, placing her hands on her hips, a broad smile across her lips.

“So?  What do you think?”

“Very nice Tracy, your coming along well.” I said as I stood up and walked over to her and placed my hand on her abs.

She let out a little moan as I made a circle with my palm, then a gasp as my other hand ran across her firm ass.

“It’s too bad about these.” I said as both hands came up and grabbed her small breasts.

“Please… please… John… I know they’re too small for you… Jennifer gave me her doctor’s info… I have an appointment on Monday…” she said between ragged breaths.

I reached up and took her face in my hand.

“Please… just… just show me…” she whimpered as she leaned in to my palm.

“I know, I know, it must be so hard being so close… but never quite getting there.” I said as I slid my thumb over her lower lip.

“You’re so close, but just not quite there… just remember to tell the doctor you want them big, and round, and fake.”

I turned her around and gave her ass a slap, she took a step forward and grabbed the door knob, just before she turned it she looked over her shoulder, her eyes full of need, “Yes John!  I’ll tell him!  Big and round and fake!  Just the way you like them!”

Tracy sat on the chair, naked from the waist up, the dildo firmly stuffed in her pussy as the doctor examined her breasts.

“You have quite a good base here, you’re a large b cup?”

“Yes.” she responded.

“How large were you looking to go?”

“As large as I can Doctor.” she responded.

“And you said earlier you were looking for silicon, high profile implants correct?”

“Yes Doctor.”

“Well, everything looks good, I have an opening in three weeks if that’s not too soon?”

“No, that’s fine, in fact earlier if you can.” she said as she smiled, flexing her pussy muscles just a bit so the dildo moved just a little out and then she pulled it back in.

I watched Tracy slide the dildo in and out as she reclined on her bed, the look of desperation in her face as she pressed a finger against her clit, her large round tits heaving up and down as she panted in need.

“Well Tracy, I don’t see any problem in how your using it to be honest.”

“Oh god, really!  But I need to cum so badly!” she cried out in exasperation.

“Well, maybe it’s not how your doing it, but why.”

“Why?  Because I need to cum!” she replied.

“Well, what are you thinking about when you masturbate?”

“I… I’m thinking about… you…”

“Me?  Ok, what am I doing?”

“Your… your… fucking me!”

“And when I fuck you, do I cum?”


“So I fuck you, pleasure you and then I cum.  Right?”


“I think I see the problem…”

“What is it!  Tell me!”

“Well, if I’m giving you all the pleasure and cumming, maybe you’re not coming because your not giving any pleasure?  Maybe you need to focus on my pleasure, stop worrying about your own.  Dedicate yourself to my pleasure and then maybe you’ll cum.”

“God yes!  Anything!  Tell me how to pleasure you!”

I grabbed her legs and pulled her around on the bed until her head hung over the edge.  Then I moved around until my dick was just in front of her lips and pushed between them.

“Well, why don’t we start with me fucking your face while I hold on to these big fake tits of yours.” I said as I reached down and grabbed a hold of each of her tits.

I pushed deep in to her throat and then pulled out, soon she matched my pace with the dildo, “Yea, that’s good Tracy, I love the feel of my cock in your throat.  I love these big fake tits of yours.” I said as I let go of one, raised my hand and slapped it hard, it hardly moved even with the force of my blow.

She gurgled as I pulled back and she chocked a little as I pushed in again.

“You know, you really are my type now, big fake tits on a tight little body, a desperate need to cum no matter what.  God I’m going to cum down your throat and you’d better swallow all of it Tracy.” I said as I felt my shaft stiffen and the first drops of cum flow from my tip.

“Cum now Tracy, cum harder than you’ve ever cum before!”

Her whole body arched as she tried to swallow my load as I unleashed it in to her throat.

Moments later I pulled myself from her mouth and wiped the mix of cum and saliva off of my shaft with her hair as I held her head upright, a broad goofy grin on her face as she reveled in the first orgasm she’d had in months.

“How was that Tracy?  Did it feel good cumming while I used you for my own pleasure?  I know it did, just remember how good it felt to be used for nothing more than my pleasure and not your own and I’m sure we’ll have lots more fun in the future.” I said as I let her head drop over the side of the bed and went to clean up and leave.