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The presentation flipped to the next slide and on it was a stacked black woman in some kind of racing outfit.  She resembled Debra though it clearly wasn’t the CFO.

“You see, that conservative pants suit just isn’t the kind of clothing young black women want these days.  It’s too stuffy, too limiting.  Instead, FemCorp needs to be more inclusive of young black women like Debz Step here.” Richard said and wrinkled he nose.

How could anyone take that woman seriously, those inflated tits stuffed in to that almost pornographic top!  And what kind of name was Debz Step?

Debra was about to speak up when Richard continued on.

“Debz’ is a fully modern young black woman, though in all honesty our research shows she prefers to be call ‘girl’ or ‘ho’.  She comes from the inner city and grew up in a culture dominated by men and music.  She’s dated at least one rapper and actively works towards being part of the entourage of of whatever up and coming rapper is around.  She appears in their videos, shaking her ass for the camera because she of course knows they are only interested in her for her body and so she works hard on it.  The research also shows that she’s likely had 3 to 5 plastic surgeries, including; at least 2 breast implants, buttock implants and a nose job.”

Debra scowled at the image, how could any self respecting black woman stoup so low.

“Of course Debra, that’s a far cry from your own experience isn’t it?  I mean how many black women are active members of the Republican party after all?  But deep down I’m sure you can sympathise with those less fortunate right?”

Debra wanted to respond by suddenly she felt a little dizzy and raised her hand to her forehead as Richard continued.

“Of course Debz never graduated high school, or went to collage.  She gained her education on the street, learning how to trade blow jobs for rent, sex for groceries and how gaining the attention of powerful men made her feel safe.  Pretty much any man that exudes confidence, power or wealth will turn Debz on to the point that she’ll put out at the drop of a hat.”

Debz rubbed her temples and let out a little gasp as she looked down at her clothes… what was she wearing?

“She isn’t a whore per say, I mean she never charges anyone *money* for sex, after all she enjoys it far too much to do that.  Debz isn’t quite a nyphomanica, but she does dress like one.  Tight outfits, lots of skin showing, she uses fashion to put her body on display to attract the next man that will provider for her.”

Debz looked up at the strong older man talking and felt her nipples harden as her hand snaked down between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her pants.  She couldn’t quite understand why she was wearing pants, they didn’t show off her legs or ass at all!

She opened her mouth to pay him a complement but he cut her off before she could, “No before you say anything, I’d ask you to hold all questions to the end of the presentation.”

She nodded her head in agreement and smiled, god he was hot, maybe he’d fuck her after the presentation was done and she got out of these awful clothes.

“Now, Debz is a demographic you just haven’t targeted before but is ripe for FemCorp to move in to.”

Debz suppressed a giggle, she wasn’t sure what FemCorp was, but she was sure she wanted him to move his dick in to her!

“Now then,” Richard said and flicked to he next slide, “Jessi…”