Kelly looked up in to the mirror, her best friend Donna straddling her as she pulled on the leash around Kelly’s neck.  It sent a shiver down her spine and right in to her pussy as Donna rocked back and forth, rubbing her pussy against her abdomen.

Kelly let out a moan as she closed her eyes for just an instant and wondered how it had happened.

The two best friends had move to the city together six months ago, eager to break in to acting and make their fame and fortune.  Now, here they were, the cameras were rolling but it was all wrong somehow.

Donna and Kelly had never been interested in girls, and especially not each other, but she let out another moan as Donna tugged on the leash and Kelly opened her eyes wide as she raised her head.

Donna’s nipples look red and angry as the clamps squeezed them tightly, but Donna seemed to enjoy it and leaned down and planted a passionate kiss on to Kelly’s lips.

Then Donna leaned back, threaded the leash between her thighs and slide forward, pushing her panties right up against Kelly’s face.

Kelly nuzzled her friends wet panties, licking and gasping as she did so.  Soon her friend pushed her panties to the side and moved the rest of the way up until she was sitting directly on to of Kelly’s face.

“That’s right slave, like your Mistress’ pussy.”  Donna said and Kelly gasped as the pleasure washed over her but her tongue pushed deep in to Donna’s pussy none the less.

Then she felt fingers invade her pussy, they were too big to be Donna’s and so she knew Kevin had joined them.

Donna had started dating Kevin a few weeks after they’d arrived in the city.  He had money and connections and Donna had fallen for him quickly, even if neither one of them could figure out what he did for a living.

But soon after things had started to change.  Donna had dyed her normally light brown hair almost black, her normally cheerful personality started to turn more serious and her normally reserver sexual attitude became more forceful.

Kelly hadn’t noticed it at first, but she was changing too.  Following along with whatever Donna wanted to do, going out to parties trailing along like a lost puppy, it wasn’t long before she found herself agreeing to threesomes with Kevin where she eagerly licked Donna’s pussy as he fucked her from behind.

At some point, the idea of Donna being her best friend was replaced with her being her Mistress and after that things became much easier.  Kelly simply did everything she was told, providing pleasure to her Mistress each night and every morning as she woke up be her legs.

The first time Kevin had brought them to a porn set, Kelly watched in fascination as the performers fucked on camera.  Donna, for her, part had studied them intently too.

After the shoot was done, a few crew members stayed behind and Donna had lead Kelly on to the bed and started to strip her naked.  Soon enough Kelly was licking her pussy, the light on the camera shining brightly as the two of them recorded their first scene together.

After that things had moved quickly, scene after scene was filmed of the two young pron starlets and their fame started to rise.  Until, finally, here they were, filming their first threesome.

Donna rose from Kelly’s face and Kelly took in a deep breath just as Keven grabbed hold of her and twisted her around so her head was just over the side of the bed.

Donna took the opportunity to remove her panties and instead put on a strap on.

Soon her Mistress’ dildo was pounding her pussy while Kevin’s cock was sliding deep in to her throat, her body responded by sending waves of pleasure through her.

She watched Kevin in the mirror as he lean forward and pull Donna towards him by the back of the head, kissing her deeply as the two of them worked her body.

Then, she felt his cum enter her mouth as he grabbed the chain between Donna’s nipples and yanked it free.  Both women cried out in pleasure as their orgasms rocked their bodies.

Kevin looked down at the two women recovering from their orgasms and smiled.  As a male porn star he mad every little money, but as a producer, well that was a different story.

Of course the problem with being a producer was the women.  If they weren’t late, they didn’t want to work with that partner, or they wanted more money, or some other shit that made his life miserable.

But he’d found a solution, he’d been regaling a friend in the black market with his troubles when he’d offered a potential solution.  The drug was a clear liquid, odourless, tasteless and fast acting.  And of course highly illegal.

He’d almost turned it down at first, was it really worth the risk?  The answer had come to him almost instantly at the thought of his last video shoot, the starlet had arrived 3 hours late, refused to work with two of the 3 actors in the scene and then stormed out demanding he pay her twice what the contract was for.

He’d caved in to each of her demands, but it had significantly eaten in to his profits to the point where he was making less than minimum wage from that movie.

Of course you couldn’t just dose a popular star with the drug and fix all your problems in a single day.  No, the drug was a powerful cocktail that opened you up to manipulation, but it had it’s limits.  You had to work on someone for a while, bringing them along slowly with each dose until they arrived at the changes you wanted.

That made existing starlets pretty much off his list, but new talent, well that was another story.  All he had to do was find a girl fresh off the bus from Kansas, or somewhere else that was easy to impress on a date or two and soon enough they would be under his control.

Donna had caught his eye at a media party where she was working as a hostess, he’d wined and dinned her for a few nights, slowly slipping the drug in to a drink here or sprinkled over a salad there whenever he got a chance, but it wasn’t until he’d meet Kelly that he really decided what he wanted her to become.

As soon as he’d seen the two of them together the gears in his mind had started to turn, lesbian domination was hot these days and all it needed was a star couple to break it big.  

Of course taste’s change quickly in the industry and what was hot yesterday is passe the next.  In this case tastes had moved on from simple lesbian domination to lesbian domination being dominated by men.

That was fine by him, it just meant he got to fuck the two of them on screen as well as off.