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Jennifer walked up to the door, the house seemed very quite for what was supposed to be a party, but she knocked anyway and a voice from inside called out, “Come on in!”

She turned the door handled and walked in, there were bags of chips piled up in the living room and a bar fully stocked as well, but she didn’t see anyone.

“In the kitchen.” the voice called out again and Jennifer followed along to the sound.

“Hey Jenni, glad you could make it!”  Kimberly said, handing a stack of cups to another girl from school that she recognized but couldn’t put a name to.

“Am I too early?”  Jennifer asked.

“No, right on time.  Here, take these out to the bar with Bunni would you?” Kimberly said, pushing another stack of cups towards her.

“Sure…” she replied and headed back to the living room with the other girl.

The next hour or so followed along the same lines, Kimberly giving Jennifer and Bunni something to do while she “organized” things.

“Hey, are you thirsty?”  Kimberly asked from her seat at the table the next time they had completed a task and returned to the kitchen.

“Yea, I really am!”  Jennifer replied and Kimberly handed her a bottle of water.

Jennifer gulped it down and sat across from Kimberly.

“So when is everyone arriving?” Jennifer nudged Kimberly a bit, it was almost 9pm already.

“Soon, real soon.  Just one last thing to take care of.”  Kimberly said with a wink and all of a sudden Jennifer’s head started to swim.

“Oh…” she said, putting her hand to her head to help steady herself.

Kimberly stood up and walked around to her side of the table and put her hand on her forehead, “Poor thing, not feeling well?”

“Yea… I… all of a sudden…”

“Well, I guess that’s what you get for drinking a spiked water after all…” she said as she pulled Jennifer back in the chair and her arms dropped to the side.

“S…s…spiked?!?” she managed to get out as her body felt like it was on fire.

“And when your on duty too, such a bad police officer you are Jenni.”

Jennifer tried to fight through the fog that was overtaking her mind, she knew she’d been made and somehow Kimberly was involved in the trafficking ring, but her body no longer responded to her.

“Now be a good little girl and go night night…” Kimberly said as her eyes flutter shut and darkness engulfed her.

Darkness still consumed her, but Jennifer knew she was awake, she could feel restraints on her body and she knew she was kneeling down with her legs beneath her.  She could also feel a tight restraint around her waist, crushing her tightly.

She could just hear the pounding of muffled music in the distance and assumed she must be in the basement.

She struggled to no avail until suddenly the music disappeared completely, replaced by Kimberly’s voice.

“Finally awake are you Jenni?  I guess I might have used a bit too much of the knock out drug in your water, the parties almost over!  Well for me anyway, your party is just getting started.  Now just relax at let the other drug in the cocktail work their magic as you watch the show.”

Suddenly light filled her vision, then a image resolved in front of her.  A young asian girl in a cosplay outfit filled her sight and Kimberly’s voice echoed once more though her ears, “Jenni likes to play dress up.”

There was a warmth flowing over her body as another image appeared, much like the first, and Kimberly’s voice repeated the statement once more.

The warmth kept increasing, slowly but surely focusing on her pussy, until finally she felt the buzzing of a vibrator between her legs and she orgasmed.

She knew it wasn’t natural, induced by whatever combination of drugs Kimberly had given her, but it was no less effective.

A moment later, a new image flashed in front of her, this time of well dress asian school girl and new words came, “Jenni is a good girl.”

The images and words kept coming.

A woman with a stupid looking grin on her face, “Jenni is a silly girl.”

A woman on her knees, “Jenni knows her place.”

A woman giving a blowjob, “Jenni loves to suck.”

A woman being fucked, “Jenni loves to be useful.”

A woman kiss a pair of shoes, “Jenni obeys.”

The process repeated, more images, more heat, more orgasms as Jenni lost track of time and count.