SolarGirl posed for the photo as her mind wandered to the upcoming trip, Mal had taken it years ago himself, but she needed to find out for herself what was left of their shattered planet.

“Are you sure I can’t talk you out of it?” Mal asked from behind the cameras.

“I’m sure cousin, it’s something I’ve got to do.”

“I understand, just remember, this is your home now, there’s always a place for you here.” he replied, his wide smile across the strong features of his face made her feel safe and welcome.

“I know, I know.  But that distress call had to come from somewhere and I’ll travel to the far reaches of the galaxy to find out why a message from out dead home-world all of a sudden appeared.”

She knew Rayton was gone, her and Mal’s home world destroyed in an instant when he was but a baby and she a young girl.  But if there was any hope of finding other survivors, she had to follow it up.

The photo shoot was for the story Louise was writing about the message and her pending voyage to the stars.  Kiri didn’t understand what Mal saw in her, or for that matter why he put up with her constant need to scoop him of his byline, but she guessed he must have seen something to stay with her for this long.

Ok, maybe she could see what he liked in her, she did have bigger breasts than Kiri and Kiri could only imagine the hoovering power of that mouth that she ran all the time, but Mal was above that kind of thing wasn’t he?

On the other hand Kiri had never had much use for the people of Earth, it wasn’t that she disliked them or anything.  She just quickly grew tired of having to hold back all the time, after all a simple touch could kill one of them if she wasn’t careful.

She finished up the photo shoot, said her goodbyes and flew to Mal’s Citadel of Seclusion, though by all rights it was really their’s and not just his, and climbed in to her ship.

She powered up the engines and blasted off in to orbit, free of the Earth’s gravity, she moved away from the planet she had called home for the last several years and powered up the interstellar drive, her ship vanished as it powered it’s way through the solar system.

Mal, floating in the air above the city, using his enhanced sight, was the only witness to see her leave.

“ALERT *beep* ALERT *beep* Interstellar drive malfunction! ALERT *beep* ALERT *beep*”

Kiri looked at the instruments as her ship dropped out of interstellar drive, the mass of Jupiter filling her viewport as the computer continued to read out malfunction after malfunction.

Only after several minutes did she look up from the screens and notice the two large man made satellites coming toward her.  Clear as day, the Dex Labs logo adorned each one of them.

“Damn it Dex, what are you up to this time!” she said under her breath as she grabbed her space suit and put it on.  Exiting her ship she flew right at the first satellite, just as she approached it a small door opened and an arm extended, firing a blue beam at her, hitting her square in the chest.

It knocked her back hard and before she could get her senses once more, a second beam hit her in the back.  She gasped as the two beams pummeled her from both sides, she could feel herself getting weaker and that’s when she knew they were Rayton beam, sapping her of her strength as she struggled to break free of them.

Suddenly a voice echoed in her helmet across her comms, “Well SolarGirl, I have to admit I set this trap for SolarMan, hoping he’d use his own ship to leave the solar system and investigate.  But alas I guess I shall have to satisfy myself with a lesser prize.”

Kiri fumed as Dex’s voice faded along with her vision and soon she lost consciousness.

Kiri woke up some time later, it felt like her whole body had been put through a wringer and she could still feel the effects of Rayton upon her body.  She opened her eyes and saw the blue glow of the Rayton lamp above her and she tried to stand up, only to be held in place by thick metal bands.

“Ah, awake once more.  Very good.” Dex’s familiar voice echoed through the room.

“You won’t get away with this Dex!  SolarMan will find me or one of the other Honour Society members!”

“Oh, my dear, no.  No they won’t will they?” his confidence shook her.

“After all, you’re far away, heading towards the ruble of your home planet, or somewhere else trying to track down some phantom signal aren’t you?”

“That… that signal, that was you?”

“Yes my dear, that was me.  Though I had hope SolarMan himself would have gone after it.  But I guess his time on Earth has lessened his need to chase after dead worlds.  You on the other hand… well, you still remember your home world don’t you?”

Kiri sneered, he knew the answer to that question and they both knew it.

“This Rayton lamp won’t hold me forever Dex, when I get free…”

“Yes, well, about that.  Your right of course, if that was my plan you would eventually break free and escape.  But fortunately, it doesn’t have to hold you for very long.” he said as picked up a syringe from a table just out of her sight and walked over to her.

“Hey, what is that!?  What are you doing Dex?!” she cried out as he pulled her costume up over her abdomen and inserted the needle in to her normally solid steel skin.

He depressed the syringe and pulled it out, “There we go, all done.”

“What.. what was in the syringe Dex?  I swear when I get free…”

“What was in the syringe is the answer to why I don’t need the Rayton lamp of very long.  It’s really done it’s job already, weakening your powers to the point that even a normal syringe can penetrate you.”

“Wha… wha… was in it…” she spoke, her voice lower than it had been.

“Nanites my dear, nanites.  They little buggers have already reached your brain and are quickly multiplying.  Soon they’re be in every neuron you have and then their real work will commence.  Though I’m afraid you won’t be conscious for it, will you?”

Kiri tried to stay awake, tried to fight the oncoming darkness, but she could feel herself loosing by the second.  By the time Dex’s hand covered her eyes and closed her lids, everything was dark anyway.

Dex looked down at the slumbering hero, she wasn’t as good of catch as SolarMan, but none the less, she’d proven to be a pain in his ass over the years and he was satisfied to be rid of her.

“Now Doctor, your patient is ready.” Dex said, turning around to the man standing in the door way behind him as he switched off the Rayton lamp from the control panel.

“How long before the effects of the lamp wear off?” the doctor asked.

“Several hours before she’s fully recovered.”

“And the nanites?  How long before she wakes up?”

“Oh those will take several days, but they won’t let her wake up until I activate them again.  Take as much time as required Doctor, I expect only your finest work.”

“Of course Mr. Ruger, of course.  It is an honour to get to work on one of these superheroes.  They need so little help normally.”

“Yes, they do have an annoying habit of being perfect, don’t they.” It wasn’t a question and he simply walked out of the room past the Doctor, leaving him to do his work.

Dex had received the message from the Doctor just a few hours ago, he’d had to clear his schedule of a few things, but he was eager to see the Doctor’s work.

It had taken longer than Dex had expected, three whole days with no word from the Doctor, but it wasn’t a complete surprise either.  After all, there was no standard procedures when it came to super beings and Dex’s orders to the Doctor had been very specific.

Dex swiped his security card, scanned his iris, applied his palm to the scanner and then watched gold lined door open.  It didn’t take much gold to block their enhanced vision, but it was an expensive investment, though completely necessary for his private lab.

The door closed behind him and second opened in front of him as he walked through it to the main room of the lab.  There the Doctor stood in front of a gurney where he could see SolarGirl laying down.

“So Doctor, what do you have to report?”

A broad smile crossed the Doctor’s lips, “See for yourself Mr. Ruger.” he replied, turning to lift the sheet from SolarGirl’s body reveal the naked form of the captured heroin.

A similar smile crossed Dex’s lips as he took in the changes.

“As you can see, all of the procedures have succeeded as to your specifications.  Once I had her in the OR, your Rayton scalpels cut through her skin like butter.  And just as I suspected, her body healed rapidly after being cut, with no scares left behind.”

“Of course they did Doctor, would you seriously doubt me genius?”

“No, of course not Mr. Ruger, of course not.  Let me walk you through the procedures.  First I started on her abdomen, opening up her midsection and inserting a specially designed, flexible steel internal corset to her body.  As you can see it has reduced her waist from an already small 24 inches, down to 18 inches.  It was amazing really, to see the muscles actually heal themselves and become stronger to compensate for the reduction in near real time.”

Dex placed a hand on her rock hard abs, he was sure he could almost wrap his hands around her tiny waist, “Can it be reduced farther in the future?”

“Of course, the material is electro sensitive.  Applying a large enough current to it will cause it to constrict even farther.  Of course after I was done working on the corset, I removed two of her ribs as well, to emphasize her new hour glass shape of course.  Once I had closed her abdomen up I moved on to her breasts.  As you can see they were a complete success, I managed to get the full 2000cc silicone implants in that you wanted.  High profile, very round and protruding.  Though they didn’t go in easily I have to say.”

“Oh, a problem for the great Doctor?”

“Well, I had originally gone in through the crease with inflaters, to get her pocket opened up enough to take the implants.  It was amazing to see her breasts balloon out, not a single stretch mark on them as her ability to heal simply created new tissue.  But it was also that ability that caused problems, by the time I had removed the inflaters and was ready with the implants, her body had already started to heal the pocket and contract the space inside.  The implants no longer fit.  I ended up going with larger inflaters, creating almost 3000 cc’s of space to give myself enough time to insert the implants.  Her tissue then healed rapidly and hugged the implants perfectly.  Honestly it has allowed for them to sit far higher and protrude farther than a normal human would be able to support.”

“Yes, I’m sure.  I’ll want a copy of that video, of course.  For research purposed you understand.”

“Of course Mr. Ruger.  Of course.  Next I moved on to her lips.  Normally, in humans, there’s not much I can do but inject some filler in them every few months, but with SolarGirl’s remarkable healing ability, I was able to do so much more.  See how her lips are squeezed in from the sides, how they don’t quite come together completely even now as she is completely unconscious?  I was able to open up both her upper and lower lips and insert the single custom designed implant you provided, almost like a set of those Halloween vampire fangs, but sub-dermal.  They’re reshaped her entire lip structure and added significant volume to them.”

Dex viewed the two plump pillows that adorned SolarGirl’s face and ran his finger across them.  They had come out better then he expected, but it was his own design after all.

“Of course you can see her eyes have been changed as well, I was able to go in and shorten up the muscles of her forehead, moving her eyebrows up and opening up her eyes, giving her almost a continually surprised look on her face.”

“And her hair… I didn’t give you any order on that…”

“Yes, well, that was afterwards.  I hope you don’t mind, but after the surgery I was marveling at her ability to heal and a thought struck me.  What would happen if her hair follicles where put under enormous stress?  How would they react?  It was a question that I just had to have answer to and so I used some of your equipment to find out.  I brought her hair together in to a short pony tail and then weaved it together with some of the strongest metal threads I could find in your lab, then I attached it to one of your machine presses and activated it until there were tons of force being exerted on her hair.  It was amazing to watch the follicles respond, growing new hair to relive the pressure.  After that, all I had to do was keep moving the press downwards until her short hair had lengthened to the mass you see now.  I stood her up, it flows all the way down past her buttocks now, though obviously you can cut it with your Rayton scalpel if you’d like it shorter.”

“No, no, it’s fine as it is.  Very ingenious of you Doctor.”

“Of course the final two procedures turned out to be some of the most interesting.  You specifications for her nipples turned out to be a real challenge.  An inch long when erect and a third of an inch round.  Did you know she had inverted nipples when I started?” the Doctor said and he reached down and tweaked SolarGirl’s nipple.  It hardened quickly, standing proudly on top of her massive implants.

“You seem to have managed it.”

“Yes, but I had to literally dissect them, place a scaffold inside and expand it bit by bit as her flesh tried to heel.  Tricking her body in to growing that extra tissue was no easy task.”

“Yes, yes, well done Doctor.  Would you like a round of applause as well?”

“No, no.  That’s fine Mr. Ruger, no need for sarcasm.  But on to the final procedure, her feet.  To accomplish your request require more than just a Rayton scalpel.  Once I had opened up and exposed the bones in her feet, I had to use the Rayton saw to cut through them, re-position them quickly and then let them heel in their new configuration.  I was also, much like the muscles in her forehead, able to shorten her tendons and stretch a few muscles as well.  As you can see, her feet now naturally point downwards, I doubt she’ll be able to walk in anything less than a 6 inch heel now.”

“Very good Doctor, you have performed to my expectations, a rarity I must say of my employees.”

“It was my pleasure, to work on such a being.  If you ever need my services again… please don’t hesitate to call.”

“Of course Doctor, of course.”

“If you don’t mind me asking Mr. Ruger, why make such drastic changes to her.  Why with the way she is now, no one will even recognize her.”

“Exactly Doctor, exactly.  Even if someone was to look for her here on Earth, the visage she now presents would never be considered to be her likeness.  How better to hide a captured super hero but in plain sight?” Dex responded with his trademark laugh.

The Doctor smiled and bowed his head slight, “As always Mr. Ruger, a genius as always.  And the nanites?”

“Oh, they have completed their work, tomorrow morning she’ll awake a new person, with a new life, in a new city.  Never to trouble me again.”

Kimmi rolled over on to her chest, sending shivers of pleasure through her nipples as her giant tits brushed against the soft sheets of her bed.

“Mmmm…. god, what a way to wake up!” she said to no one in particular and raised a hand to her hard nipple and gave it a pinch before sending her other hand down between her legs and in to her pussy.

She pulled it free and brought it up to her lips, savouring the smell as she slid it between them and suckled it for a few minutes before letting out a happy little sigh.

After a moment she swung her legs over the side of the bed, her 6″ slippers clicking against the hard wood of her apartment’s floor.  Then she headed to the shower and started her morning ritual.

It was hard work wrangling the mass of hair she had, and even more to style it in curls afterwards.  But she spent as much time as required, she needed to look perfect today, it was her first acting role and she had to make sure everyone recognized her for the star she was going to be.

It took hours to get ready, her makeup and hair the most time, but a close second was choosing an outfit.  She finally decided on a tight blue top that barely covered her tits and that her hard nipples could be clearly seen through.  Then came the little red skirt, it barely came down below her pussy lips, but that only made it better as she got to feel the cool air on her moist lips all day long.  To finish it off, she put on a pair of 8″ bright red ballet heels and twirled around in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom.

She smiled as a shiver of pleasure ran down her spine, she was so fucking hot!

But something in the back of her mind was nagging at her… was there something missing?  Maybe a nice red coat to drape over her shoulders?  No… it was too warm out in LA for a coat, she’d just have to do without.

She headed out of her apartment, jumped in her white convertible and headed to the set.  She drew stares from all the other drivers, her long blonde hair flying in the wind, her tits standing proudly out in front of her, her plump bright red lips slightly parted as her eyes were hidden behind dark sunglasses.

She arrived at the set early, the crew busily setting up the scene as she review the script one last time as the makeup lady readied her for the cameras.

She walked on to set a few minutes later and took her seat behind a small desk and waited for the director to call action.

“Action!” he called out and her co-star walked in to frame.

“Bunny, I can’t believe you messed up the reports… again!” he said, slamming a stack of papers down on to her desk.

“But… like… Mr. Bigdick, I’m soooooo sorry!” she cooed as he walked around beside her.

“I’m going to have to fire you this time for sure Bunny.” he said sternly.

“Puhlease Mr. Bigdick!  Like isn’t there any way can make it up to you?” she said as she batted her big round eyes at his and stroked his hard shaft with her hand on his pants.  Her tongue darted out and licked slowly around her lips as she looked up in to his face.

She didn’t wait for his response, instead unzipping his fly and letting his hard shaft “pop” out from his pants.

“Like oh my god!  Is this why they call you Mr. Bigdick?” she said in mock surprise and wrapped her lips around him.  She felt his hands take hold of her head and she let him guide her up and down his shaft as sucked and made sucking and gurgling noises.

Soon he dragged her up from her chair and ripped open her shirt, letting her tits spring free, “Oh your so strong Mr. Bigdick!” she squealed as he grabbed her by the hips and turned her around, pushing her down on to the desk.

He did away with her skirt in a similar manner and slapped her ass hard, “Oh god yes Mr. Bigdick!  Slap it!  Slap it hard!” she cried out as she felt him push up against her waiting pussy.

She mewed and moaned as he fucked her over the desk, not only because the script called for it, but because she loved being fucked, and it was even better if it was being recorded and she was getting paid for it.

It was her mission in life, her reason for being as it were.  To fuck and suck as many cocks as she could.  It was after all what her body was built for, she’d worked hard to make it the perfect fuck.  So much time at the gym, so many surgeries, but they had all been worth it for this very moment.

Her first porn shoot, it was her destiny to be the most famous pron star in the world and she embraced it fully.

Dex watched the video in his browser, Kimmy Aubade was taking it in all three holes at once and the look of pure bliss on her face brought a smile to his own.  A rare feet indeed for any hero to do.

In the few months since he’d dropped her in LA, with her new identity and personality, she’d made the most of her time.  Quickly amassing dozens of titles to her name along with a reputation of being willing to do anything the script called for.

Of course SolarMan had dropped by when SolarGirl hadn’t returned on schedule, and threatened Dex in his usually passive aggressive manor.  He hovered just outside of Dex’s top floor office in Dex Corp tower, threatening him with great harm if he’d done anything to SolarGirl.

Dex had waved him off nonchalantly, SolarMan always talked a big game, but never did anything without proof.  And in this case, SolarGirl was assumed to be lost in the depths of space, not taking three cocks in her holes for money in LA.

“Clemecy, get in here.” Dex call in to his intercom after the video finished playing.

The svelte woman, dressed in a tight black uniform stepped in to Dex’s office, “What is it boss?” she asked.

“Make me an appointment with Denise down in acquisitions.  I think Dex Corp needs to expand it’s entertainment portfolio.” he said with a smirk.

He hadn’t had a chance to sample the new SolarGirl’s talents after the nanites had reprogrammed her personality, it had taken long enough to program them in the first place, he wasn’t about to jeopardize his victory for some personal pleasure.

But of course that didn’t mean her couldn’t partake now that he was sure they had completed their job. After all, what would it cost to buy a few porn studios and a talent management agency?  For Dex Corp, it wouldn’t even be a rounding error.

Dex was already thinking of a script, one in which a busty blonde super hero is helpless against her arch nemesis and finds herself at his mercy.  It would be a private recording of course, no one else would ever see it, but he would play the villain and Kimmy would make a fine leading lady if he did say so himself.