Candy rotated her chair to the side as Mike walked in to her office, she popped the pen that she’d been sucking on out of her mouth long enough to great him.

“Like hi Mikey!  Lookie see!  I’m totally within dress code cause my tie matches my panties!” she cried out and then stuck the pen back between her lips.

“I can see that Candy, well done.  It only took you a week of trying to get in line with the dress code. How’s the reading going on the employee code of conduct?”

Candy squinted her eyes as she looked back a the folder on her desk, she’d been trying to read the employee code of conduct all morning but she’d been having trouble getting past the mandatory masturbation rules as he fingers had kept rubbing her pussy and causing her to lose track of where she was.

“Like, I just keep getting sooooo distracted Mikey!”

“I know you do Candy, but it’s important, how far did you get?”

“Oh… uhm… like, past the oral gra… gra…”


“Yea!  That’s it *giggle*  And like… the sexual hara… haras…”


“*giggle* Yea!  But, like, I keep getting totally stuck at the masturbation section!” she said, pouting as he shoulders slumped.

“Well, that’s not bad really, there’s only one more chapter after that on the chain of command.  So let’s give you a little test and see what you’ve learned.” he said as he step forward and slide her suspender strap from her tit, then squeezed it.

“So is this sexual harassment Candy?”

“Ugh hun, like totally!”

“And what should you do about about.”

“Hummm… like totally ask for more?”

“That’s right Candy, you get a gold star!” he replied, squeezing her tit firmly.

“*giggle* I love gold stars!” she cried out as she pulled the other suspender from her other side, grabbed his hand and placed it firmly on her exposed tit.

Moments later she had managed to get his pants down and slide his shaft between her tits as she pumped herself up and down until his cum spurted on to her chin and dribbled down on to her tits, causing her own orgasm to crest.

Mike looked down at his former CEO Candice and smiled, his cum still on her chin as she giggled, completely blissed out from the orgasm that had just rocked her.

A month ago she was the terror of the office, causing him and the others no end of grief, but Mike’s research had payed off big time.  The embedded commands in the printed pages she had read had completely bypassed her conscious mind along with all of her normal defense and buried themselves deep inside of her.

By the end of the first week she had hardly been the same person.

By the end of the second week she was sucking and fucking the entire team.

By the end of the third week she was permanently stationed in the small supply closet they’d converted for her.

By the end of this week, she’d be ready for any of the guys to take home for the weekend, as a bonus for a job well done of course.

Though, he might have to take her for the first weekend himself, just as a quality control measure of course.  He wouldn’t want to send her home with one of the team if she wasn’t perfect after all.