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Jennifer step from the car and cocked her hip to the side, she wasn’t terrible comfortable with the school “uniform” she was wearing, but she knew it was required.

She hopped it wouldn’t be necessary for long though, if all went to plan the undercover assignment shouldn’t take long to complete and then she could get back to real police work.

She mentally childed herself, this was real police work after all.  But she was having a hard time wrapping her head around the idea of going undercover in a high school when she’d already graduated from the police academy.

Of course she knew she’d been picked partly because she still looked so young, but she was certain it was also partly so that Capitan Harris could get a good look at her in the ridiculous outfit. She could still feel his eyes on her ass from the car as she walked toward the front doors of the school.

Well it didn’t matter now, she had a job to do and it wasn’t going to get done just standing around.

If Jennifer had thought her uniform would stand out, she had been sorely mistaken.  Almost all of the girls at the school were showing as much skin as she was, if not more!

That was going to make tracking down the sex trafficking ring harder, she’d assumed if she flaunted herself around the school a bit and made some obvious sexual innuendos, they’d approach her in no time.

It had already been a week and she had no leads at all.  The only good think that had come out of it was that she’d managed to make “friends” with one of the more popular girls at school.  Kimberly was a stereotypical alpha blonde, but had approached Jennifer almost immediately.  They’d quickly struck up a friendship since Kimberly seemed mature beyond her years.

But it was finally Friday and that meant she could get back to her real life and out of this crazy place for a few days.

“Hey Jenni!”  Kimberly called out to her as she walked towards her locker, they’d ended up side by side and that’s how they had first met.

“Hi Kimberly.” Jennifer replied, she wasn’t sure why she let Kimberly call her Jenni, she really didn’t like it, especially when Kimberly had strongly rebuked her when she’d tried to call her Kim.

“So are you coming to the party tonight?”  Kimberly asked?

“Party? Well…”

“Oh you have to Jenni!  Everyone’s going to be there.” Kimberly enthused with a smile.

Jennifer really didn’t want to go to the party, but something was nagging at the back of her mind.  Might not a high-school party be the perfect place for a trafficking ring to hunt for new victims?

Inwardly she sighed, “Well… ok I’ll go!” she faked excitement as best she could and Kimberly pulled out her phone and texted her the details.