Jerri walked along the main entrance to the library, turning her head to the side and catching her reflection in the mirror as her hips swayed from side to side and her heels clicked against the hard stone floor.

She smiled as a little chill ran down her spine as she saw her tight skirt had ridden up and she could see the tops of her stockings.  She paused and turned to the mirror, wiggling her hips as she shimmied the skirt down once more and then resumed walking to her desk.

When she arrived at her desk, the office was empty, as always.  She was always the first in, it set the right tone in the office and she didn’t want anyone to think the boss didn’t work as hard as they did.

She powered up her laptop and started to work on the reports; book orders, lost and overdue books, loans to and from other libraries.  The reports just never seemed to end.

She looked up and saw most of the staff had arrived while she was buried in the reports, the office was humming with activity as the other librarians attended to their duties.

She looked at the office door, “Jerri Teneth, Head Librarian” painted on the glass in gold letter, just as a voice bellowed from behind it.

“Jerri!  Where’s my coffee!?!” Rod’s voice echoed throughout the office and right in to her pussy.

How had she missed him coming in?  She nearly knocked over her laptop as she jumped from her chair, “Sorry Sir!  Coming right up!” she replied as she scurried over to the coffee machine and poured the hot brew in to the “World’s Best Boss” mug he preferred.

She hurried back to his office and before opening the door made sure her skirt and everything else was in place.  She walked in, hips swaying more than usual with the coffee cup in her hand in front of her.

“Sorry Sir, I didn’t hear you come in… I was so engrossed working on the reports…”

He grunted in reply and took the mug from her hand, sipping on it and making a face, “Terrible, you forgot the sugar… again.”

“Oh god… not again… please… I’ll fix it.” she replied, grabbing the mug from his hands and hurrying back out of the office.  She returned a few moments later, handing him back the mug and waiting to make sure she had gotten it right.

“Better… but it would have been hotter without the second trip.  If your going to stay on as my secretary your going to have to get a lot better at this Jerri.” he said.

“Oh yes Sir!  I’ll do better next time, I promise!”  She was nearly in a panic, she owed Rod so much for keeping her own at the library, she didn’t know what she would have done otherwise.

“Alright, get back to those reports.  I expect them on my desk by noon!” he said and waved his free hand, dismissing her.

She turned and hurried towards the door, “And when are you getting that door fixed?”, he bellowed after her.

She froze mid stride and turned back to him, “Today Sir, the sign painter said he’d be here today!” she replied quickly and turned back towards her desk and almost sprinted for it.

She sat down and tried to work, but her pussy was still buzzing and she finally gave up, heading to the bathroom.  There she pulled down her skirt and let her fingers dance across her lower lips until the buzzing receded in to the back ground once more.

It never went away of course, and no matter how much she played with herself she was never truly satisfied, but at least she’d be able to finish the reports before lunch and that was what was important this morning.

Jerri stood in front of Rod’s desk, her head slightly bowed and her hands clasped in front of her as he read over the reports.

“Not bad Jerri, they’ll do.  After lunch send them to the board on my behalf.”

“Oh yes Sir!  Thank you Sir!” she responded, her pussy buzzing even harder now that he’d been quizzing her on the contents of the report for the last 20 minutes.  She was having a hard time keep her hands from grabbing the bottom of her skirt and pulling it up so she could stick her fingers in between her soaking web lips.

The reports weren’t hard, she’d done them many times in her career before coming to this library, but doing them for Rod send a shiver of pleasure through her body.

She’d been so naive when she’d arrived here, competing with Rod for the head librarian job, figuring she could change everything about the place and show how capable she was.  The board had bought in to her youthful energy and glowing recommendations and she’d quickly relegated Rod to the archives.

How wrong she had been, was only now apparent to her.  Rod was a far better candidate, wise and learned, measured and commanding.  When he’d dropped by late one night after a month or so in the archives and shown her his ideas, written out on some old parchment, she could have sworn she had seen a feint glow coming from it.

It was so obvious to her now, the plan laid bare before her; she would resign her position and recommend Rod take her place, she would ask to stay on as Rod’s secretary to learn from him, she would dedicate herself to make sure his every want and desire was fulfilled, her body would respond to the sound of his voice as if it were a vibrator being pressed right up against her clit.

She’d reread it several times until it was burned in to the deepest parts of her mind and then he spoke and her pussy came alive.

She’d resigned the very next day, it had taken a lot of convincing to keep her on, but she had been very persuasive, taking a huge pay cut and committing to a five year contract.  Not that she had any intention of leaving of course.

“Alright Jerri, lunch time.” he spoke and she beamed a smile across the desk at Rod.

“Oh yes Sir!” she replied and walked around the desk, kneeling on to the floor, her fingers working at the zipper of his pants until she managed to fish his hardening dick out.

Her lips wrapped around him and she sucked him all the way in, her head bobbed up and down.  The buzzing in her pussy intensified as she moaned and hummed and sucked and squealed as she moved faster and faster.

Finally she felt his cum spurt forth and she pushed him all the way in to her throat, letting his cum run down in to her waiting belly as her own orgasm finally crested.

She slowed, making sure to get every last drop before pulling all the way back and taking in from her mouth, “Thank you Sir!  It is my pleasure to learn all I can from you, including how to be a better cock sucking slut!”

“Your getting there Jerri, I think it might be time to start getting ready for your next lesson, how to give a proper titty fuck.  But I think your going to have to get some upgrades before we begin, why don’t you spend the afternoon researching plastic surgeons.”

“Yes Sir, right away Sir.”

“Don’t forget to investigate the different types of implants and procedures.  Give me a full report by the end of the week, including pictures and a recommendation of how large you should go to give the best titty fuck.  Got it?”

“Yes Sir, you can could on me!” she said as she looked down at her small b cups, how large would she have to go?  Would double d’s be enough?  

She pictured Rod’s shaft between two large implants stuck on her chest and the buzzing in her pussy started once more.

She stood up and swayed her hips as she left his office, wondering how many more things he’d have to teach her.  She wasn’t sure, but as a smile crossed her face, she knew she couldn’t wait to find out.