Talia floated in the tub, letting the cloning gel do it’s work as she felt her clone’s thigh rub up against her own.  She was impatient but knew there was no choice but to wait out the process to finish.

She could only hope that she finished before Thomas arrived home once more.  He’d been getting careless of late, after years of being under his absolute control with the monthly application of hypno salve he applied directly to her temples and the played the pre-recorded commands through headphones.

It had started almost 8 months ago, he’d been away on business and delayed her conditioning for almost 2 weeks.  She’d gotten just a little bit of her free will back and had immediately started planning her escape.  But before she had been able to execute her plan, he’d arrived home and reconditioned her.

But this month, he’d procrastinated for almost 3 weeks and she’d been able to come up with a plan that she’d be able to execute, she was sure of it.

She’d ordered the cloning gel as soon as the conditioning had faded enough for her to do so, it had arrived that morning and she immediately had headed to the bathroom and filled the tub, adding the gel as instructed.

Then she’d stripped down and settled in to the tub to let the gel do it’s job.

Soon now, very soon, the clone would be complete and she’d leave the house, never to return.  By the time Thomas figured out it was the clone that remained, she’d be long gone.

Of course, she did feel a little bad about the clone.  It was going to be a perfect copy of her, both physically and mentally, so it was going to almost be like leaving herself behind, but all that matter was that she’d be free.  The clone could figure out for itself a way to escape.

She felt the clone twitch and gasp as it came to life and a smile crossed Talia’s face, ‘Finally!’ she thought as she opened her eyes to see Thomas’ smiling face looking down at her.

He reached down and stroked the side of her face, “Finally ready I see?” he said.

She tried to respond, but her lips refused to move.

“Did you really think such a large purchase would go unnoticed?” he asked, running his hand down her face and then between her breasts.

“Not that I wasn’t expecting it of course, after all you’ve been following your programming all along.  I mean, it’s not like I have to apply the salve every month, it’s permanent after all.  I just love seeing you start to struggle against it and then succumb to it each time.  God it makes me hard.”

Her mind raced, she was still under his control?  But she’d tried to escape…

“But you know after all this time, it was starting to get a little boring so I decided I needed to change things up a bit.  I thought about it and decided what would be even better than one hypno slave, was two.  But not just any two, two identical hypno slaves.  So, last month I added a little extra nudge to your programming, planting the idea of cloning yourself.”

His hand continued down her flat stomach and slide gently between her legs, cupping her pussy.

“And here she is, and exact copy of you, right down to the hypno programming I installed during your last session.  Your minds are still being kept in sync right now by the cloning gel, she’s feeling me rub your pussy right night and enjoying it just as much.”

She tried to cry out in protest, but her body still refused.

“The best part?  In a moment, when I tell you to sit up and the sync is ended, your going to forget who is who.  Neither of you will know who is the original and who is the clone.” he said with a slight chuckle and removed his hand from her body.

“Now Talia, sit up.” he commanded and her body moved, tilting up ward as she felt the bottom of the tub touch her bum.

Sitting across from her was the clone… no… was she the clone?  She couldn’t remember!

She lifted her hand from the gel, just as the other Talia did and they touched each other’s face.  As they did so, Thomas step backwards and undid his house coat, letting it drop to the floor.

“Stand and report.” he commanded and they booth stood up, turned towards his and smiled.

“I am Talia, your hypno slave clone.  Please command me Master.” their voices echoed in unison as they stepped forward from the tub, walked over to Thomas and knelt at his feet, bowing their heads.

“Very good, now pleasure me.” he commanded and they shimmied forward slightly, taking position on each side of his shaft, leaning in and pushing their lips on each side of it until they met in the middle.

They moved the heads back and forth in perfect timing as he hardened.  They pushed their tongues on to the side of his shaft as the continued, felling his hands settle on the back of their heads, pushing them closer together.

Soon, her spoke again, “Prepare to receive my gift.”

They both shimmied back in front of him, turning their bodies slightly to the side and pushing their faces together, their mouths open side as one their hands stroked his shaft and the other cradled his balls.

“Please Master, give Talia your gift.” they once more said in unison and the stuck their tongues out in anticipation.

They didn’t have to wait long as he sent several streams of cum across their faces.

“Very good hypno clones, now clean yourselves up.” he said once he finished and they both turned their heads slightly and started to lick their Masters gift from each other’s face.

Talia wasn’t sure if she was licking the cum from her clone, or the clone was licking it from her face, but it didn’t matter.  All that mattered was her Master was pleased with his hypno clone.