Dani looked at the CD in her hand and tried not to frown, who even used CD’s anymore?

“Thanks Sam, I’ll listen to it tonight.” she said, trying hard to seem excited as she unconsciously pulled down her Kesha t-shirt and tucked it in her pants before he walked away.

Sam had been hitting on her for months, but the day she saw his Led Zeppelin t-shirt she knew they weren’t right for each other, she hated dinosaur rock.  The thing was that she otherwise might have said yes, he was about her own age, a rarity in the office, kind of cute in a geeky kind of way and clearly on his way up.  He was already filling in for a manager that was on maternity leave.

She turned back to her computer after tossing the CD in to her purse and got back to work.

Dani tossed her keys on the table as she closed the door behind her, the subway had been a mess, but she was finally home.

She reached in to her purse and grabbed her phone, her hand coming up against the cold plastic of the CD case and she frowed just a bit as she grabbed it as well.

She turned it over in her hands a few times and decided it was too late to listen to it tonight, after all she knew he’d ask about it and she’d better at least know what tracks were on it.

Instead, as she sat on the couch and watched another episode of The Crown on Netflix, she ripped the CD to her phone and figured she’d listen to it on the subway ride in the next day.

“Miss… Miss…” someone said as Dani felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Wha…?” she managed to get out as she looked up in to the face of one of the regulars she recognized from the subway ride.

“Wasn’t that your stop?” he asked.

She looked up at the status board and realized he was right, “Shit… thanks.” she replied as she stood up, the music still playing in her earphones as she waited for the next stop to switch tracks and head back to work.

It was a good thing she left early for work, she’d still make it in on time.

Dani stared at the monitor, her mouth slightly open with her earphones still firmly in place as her fingers typed away.

“Girl, you’ve been working like a machine all morning.  What’s gotten in to you?  Aren’t you even going to take a break for lunch?” her cubical neighbour said and snapped her back to reality.

“I… yea… of course.  Just a sec.” she responded, taking the earphones out with a slight grimace before putting them away and grabbing her coat and purse.

Lunch seemed to drag on forever, Dani and the other three often lunched and gossiped together but today Dani didn’t hava much to.  Instead she listened and took side long glances at her purse where her phone sat idle.  The music player still displaying the paused song that was playing when she left her desk.

Dani woke up with her earphones strewn across the bed, just like she had the last several mornings.  She just couldn’t stop listen to Sam’s play list enough!

It was strange, she couldn’t remember why she didn’t like the bands before, even though she could definitely remember not liking them, but now she couldn’t get enough of them.

She let out a little moan as she realized her fingers were buried in her pussy.  She pulled them out and smiled, that was something else she’d come to realize, those songs Sam had given her really turned her on.  They hadn’t the first few days, but now she was going to sleep each night after masturbating to them in her bed and waking up each morning with her fingers in her pussy.

She’d downloaded a few other songs, from the same bands and others of the era, but those songs didn’t do anything for her.  Today she was going to hunt down Sam and ask him for some more recommendations, she was pretty sure whatever he suggested would be much better than what she downloaded.

Dani was on her knees in Sam’s office, her lips wrapped around his dick as today’s song played over her headphones.

It had become a daily ritual, she’d arrive early, before anyone but Sam was in the office and he’d load up a new track on to her phone.  She’d start listening to it and before it even repeated for the first time, she’d be giving him a blow job.

After all it was the least she could do, he’d been giving her such great music!

And if she was being honest, it wasn’t just for him either.  Her fingers hadn’t been able to get her over the edge in over a week, but every time Sam deliver a load in to her mouth she’d cum like a freight train.

If she was honest, she’d be on her knees with of without the new track each day.

She felt the first spurt of cum enter her mouth and she sucked hard as her orgasm started.

Dani raised her hand to her head as Sam snapped a photo with his phone, “Looking good my horny little rock slut.” he said with a wry smile and her knees almost gave out from under her.

God she loved being Sam’s Rock’n Roll chick.  And she loved it when he told her out loud that that was what she was even more.  Her closet was filled with classic t-shirts with bands from the 70’s and 80’s.  Along with an assortment of tight mini-skirts and thigh high boots.  When Sam had told her they were going to a cover band that night, she’d spent hours getting ready

Her pussy was soaking wet already and they hadn’t even started playing yet.  She knew they’d head up to the front of the concert, Sam would stand behind her and he’d pull her top up over her tits, flashing the band as they played.

She loved it when he took control like that, not asking, just doing.  Maybe if she was lucky, he’d slip his hand down her skirt and play with her pussy while she displayed her tits for the band.

She swayed her hips as she walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him, leaning in and kissing him passionately.  She pushed her tits in to his chest, rubbing them against him and savouring the feel of the two told rings that adorned her nipples against him.

He grabbed her ass and squeezed, in response she pushed her tongue in to his mouth until he broke the embrace.

Dani was in heaven, the band was playing, she was down on her knees, Sam’s cock firmly in her mouth as her shirt was up around her neck.  He hadn’t said a word, but instead just guided her down and her body had followed along.

Soon, as the song came to a crescendo, so did Sam and she eagerly took each drop as her orgasm washed over her.

But as the next song started, another cock was in front of her lips.  It wasn’t Sam’s, but her lips simply wrapped around it and soon she was taking another load and receiving another orgasm.

The band played a dozen more songs and she took a dozen more cocks.

Dani was bent over her couch arm, her thigh high boots still on but her skirt and top long since discarded.

Sam’s cock was buried in her pussy and she was crying out in pleasure, “God Sam, Rock’n Roll my tight little pussy all night long!”

He landed a hard slap on her ass before responding, “Just a slutty little piece of ass now aren’t you Dani?”

“Fuck yeeeessss!”

“None of that stupid chick music for you any more.” he said as she pushed in hard once more.

“Nnnnugg…. no!  I’m your Rock’n Roll whore!  I cum for Rock’n Roll… I cum for Rock’n Roll… I cuuuummmm foooorrrr roooooock’n roooooollllll!!!” she cried out as she felt him release inside of her and her orgasm crashed over her.

She felt another slap land on her ass as he pulled out and then walked over to the front of the couch and leaned down to her head.

“That’s right.  I’ve got a good friend I need to introduce you too.  He helped me make those songs you love so much and I expect you to show him a good time like a good little Rock’n Roll slut, understand?”

She smiled, “Of course Sam, anything for my Rock’n Roll Master…” she said half dazed from the orgasm before he stood up and left.

She wasn’t sure exactly when it had happened, the realization that Sam was the Rock’n Roll Master, or for that matter when she had started thinking of him as her Rock’n Roll Master, but she had and now she knew she’d do anything to be his perfect Rock’n Roll slut.