“Uhmmmmm… like what were you saying?” Didi asked as she lookup up, sticking her tongue half way out, at the stranger she’d meet just a few minutes ago in front of the store where she worked.

“I asked how long you’d been working at the bank?” he said, a wry smile on his lips.

“Like… bank?” she said, half dazed as she turned her head farther around to see the bank beside the little shop she worked in.

She scrunched her forehead and pushed her tongue to the side of her mouth… she didn’t work in a bank did she?

“I’m sorry, did I misunderstand?  Didn’t you say you were the branch manager?”

“*giggle* Don’t be silly… like Didi’s way to hot to be some stuffy old bank manager!” she replied as a weight left her mind and rolled down on to her chest.  She looked down at the two large mounds that stuck proudly out from her chest and strained the tight pink top she wore.

She giggled again, pushed them out as she brought her arms in against her sides and jiggled them back and forth.“

“Like Didi’s titties are waaaayyyyy too big to be that boring *giggle*”

“Yes, I guess so.  I must have had you confused with Diana, the previous bank manager.  The poor girl was so plain and boring, freshly graduated from university and spending all her time talking about rates and loans and other completely uninteresting things.  She’d never wear such a great outfit like that.” he said, pointing at her totally fashionable ripped jeans and teeny tiny pink top.

She smiled and giggled again, “Like thanks!  I totally love it!” she replied, running her hands over the stretch fabric of her top and then down her sides and over the ripped jeans.

“And she’d never fill out those jeans like that, I bet you just can’t get enough of guys looking at that bum of yours can you?”

She ran her hands back over the jeans and on to her ass, giving it a little slap, “Ngh nugh… Didi loves shown off her ass! *giggle*” she said and let out a little moan as she slapped it again.

“Well Didi, I think it’s time to get back to work, don’t you?”

“Like… what?” she replied, confused once more.

“To my store… Strutz.  You know ‘Adult clothing for naughty girls’.” he said, waving his hand behind him at the shop store beside the bank.

“Like oh my gawd yes!” she cried out as she stood up and bounced up and down, her giant tits bouncing in just out of sync with the rest of her body.

He walked over beside her, wrapped an arm around her waist and planted his hand firmly on her ass.

“I mean since Jenni has retired you’ll have to pick up all her shifts now, starting with today.  You don’t mind working 7 days a week do you?” he said, squeezing her ass firmly.

“Mmmmmm… oh god no… Didi loves working for you boss!”

“I know you do, and such a perfect representative for the shop too.”

“Like… rep… repres… what?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” he said, patting her ass, “that just means that like the sign says, your a naughty girl.” he said closing the door behind them and turning the sign around to ‘closed’.

“Like oh my god look at all the amazing outfits!” she nearly screamed as she scanned the store.  Sparkly dresses, towering heels, shiny leather and latex, revealing spandex outfits lined the walls and racks.

“Yep, everything a modern slut or stripper requires.” he said as she bolted forwards, rummaging through the racks.

“Come over hear Didi.” he said as he walked behind the counter and she pulled herself away.

“Now stand right here, spread those legs out a bit and lean over, putting both hands flat on the counter.” he said and she did what he said, a sudden heat rising her her pussy.

He reached around and undid her jeans, pulling them down over her generous ass, exposing her naked pussy to the cool air conditioning of the shop.  Her nipples hardened instantly and were clearly visible through the thin fabric of her top.

He slide his finger down between her moist lips and she let out a low moan, “Oh god boss!  Stoke Didi’s horny little pussy!” she cried out as he reached up with his free hand and pulled her top down, exposing her tits as she flung her head back and gasped in need.

She brought her head back upright and looked out on to the street, there was a clear view all the way through the store, any passer by would see her juggs on display.

‘Oh god… I’m so naughty… but… I’m so needy.  Naughty… needy… naughty… needy… naught needy… naughty needy naughty needy naughty needy…“ the words kept circling around in her mind as she felt him push up against her outer lips.

“Oh god yes!  Fuck Didi!  Didi is so fucking naughty and needy! Fuck naughty needy Didi!” she cried out as he pushed in and her world exploded in pleasure.

He looked down at his cock stuffed inside of the previous bank manager, her voice filling the store as she cried out in desperation to be fucked.

To be honest he hadn’t planned on taking on a new staff member today, but when one of his best clients offered a sizable sum to take Jenni of of his hands permanently, well, who was he to say no?

And really Diana wasn’t the best candidate to start with, but with his skill set the plain old brunette bank manager had become a sex crazed blonde hottie in no time.

He’d probably end up having to adjust a few of her co-workers and friends, but that wasn’t much of a problem.  If he was lucky a few of her friends would be hotter that she had been and he’d even get a couple of new clients for the store.  If not, so be it, he had more than enough customers to keep the shop afloat and it was really just a way to pass the time anyway.

He pushed deep and hard in to her and released, her back arched and she cried out in a screaming orgasm.

He smirked and gave her ass a good hard slap, she let out a giggle and a sweat “Thank you boss!” as she came down from the orgasmic high.

Well the shop was a way to pass the time when he wasn’t fucking the customers and staff at least.