Brooke stood naked before him, her face a mix of desire and concern at the same time, “Please… tell me… what’s happening?” she asked, her mind clouded in a fog.

Her voice cracked and warbled as she spoke, unsure if she wanted to know the answer or not.

“Come now, you know what happening Brooke, your the one that asked for it after all.”

She tried to wrinkle her forehead but it was hard to move, ‘Did I ask for it?’ she thought to herself through the fog as she tried to remember.

She’d come to the studio earlier that day, she could remember that much, even if it took an unusual amount of effort to recall it.  Her thoughts seemed slow and they seemed to fight her each step of the way.

“I… I… asked?” she managed to get out.

“Yes, take a look behind me, don’t you remember asking about them?” he said and she managed to focus her eyes on a row of three mannequins along the wall.

She managed to squint just a bit and realized they looked very lifelike, too lifelike, and that when a memory floated up to the top of her mind.  She was standing beside one of them, it looked so real and he was there with her.  They were talking about them, how they were his private collection that no one else saw.

Suddenly she felt a shiver run down her spine and her pussy quivered at the memory of her touching on of them, then a stream of memories flooded back.  The photo shoot going well, the conversation that she kept steering back to the mannequins, his offer for her to join them, the buzzing in her pussy overwhelming everything as she let out a moan in agreement.

Then a flash in her mind as she gasped and her body stopped breathing.  Her mind stopped thinking.  Her body stopped moving.

Her eyes, still open and seeing, watched the three other mannequins come to life and walk towards her.  She saw it even though her mind could form no thoughts about it.

The first mannequin, a busty blonde, reached out and touched her opened lips, sending a wave of pleasure through her, filling her empty mind.

The second mannequin, a svelte red head, lowered her head and suckled on one of her nipples, sending more pleasure to fill her mind.

The third mannequin, a petite asian, lower herself to her knees and lapped at her pussy, flooding her mind and body with pleasure.

All three worked her body for what seemed like an eternity, filling her mind with more and more pleasure.  She felt their hands take hold of her, lift her mannequin form from the floor and carry her to a bed and lay her down in it’s soft embrace.

Their fingers probed her, their tongues caressed her and she absorbed each and every bit of pleasure they gave her.

Then, she felt his weight on top of her, the three mannequins still assaulting her senses, as he slowly slide in to her pussy.

If she had been able to form a thought, it would have been only how badly she needed to cum, but all that filled her mind was the pleasure.

She was the pleasure.

The pleasure was all she was.

And then, as he filled her with his seed, the pleasure consumed her and her orgasm seemed to last forever.