“Look, like I know you think that… thingy your holding can, like, change me but your totally wrong!” Mariko said as she folder her arms under her impress tits and pouted slightly.

“You mean this?” I said, holding up a small round orb I held in my hand.  It shifted between silver and back and gold and a slew of other colours as I rolled it in my palm.

“Yea, like whatever that is!” Markio responded, stomping her foot on the ground.

“So it didn’t make your hair blonde?”

“No way, I’ve like always had blonde hair!”

“Or your lips look like two pillows stuck to your face?”

“Nugh ugh…”

“Or inflate your tits until they almost pop out of your top?”

Mariko looked down at her tits and grabbed them at each side and jiggled them up and down, “Like, my titties have always done this!”

“Of course they have.  And what do you do for work exactly?”

“Like, I’m a stripper of course!”

“Of course, never gone to university I bet or worked as a lawyer either…”

“Of course not silly!  Like do these look like school tits?” Mariko said and pulled her strained top down exposing her hard nipples to the cool air of the apartment.

“No, no they don’t.  Ok one last question then, what are you doing at my apartment?”

Mariko smiled and giggled, “Like, you said you wanted to fuck me and that sounded like a totally good idea!”

“Yes, yes it does, ok, why don’t you start with a blowjob then.”

“Oh my god yes!” Mariko said and dropped to her knees, pawing at my pants as I put the orb in to my pocket once more.

Sometimes the orb was a curse, after all it’s what had landed me in court in the first place, requiring Mariko’s services to get out of a few indecency charges.

But then again, sometimes it was a lot of fun to, like right now as Mariko, my one time lawyer who was now wrapping her lips around my dick.

Maybe this time I’d learn to be a little more careful when I used it, but honestly, right now, that was the farthest thing from my mind as Mariko sucked as if her life depended on it.